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Port Charles Update Monday 9/10/01

By Dawn

Eve wakes from a nightmare and tells Ian about the baby’s name being Caleb. Ian holds her arms and calms her. But Eve is afraid that Caleb isn’t gone. Ian tries to convince her that Caleb is gone, but she’s not convinced. She’s taking the baby out of the hospital.

Livvie is in the catacombs screaming at Caleb, telling him to come out and face her. Insisting that she will never love him of her own free will, she finds his music box. The music is in her head and she knows it, but the box is beside her. The sight of it convinces her that she wasn’t imagining it. She opens the box, and immediately she is in a wind from the box as a light appears.

Jack is packing their suitcases, and as he tries to move it off the bed, he actually flings it across the room. Staring at himself in the mirror, he tries to convince himself that he is nothing like he was. Alison, having heard the suitcase hit the wall, opens the door. Jack has to tell her that the power is coming back. It’s all coming back.

Livvie is screaming for Caleb to leave her alone, but she hears his voice calling her name.

Ian begins to argue with Eve about taking the baby home, but she’s convinced that their home is the only safe place. They are too vulnerable at the hospital, and she’s taking him home. Ian tries to reason with her. They’re dreams, not real, that she and the baby are not ready to go home yet. Eve is convinced that Caleb is still out there, and he still wants her baby. Angry at Ian, Eve asks him if he cares. She will die before she lets Caleb have their baby.

Jack explains that he threw the 75 lbs suitcase, and he doesn’t know if he can handle it. Alison tells him that Kibble told them about the effects lingering for a while. Jack wonders if he’ll start craving blood again, but Alison is convinced that it was just a flashback. None of them know how it works, and everything that happened is bound to have an effect on him. Jack is still afraid that he will go back to being a vampire and be dangerous to Livvie. Alison refuses to let him go back to the way he was, and she says over her dead body. Jack reminds her that’s a possibility. Trying again, Alison tells him that she believes it’s a one time thing, and he needs to believe that it’s over. He says it’s probably nothing, but he really doesn’t believe it.

Livvie reaches out to the music box and closes it. The light goes out and the wind stops, but she drops her bracelet. Sliding to the ground, she hears his voice again, this time telling her to go back home. Knocking the music box to the ground, she runs out of the catacombs.

Eve is holding the baby, and Ian reminds her that she can’t hold him all day and all night. He asks her if she wants Daniel to feel love or fear. It’s over. They won, and Caleb is gone. She allows him to take the baby and put him back in the bed. Ian attributes her fears to everything she’s been through. The thought of being an overprotective psycho mom doesn’t appeal to her, but every time she looks at him, she’s afraid. Ian tells her that the baby’s first sight was his mom smiling, and he’s safe. He holds her as they watch him, and he convinces her that Daniel is fine.

Jack admits to Alison that he and Livvie are going out of town. Alison jumps on the idea, but Jack wants to be alone with Livvie. Alison wants to know why they don’t want company. But when the four of them get together, they have a tendency to talk about vampires, and Alison gets it. They need a break from each other, and Alison finally understands. But she wants it back the way it was. Before she was so scared of what was happening to them. She can’t imagine what it felt like to them, and she doesn’t have hard feelings about him wanting time away from all of it, including her and Jamal. Thanking her, Jack hugs her. She asks if she can see Livvie before they go, and Jack tries to call Livvie’s cell. There’s no answer, and Jack is worried. Jack wonders if Livvie is having the same aftershocks.

Livvie sees a man in the park, and she calls him Caleb. It’s Andy, and he’s worried about her being out in the park at night. There have been assaults in the park, and they’re looking for a dangerous guy. Laughing, Livvie asks him if he has fangs. Andy doesn’t get the joke, and he wonders if she’s all right. Telling her to be careful, he leaves her alone. Sitting on a bench, Livvie tries to talk herself into getting grip. She tells herself that it’s all in her head. As she turns, she sees a snake, and begs it to be in her head.

Ian tries to get Eve to go back to her room, and she refuses. Eve asks him if they’re going to have their first fight as a married couple, and Ian decides that it has to happen sometime. Before the fight can start, and nurse appears to inform her that Karen has left orders for Eve to be taken to her room. Eve refuses, and Ian asks to talk to her alone. After the nurse leaves, Ian tries to appeal to her. Promising to keep their baby safe, he tells her that she needs to go back to her room. Eve agrees as the nurse returns. Before she leaves, she tells Daniel that she won’t be gone long, and she loves him. Taking her gently, Ian leads her out of the nursery.  The nurse finds a mobile with a card that says for a very special baby from a very special friend. Wondering who’d send that kind of card, she puts the mobile over Daniel.

Jack is frantic, but Alison tries to stop him. Livvie isn’t out there under a spell. Jack admits that Caleb is still haunting Livvie, and admits that she thought she was pregnant with Caleb’s child. He can feel she’s in trouble, and he never should have left her alone.

Watching the snake, Livvie tells herself that it’s a figment of her imagination. She’s been in that park a thousand times, and she’s never seen a snake. She almost has herself convinced and the snake bites her. Screaming, she grabs her ankle.


Ian asks Kevin if there’s a chance Caleb is still around.

Jack and Alison find Livvie’s bracelet in the catacombs. Jack is convinced Caleb did something to her.

Livvie is on the park bench, crying before she falls to the ground.