PC Update Monday 9/17/01



Port Charles Update Monday 9/17/01

By Suzanne Lanoue

Kevin and Lucy are sitting at home, apparently having just made love, feeling very comfortable.  Lucy is glad they are keeping their engagement a secret this time.  She gets the idea to have a big Christmas party and then tell the guests that it is their wedding.  He thinks it's a great idea.  They kiss but his phone rings.  It's Ian; he needs Kevin's help with Eve.  They go to the hospital.  Kevin and Lucy kiss and decide to meet later.

Chris jokes to Lucy about being a vampire slayer.  She tries to ignore him.  He wonders if there might still be vampires out there or if some of the former vampires might still have "urges".  She tells him to leave the past behind, then she walks off.

Alison and Jack call for Livvie in Caleb's cave.  Alison doubts whether she came there or not.  Jack sees Livvie's bracelet and knows she was there.  Jack worries what Caleb did to her.  They keep searching for Livvie and/or clues.  Jack tells Alison to wait while he goes further into the cave to look.  Alison gets a little scared while he's gone.  She shines the light all around the cave and talks to any unseen assailants, to warn them off.  She then sees something so she goes to look at it.  There is a snake nearby that she doesn't see.  She sees something and tries to reach for it (the music box?).  Jack comes back just then and sees the snake, so he kills it and saves her life.  Alison freaks out at the size of the snake.

Livvie is in pain from the snake bite.  It slithers off.  She cries and then falls over on the ground.  She has flashbacks to what led up to that.

Jamal visits Gabriela at the church.  He brings her a book from her house and some pictures of him that he gave her when she was a vampire.  She says she wanted to throw out the pictures when she was under Caleb's spell, but something stopped her.  She worries about how things will go back to normal but she still has some "confusing feelings" about Caleb, like he never left.  We see the camera angle to tell us that someone (or something) is watching them.  Gabriela says she hurt a lot of people.  But even though she feels bad about it, she isn't sure how she would react if Caleb came back to her.  That's why she keeps praying.  Jamal tries to make her feel less guilty.  Gabriela says she can't believe how she treated Joe.  Jamal hears something near the door.  He tells Gabriela he has to go.  She thanks him for his visit.  Outside, he confronts whatever it is.

Ian tells Kevin that Eve is still fearful about Caleb.  Kevin says Livvie has been that way, too.  Ian says that Eve is sleeping but wouldn't let go of the baby.  Kevin says he will try to help her.  Ian asks Kevin if he thinks that Caleb is really dead.  Just then, Lucy screams when she sees Livvie stagger into the ER and collapse.  They rush to her, along with Chris, and put her onto a gurney.  Livvie is groggy and  mumbling.  They move her into another room.  They ask her what bit her.  She says a snake but then she says Caleb was chasing her.  What she says doesn't make much sense.  They think she's hallucinating from the snake venom.  Chris says he isn't sure how to treat her without knowing what kind of snake bit her.

Lucy phones Jack to tell him what's going on.  There is static and Jack can't quite hear but he does hear that Livvie got bitten by a snake, so he grabs the one he just killed and rushes Alison out of there.  She wants to see the thing that she was reaching for but he insists that they hurry off and get it later.  Kevin figures out that the snake is an Australian Black Snake.  They wonder how it could be so far from its native land.

Jack brings the snake into the ER; Ian takes it so they can help Livvie.  Jack goes to Livvie's side (she is wearing an oxygen mask) and apologizes for not being there for her.  She says, "Caleb" but he tells her that he can't get in between them.  What they have is too strong.  Alison looks for reassurance from Chris; he does the best he can.  Jack strokes Livvie and tells her what a great future they'll have and how much he needs her.   She holds his hand and he begs her not to leave him.  Lucy asks Alison why she went into the catacombs.  Alison explains they were looking for Livvie and thought Caleb might be holding Livvie there again.  Lucy is shaken.

Chris helps Livvie but Jack is very protective and doesn't want him near her.  Livvie goes into arrest so then Jack yells at Chris to save her.