PC Update Wednesday 9/5/01



Port Charles Update Wednesday 9/5/01

By Dawn

Eve is watching the baby and Ian enters. He wants her to rest, but she can’t. Chris joins them and he tries to make Eve feel better. Dr. Miranda is running tests. A nurse enters with the results.

Alison tries to talk to Jamal, but he wants her to realize that Gabby is part of his family, and she’s been hurt by Caleb as well. He’s going to be there for her no matter what. Jack enters the apartment and tells them that Livvie is shaky. He tells them about Caleb’s ring, and he has no idea how to help Livvie through this. Kibble enters the shop, and he wants to hear about the vampire. Jack is instantly furious, and Kibble guesses that Jack is the vampire that Jack was talking about.

Kevin finds Lucy in the living room and kisses her. She ran home to get clothes. He’s going to check in on the hospital. He’s surprised to hear that she didn’t sleep last night, and he wonders why. She had a dream, but she doesn’t want to share it with him. He asks her to, but she avoids him. This also surprises him and he tries to get her to open up to him. He didn’t think that there was anything she couldn’t tell him, and he knows if she won’t share this, it’s bad. She doesn’t want to tell him, but finally gives in to his concern. In her dream, Livvie was pregnant with Caleb’s baby.

The nurse asks them if they want to speak in private, but they decline. The baby’s lungs are beginning to function, and he’s going to be fine. Before she can give them all the details, she’s paged to emergency. Miranda rushes out, and Eve is more paranoid. They tell patients all the time that they’re just fine when they’re not sure. She’s convinced that he’s going to die.

Jack isn’t the big bat, and he shows Kibble that he has no fangs and he has a reflection. Then he yells at Kibble to leave. Alison tells Kibble that there are no vampires in Port Charles. Jamal appreciates the help Kibble gave him, but he tries to get rid of him. Kibble has studied vampires his entire life, and he helped Jamal. Now Kibble wants answers, and Jack is angrier. He storms out, leaving Jamal, Alison, and Kibble in the bike shop. Kibble tells them that it’s not that easy to be free of vampires, there’s more they need to know. There’s more trouble.

Kevin is spooked by her dream, and Lucy apologizes for telling him. She tells him that between Caleb and Eve having her baby, everything got mixed up in her head. He’s inclined to agree with her, and she goes further to tell him that she can’t control her dreams. Kevin wants to believe that talking about it is healthy, as long as she doesn’t share it with Livvie. Lucy agrees. Kevin answers the phone, and he has to leave. He tells her again that it was a dream and kisses her goodbye. Alone, Lucy starts to eat as Livvie comes out of the hallway. Lucy turns and panics. She asks Livvie how long she was standing there. She heard Lucy’s dream and she’s terrified.

Eve stands and tells Ian that there is something they’re not telling her. Ian has no idea what she is talking about. He tells her again that the baby is fine. At her request, he promises. He promises the baby that they’ll take care of him and as soon as they can, they’ll take him home. Eve wants so much for the baby, but Ian is happy just being a family. She’ll believe he’ll be okay when she can hold him. Ian promises to make it happen. He leaves the room and she watches the baby sleep.

Kibble asks Jamal and Alison again if there are vampires. Jamal finally admits that there were, but the head bat is gone, and the other vampires went back to normal, just like Kibble said they would. Trying to tell them that it wasn’t over just because Caleb was dead, Kibble describes it like a disturbance in the force. It can’t kill anyone, but it can mess with people that have been bitten. It’s like they’ll have little mental time bombs that will go off when you don’t expect it. If Caleb didn’t go down easy, he left something behind.

Lucy asks Livvie if it’s possible that she could be pregnant. Livvie tells her that she slept with Caleb, and asks Lucy about her dream. Lucy tries to convince her that she’s wrong, it was just a horrible bad dream. Aggravated, Livvie almost orders Lucy to tell her about her dream. Not really wanting to, Lucy does. In her dream, Livvie was in a rocking chair, and she was singing. Lucy approached her, and she told Lucy that she was carrying Caleb baby. After telling her, Lucy recants and tries to calm her. The dream was just a manifestation of her fear of losing Livvie. Livvie knows that Lucy’s dreams always mean something. Reminding her that Caleb couldn’t have children, Lucy again says she’s wrong. Caleb wanted Eve’s baby because he couldn’t have one of his own. Caleb could have been wrong, and Livvie says it again that she really could be pregnant as Jack enters and hears her.

The nurse hands Ian the baby, and he whispers to him and hands him to Eve. Crying, Eve takes her son from Ian and holds him against her. She can’t talk due to crying so hard.

Jamal tells Alison that Kibble won’t say anything about the vampire, but all Alison cares about is that Caleb can still hurt them in their minds. Jamal tries to convince her that Kibble is just out there, and everything’s going to go back to normal. Alison asks him about Jack freaking out, and she asks him if Kibble could be right. Jamal doesn’t want to think about it, but Alison knows it’s bothering him. He got up about four times during the night to check the door. Caleb terrorized them for months, and Jamal refuses to let him hurt them from the grave.

Chris tells Kevin that the baby has sleep apnea. He’s grateful that it’s something that can be treated, and comments on how lucky they all were that Caleb didn’t get near the baby. Chris comments about all the research they can do, and Kevin informs him that Karen destroyed all the research. All the evidence of Caleb ever being there is gone. At first, Chris is upset by the news. He tries to say it’s about all the people that can be helped, but Kevin knows it was about making money off what he thought he was going to find. Thinking about it, Chris tells Kevin that he was just surprised, and he’s just as glad that Kevin is that it’s all been destroyed. After Kevin leaves, Chris goes to his office and opens the fridge, where he has some blood in his vial.

Jack asks her if she’s pregnant with his baby. Lucy tries to deny that was the topic of conversation, but Livvie admits that it could be true. She could be pregnant. Jack is shocked, but he’s also assuming that it’s his. He thinks out loud that he thought they were careful. As he talks, Lucy and Livvie avoid his eyes. He realizes that it could be Caleb’s, and Livvie apologizes to him for hurting him as she begins to cry. Jack tells her that it’s okay. What happened to her happened because Caleb had a hold on her. Livvie is angry at herself for being stupid. Jack asks about Caleb being able to have children. Livvie knows that Caleb said he couldn’t have children, but he lied about so much she doesn’t know what to believe anymore. The fear really hits her and she asks Jack and Lucy what if something evil is growing inside her. Lucy stops them from going on and on about this. She thinks they’re jumping way ahead of themselves. Livvie doesn’t care how far ahead it is. If there’s a part of Caleb inside her, she has to know. Lucy goes to get her pregnancy test.

Jack promises her that they’ll face whatever happens together. Livvie is going to get them both something to drink, but she can’t walk away. Going back to him, she cries in his arms. He holds her and tells her that it’s going to be okay.


Chris tells Gabby that he can’t stop thinking about the way she was, how sexy and uninhibited. Shocked, Gabby asks him if he’s hitting on her.

Livvie tell Jack that she can’t have Caleb’s baby, and if she’s pregnant, she won’t have it.

Lucy enters the nursery with balloons, but stops when she sees Kevin and Eve side by side admiring the baby.