PC Update Friday 9/7/01



Port Charles Update Friday 9/7/01

By Kathy

Kevin finds Lucy in the broom closet.  He has been chasing her all around the hospital.  He tells her it’s natural to feel bad when she sees Eve and the baby.  Lucy tells him she doesn’t want any one to feel sorry for her, let alone feel sorry for herself.  Lucy puts her fingers in her ears and says she doesn’t want to hear about it.  She tells Kevin to go away.  Kevin sits down in a folding chair behind her and tells her he isn’t going anywhere.

Livvie and Jack are with Eve and the baby.  Livvie hears Caleb’s voice telling her the baby should have been theirs.  Livvie starts quietly freaking out.  She tells Jack and Eve that she’s coming down with a headache and she leaves the room.  Jack follows.  Ian comes in with many shopping bags.  “Look what I got,”  he says proudly. Eve asks if he remembered the diapers.  He gets a look on consternation on his face.  He forgot!  Jack finds Livvie rocking, talking to herself. She mutters “Stop it, stop…..”

Ian is proudly showing Eve what he bought and she is amused.  He pulls out a black box with a blue ribbon.  It’s a bracelet with the baby’s birthstone.  They tell each other how happy they are.  Ian tells Eve he can’t wait to get the baby home and start their life together.  She tells him first there is the matter of the baby’s name.

Jack asks Livvie what is wrong.  He asks who she is talking to.  She says herself.  She tells him that coming to the hospital reminds her of everything, her head starts to pound and she starts remembering.  Jack suggests they go away to the beach alone together for a few weeks.  Livvie likes that idea.

Kevin says, “It’s not often that someone begs you to talk, Lucy.”  He scoots his chair closer behind Lucy and tells her she’s the luckiest woman he’s ever met.  So he doesn’t know why anybody should feel sorry for her.  But he is just not anybody.  He says seeing Eve and Ian’s commitment to each other and hearing what Ian said about marriage, maybe didn’t have an impact on her but it did on him. “It was like the Universe was speaking to me personally, not exactly something that I’m used to,” he admits,  “We have to remind ourselves with things that we already know.”  What is that Lucy asks.  “How incredible it is to dedicated to someone else’s happiness,” he says, “and how wonderful and honorable and so damn hopeful it is being married.  Don’t you think?”  Lucy says, “I think I don’t know what you’re saying.”  “I’m saying I want to get married,” Kevin tells her, “that I want us to get married.”

Jack says goodbye to Livvie and leaves the waiting room.  Livvie starts hearing the weird music and her world becomes all blurry,  “Go away” she says, “Stop it. God, get out of my head please.”

Lucy asks Kevin if she heard him right.  Did he ask her to marry him?  He says yes.  She says no.  “You just asked me because I’m mad at you, and because I feel bad, so you just asked me because you thought I’d feel better, that’s why you did it, but I don’t.  Anyway it’s just a silly little piece a paper.”  Lucy goes to the door to leave and opens the door on a janitor. 

The janitor is surprised to see them.  Kevin tells him she is his patient.  She has a fear of crowds and lights and industrial solvents.  Thanks him for coming, pushes him out the door and closes it.

He turns back to Lucy, “I can’t believe you turned me down because you’re mad at me.”  Lucy replies, “I can’t believe now you’re mad at me for being mad at you.”   They discuss.  Lucy doubts he asked her because he really wanted to.  He says he wanted to make a grab for the future.  But she reminds him he proposed in a broom closet.

“Well excuse me,” says Kevin,  “I guess I left my romantic mojo in my other jacket.”  Kevin goes for the door and tells her to forget it.  He says, “I forgot the violins and all I brought was my heart.” He tells her to forgive him for being spontaneous.  Lucy accuses him of a pity proposal.  He says, “You were going home without me.”  Lucy says, “So?”  Kevin responds,  “I want you going home with me.”  “Oh,” whispers Lucy. … “Just forget everything I said when I came through the door,” says Kevin.  He tries the door, turns to her and tells her it’s stuck. 

Eve and Ian are trying out names.  Ian suggests Griffin for a middle name after his sister.  Eve likes it.  Ian says fine he came up with the middle name, it’s Eve’s turn to come up with the given name.  Ian sits down in the rocking chair and Eve sits on his lap.  She starts reciting the poem Ian recited when she was in labor.  Ever since,  she tells him, she’s thought of the baby as Daniel.  They both like the name -- Daniel Griffin Thornhart.  She asks him to recite the poem again as they cuddle in the chair.

Livvie is in Caleb’s cave looking for him.  She yells out she is not Olivia  She challenges him to come out and show himself.  .

“Are you sure we’re stuck?” asks Lucy.  Yes, Kevin assures her, as stuck as they are with each other.  Lucy starts reasoning why they should get married.  She finally says okay.  She’ll marry him.  Kevin lets her know how very well he knows and loves her.  She hugs him.  Kevin slaps her butt, gets up and goes toward the door.  He tells her he wants to get out of there so they can start planning the wedding.  He opens the door.  She’s shocked that the door opens.  He tells her he wasn’t letting her out until she said yes..  She tells him that’s the most romantic thing she’d ever heard in her life.  Kevin and Lucy kiss.

Eve is sleeping.  Ian is watching the baby.  Eve dreams in black and white that Ian wrote the name of the baby on the tag.  She looks at the tag and it says “Caleb.”  She screams herself awake.

Livvie is yelling for Caleb in the cave.  She tells him she will never love him of her own free will.  She flashes the flashlight about and it lands on a jewelry box.  She opens it to reveal his ring sitting upon something that glows.  The wind blows as Livvie backs away from the box.  Jack is backing for their trip.  He picks up the suitcase and lobs it across the room – his superhuman power has returned.  Livvie is screaming at Caleb.

Monday’s previews: Eve to Ian: “Caleb is still out there and he wants our son.  And I’m not let that happen.  I will die, before I let that happen.”

Jack to Alison: “It’s coming back. The power and strength it’s all coming back.”

Livvie sees a rattlesnake: “Oh God, please be in my head.”