PC Update Thursday 9/6/01



Port Charles Update Thursday 9/6/01

By Dawn

Gabi opens the door to find Chris. She’s not happy, but he is smiling as he offers her the flowers he has in his hand. Not smiling, Gabi informs him that it’s going to take a lot more than flowers. Chris would hate to lose her as a friend, but Gabi reminds him that they were never friends. Not hesitating, Chris reminds her that they went out once, and they have a lot in common. They were both bitten by Caleb, but he didn’t get experience the amazing powers. She was so amazing, so sexy, so alive. Stunned, Gabi asks if he’s coming on to her.

Eve is asleep in the chair next to the baby when Kevin enters and stares at him quietly. When he realizes that Eve’s awake, Kevin apologizes for waking her, but he had to see baby. Going to him, Eve joins him beside the baby. She tells him all about the first time she held him, smiling at the memory.  Kevin notices she’s glowing, and asks where Ian is. They weren’t ready for the baby this early, and Ian had to go buy things. Kevin’s glad she’s so happy. He almost looks happy himself, but she knows he’s worried about Livvie. Kevin admits that he wants to hold Livvie until she’s not afraid anymore. Smiling, he asks how logical that sounds coming from a shrink. Eve suggests that he’s talking like a father. Everyone has to deal however they need to, and Eve shows him that she is still holding on to the necklace Michael gave her.

Jack is pacing around the living room, waiting for Livvie. Lucy and Livvie appear and they have a few minutes before they’ll have the results. Livvie starts to freak, but Jack tries to calm her. Almost shaking, Livvie tells Jack that she can’t have Caleb’s baby. Before Jack can answer her, Lucy tells her it’s time to check the results.

Livvie is happy to tell Lucy that it’s negative, but she shows it to Lucy for a second opinion. Lucy agrees with her. Knowing that Livvie and Jack needs to talk, Lucy leaves them alone. Jack came to see if she was okay, and since she is, he’s leaving. Livvie begs him to stay and talk. Jack tries to tell her how much Jamal needs her at the shop. Grabbing him, she tells him that they’ve learned to not shut each other out. She wants to know what he’s feeling. Livvie wants to deal with the fact that she slept with Caleb. Jack doesn’t want to talk about it, but Livvie thinks they need to. Finally, Jack admits that the thought of Caleb touching Livvie makes him sick.

Gabi is shocked that after everything Chris did to her he’d come on to her. Chris tries to tell her that she got to him when she was under Caleb’s spell, and Gabi accuses him of thinking that being a vampire was an upgrade for her. Furious, she tries to explain to him. She had her life, her dignity taken away, and she can’t get it back.

Eve knows Caleb is gone, but she can’t let go of the necklace. Kevin understands, and he suggests that facing their fears is the only way to start over. Changing the subject, Kevin tells her that he always knew she’d be a beautiful mother. She stopped being afraid and running from commitment because of him. Shaking his head, he denies that he had anything to do with it. All he did was stand by and let her find the way. They hug. And she also thanks him for letting go when she needed it. The turn and look at the baby again. Eve hasn’t decided on a name, and blames it on how picky Ian is. Kevin teases her about Ian not being the picky one. Eve asks him if he wants to touch him. As Kevin reaches in and strokes the baby’s head, Lucy enters the nursery. The sight of Kevin touching the baby brings tears to Lucy’s eyes.

Jamal enters Gabi’s apartment, and he’s not thrilled about Chris being there. Chris accuses Gabi of being very angry and still having some vampire blood in her. This only makes Gabi and Jamal angrier, and they both tell Chris to leave. Wishing her luck living in denial, Chris leaves. Jamal asks her if she’s okay, and Gabi tells him that it’s like Caleb imprinted his image on her thoughts and body. She can’t even look at herself in the mirror. She’s ashamed of what she did. Jamal wants her to believe that he’s there to help her and she didn’t deserve what happened to her. Gabi doesn’t want Caleb to win, and she wants her life back. They gather her bags and leave the apartment.

Jack apologizes for going off on her, but he didn’t want to rehash everything that happened between Livvie and Caleb. Getting it out will keep it from coming between them as far as Livvie is concerned. She wants Jack to understand that Caleb is still with her. Jack is confused, so she tries to clarify. Every time Jack touches her, she wonders if he’s disgusted at her and what she’s done. Staring into her eyes, Jack tries to convince her that he loves her and she could never disgust him. They hold each other, and Livvie admits how afraid she was that she was pregnant. More than anything, the possible pregnancy scared her because she thought it would cost her Jack. Losing him scared her more than vampires. He promises her that she’s not going to lose him, ever, and they kiss.

Eve spots Lucy, and she tells Eve how wonderful she looks with the baby. Handing Eve the balloons in her hands, Lucy asks how the baby is. Kevin asks Lucy to go to breakfast, but she tells him she has too much to do. Kevin watches her carefully as she stares at the baby. Lucy is struggling to keep from crying, but she welcomes the baby into the world. Her voice drops to a whisper as she tells the baby how lucky he is. Eve thanks her. Lucy wanted to tell her how amazing she was with Caleb. Eve returns the feelings, and they agree how weird it is for both of them to get so sappy with each other. Lucy decides that it’s the baby that brought it out of both of them. Kevin wraps his arms around Lucy and tells Eve how amazing Lucy was with Caleb. Eve agrees, but Lucy laughs it off. After her entire life, what’s one little vampire. Before she completely loses it, Lucy tells Eve that she has lots of things to do, starting with eating, and almost runs out of the room. Worried, Kevin follows her. Lucy begins to babble nervously, but Kevin knows how much it’s hurting her to be near Eve’s baby when she can’t have one. Refusing to face him, she goes to a cubicle and pulls the curtain to separate them. He’s going to drive her crazy and she wants him to stop it.

Jamal and Gabi arrive at the place she’s staying. He offers to help her get settled, but she tells him that it’s okay. Before she can walk away, she realizes that she forgot a book, and Jamal is more than happy to go get it for her. Giving him her keys, she agrees to wait for him and thanks him. After Jamal leaves, she wanders around outside the gate alone. Something appears to be watching her from behind the bushes.

Kevin asks why she’s angry with him. Informing him that she’s not going to fall apart every time she sees a woman with a baby, she also tells him that he can’t follow her around and make her feel better every time she comes within twenty feet of a baby. She’s not falling apart because she can’t conceive a baby. He agrees, but she’s on a roll. He assumed that her life isn’t fine the way it is, that having Serena and Jax Cosmetics doesn’t make her happy enough. And having a man that wants to follow her around with puppy dog eyes that makes her feel like he thinks she can’t be happy. She’s so busy rambling that she doesn’t notice that he’s agreeing with her and trying to calm her down. Struggling to hide the fact that she’s about to cry, she tells him that she’s lost her appetite and she almost runs down the hall with him chasing her.

Jack and Livvie are outside the nursery. Livvie has to see Eve and apologize for everything she did. And after thinking she was pregnant, she just wants to see the baby. Eve is happy to see them, and when Livvie tries to apologize, Eve tell her that she doesn’t have to. As far as Eve’s concerned, they were all victims, and she’s just glad that they’re all okay. Smiling, Livvie leans over and touches the baby. She hears Caleb’s voice in her head telling that the baby should have been his and hers.


Livvie is in the hallway, sitting down with her hands over her ears begging it to stop as Jack approaches her.

Eve tells Ian that the diapers aren’t the only things they forgot. Ian asks what they forgot, and Eve tells him a name.

Kevin is sitting in front of Lucy in a storage closet. He tells her that he wants to get married.