PC Update Tuesday 9/18/01



Port Charles Update Tuesday 9/18/01

By Dawn

Jamal knows heís being followed, and he catches Valerie trying to sneak up on him. He wants to know what sheís doing.

Chris is still treating Livvie while Jack is begging her to stay with him.

Alison and Lucy are peeking through the curtain to watch, but Eve approaches. Lucy doesnít want to tell her whatís happened, but Eve demands to know. Pulling the curtain back, Eve sees Livvie. Taking Eve aside, Lucy tells her that Livvie was bitten. As Eve begins to panic, Lucy tells her quickly that it was by a snake, and Ian and Kevin are working on the antivenin. Lucy tries to tell her that everything is going to be fine, but Eve tells her that she of all people should know that everything is NOT fine. Eve is convinced that Caleb is coming back for all of them.

Chris tries to clear the room, but Kevin and Jack refuse to leave. They both continue to try to talk to Livvie as she begins to breathe again. Livvie hears Calebís voice calling her to come to him. She has another vision of approaching the music box with the light coming from it. His voice promises to love her forever. Her vision includes the ring inside the box.

Eve leads Lucy to Daniel. She takes him into her arms as Lucy tells her that Caleb is gone and everything is fine. Lucy canít tell her for sure, but she senses that heís gone. Eve finally agrees with her, and both women smile at the baby. As Eve closes the incubator, she sees the mobile hanging over it. She asks who it came from, but no one has answers. She panicking again, but Lucy tries to calm her by winding it. Watching it, Eve wonders who would send it.

Chris is checking Livvieís vitals. Kevin and Jack are still talking to Livvie while sheís seeing and hearing Caleb in her head. She remembers his proposal and finally hears Jackís voice over Calebís. Ian appears with the antivenin and they give it to her. She screams, startling all four men.

Chris, Kevin, Ian, Jack, and Alison are gathered around Livvie as she opens her eyes and looks around. She answers some basic questions and they are all relieved. Chris goes to get her a room, and Ian leaves Kevin, Alison, and Jack with her. Theyíre all glad to see her coherent, and Kevin leaves her with Jack. Alison tells Kevin that Lucy is with Eve. Livvie thanks Alison for coming, and Alison leaves. Jack is grateful that Livvie is still there with him, but he knows that she went to the catacombs, and he wants her to tell him why.

Alison is outside the room calling Gabby to find Jamal. Gabby tells Alison that his car is still outside, but heís gone.

Jamal is with Valerie, and he wants to know why she was following him. She was hiding from him, which confuses him. But he asks about Hope, the baby. Valerie is afraid that Jamal will hate her if she tells him, but she admits that she lost the baby.

Kevin, Ian, and Lucy are watching Eve standing over Daniel. They all agree that itís a miracle that Jack found the snake, but Ian tries to convince her that Caleb had nothing to do with it. Eve reminds all of them that the snake was found in Calebís catacombs, and heís capable of anything. Lucy tells her to calm down, and to remember that Jack killed the snake. Connie gives Eve the card that came with the mobile, and the words very special baby convinces her that the mobile came from Caleb. She goes into a panic, and Ian tells her that itís over. Eve can feel that it isnít over, but Ian and Kevin condescend to her. Kevin tells her that Caleb will have power over her until she stops allowing him to have power over her. Eve decides that theyíre right, and her hormones must be in overdrive. Ian and Kevin are relieved. Ian tries to take her back to her room, but Eve wants to say goodbye to him alone. She smiles at him, and Ian leaves. Kevin decides to leave, too, but Lucy wants to stay another moment. Eve asks Connie to leave, then tells Lucy she can go, too. Psycho Eve has left the building, but Lucy knows better. She doesnít think Eve is psycho, and she doesnít buy this everythingís okay attitude. She knows it isnít over for Eve yet. Eve asks her what she would do if her famous intuition was telling her something was wrong. Lucy admits that sheíd do exactly what Eve is doing. Pretend to listen to Kevin and Ian, then do what she thought she had to do. Eve tells her that Ian doesnít understand, but Lucy says that she does.

Jack is tucking Livvie into her bed, and sheís trying to convince him that sheís fine. He still wants to know why she went into the catacombs. She tries to talk about Calebís ring, but Jack asks her to stop talking about that. She mentions the music box, but Jack didnít see one. He admits that he felt the strength, but itís gone. Kevin and Ian enter to tell her that she needs rest. Jack promises to be there when she wakes, and begs her to get Caleb out of her mind. The three men leave her alone, but she stares at the walls, hearing the music again. She tells herself that itís all in her mind, but suddenly she gets out of bed and puts on her robe as she leaves the room.

Valerie tells Jamal that she tried to be a good mom, but she was alone and the baby got sick. Hiding from Cedric with a sick baby and no money was too overwhelming. She couldnít give the baby what she needed, so she gave her up for adoption. But she received Jamalís letter telling her about this place, so she had to come. Jamal is confused because he didnít send her a letter. She received a letter postmarked Port Charles and assumed it was from him. Valerie knows she let Jamal down after everything he did for her, but he tries to convince her that she didnít. When Valerie admits that she tried to get Hope back, Jamal is sorry for her. He wishes that he could have been there for her, but Valerie has to face the fact that she screwed up and she lost her baby forever. As Jamal hugs her, Alison enters the room silently.

Lucy and Kevin are discussing Eve and Livvie. Kevin is convinced that itís going to take time, but Lucyís not so sure. She mentions the snake, the mobile, and the card. As Lucy starts to get to her point, Kevin tries to stop her. He reminds her that she is the one that told Eve that itís over. But Lucy was trying to make Eve feel better, and she admits to Kevin that she does feel something. Before Lucy can say that sheís not convinced that itís over, Kevin asks her to not think tonight. He needs a break. Apologizing, she tells him that she has a small errand to run, and she promises to meet him at the lighthouse. He walks away as she promises him in a whisper that it will be over soon, but itís not yet.

Jack thanks Chris for helping Livvie, but Chris tries to play it off that he was doing his job. After Jack leaves, he pulls a small recorder out of his pocket and speaks into it. He drew blood from Livvie as a vampire and again after. Heís going to compare them and hopefully get closer to the answers.

Livvie is in the nursery staring at the mobile, and whispering that he is real. Ian enters and asks her where Daniel is. The baby is gone.