PC Update Tuesday 9/4/01



Port Charles Update Tuesday 9/4/01

By Dawn

Jamal and Alison are relieved that they can go back to normal, but don’t remember what it’s like to not worry about vampires. Alison wonders if Livvie and Jack are going to be okay. With the job Caleb did on them, it won’t be easy. Livvie will have a hard time forgetting, but Jamal believes they’re going to be okay. He’s worried about Gabby. She’s going through so much, she was completely brainwashed. Alison reminds Jamal of all the stuff Gabby did. It’s going to be hard for Alison to forget what Gabby did, and how she treated Jamal. Alison offers to forget about Gabby, but Jamal meant for her to forget what Gabby did. Gabby knocks on the door, and Alison is shocked to see her.

 The baby isn’t breathing, and they are working on him while Eve cries. The neonatologist  shows up, and she takes over. They begin CPR, and neonatologist thinks the baby’s lungs are underdeveloped. They’re going to run tests.

Livvie if freaked out to see Caleb’s ring. She knows that she threw it off the roof. Holding it, she whispers that Caleb is there. She hears his music in her head. Jack calling her name breaks the moment, and he is shocked and happy to see her waiting for him. He brought her flowers, and he knows something’s wrong. She tries to deny it, but he knows better, and he knows it’s Caleb.

Gabby is there to apologize for everything. All they tried to do was help, and Caleb’s hold over her was too strong. Jamal understands, and Alison appears to agree. He wants to forget about it and start fresh, and all that matters to him is that they’re family. Gabby needs to take are of herself, and that means going away. Alison asks if that can wait, she and Jamal just found out they’re related, and Jamal wants to get to know her. Gabby tries to explain to them that this is something she needs to do for herself. Jamal tries to stop Alison, who is angry, but Gabby understands. Alison tells Gabby that she would love to feel sorry for her, but she’s selfish for wanting to leave now.

Eve tells Karen that she knows the baby came too soon and he might die. She’s been there before, and she knows what’s going on. The exact same thing happened to her when she lost her first son, he didn’t cry, they took him away, and then told her he was dead. Karen tries to stop her, but she’s hysterical. She wants Eve to understand that the circumstances this time are different. Eve wants to go to her son, but Karen tries to stop her. Ian is with him, and Eve needs to take care of herself so she can take care of her son. She feels helpless. Karen promises that baby knows she loves him. Ian is telling him.

Livvie still tries to deny it, and finally asks if he’s still alive. Jack doesn’t make her feel better by suggesting that maybe Caleb is alive in her head. As Livvie reacts to the suggestion that she’s imagining this, Jack tries to explain. Jack thinks that she went to hell and back, and anyone would be affected by it. They have a lot to deal with, but it’s okay. They’re not going to be okay overnight. They have each other, and they can count on each other. Agreeing, Livvie knows that they have to talk to each other. She tells him about the voice in her head, and the ring that keep appearing. This concerns Jack, and he doesn’t understand it anymore than she does. She goes in the drawer to prove it to him, but it’s gone.

Gabby wants to know if there’s anything else, but Alison continues her attack. Jack fought Caleb, and even Livvie turned on him in the end. Jamal tries to defend Gabby, but Gabby knows it’s all true. She needs to make amends if that’s possible. She wants to get back in touch with God, and the things that were important to her. She’s going away to get in touch with God. Alison asks if that means she’s going to be a nun. Gabby is going to a retreat as soon as she can pack and arrange for transportation. Jamal offers to take her anywhere she needs to go.

Livvie is getting hysterical because the ring is gone. Jack suggests her mind is playing tricks on her. Caleb did something terrible to her, and those memories are haunting her. But they’re only memories. She swears she held the ring, and Jack knows it feels real. Caleb dying doesn’t make it go away. It’s going to take time, can Jack would be worried if she wasn’t’ having a problem getting over it. He’s scared, too, and he wants their lives back to normal as badly as she does. But they both know it can’t do it overnight, but their love got them through it. He’ll always be there for her. They kiss tenderly at first, but soon they are holding each other and making love.

Outside, a wind blows while they make love.

Eve is alone in the room, and praying for her baby’s life.  She cries as she begs God to help her little boy. She promises to protect him, and make him an honest decent kind, loving human being. She’ll do the best she can if God gives her the chance.

Ian watches him while the neo checks for the test results. Alone in the nursery with him, Ian calls Karen and asks her to bring Eve down to them.

Ian is talking to his son, telling him how long he’s been waiting for him, and how much he loves him. He’s more beautiful than Ian imagined he’d be. He never thought he’d have kids, and look at him now. He’s a very lucky man to be part of this. Tears come to Ian’s eyes as he says that. He loves his son, and so does his mother. Ian tells that baby how hard Eve fought to bring him into the world. And everything’s going to be all right, Ian can see that the baby is a fighter just like his mother. They need him to fight and hold on.

Snuggling closer to him in bed, Livvie says that she feels safe with Jack, and Jack wants her to always feel that way. He wants her to know that he’s always going to be there to take care of her. Jack wants to change the music, but as he does, Livvie hears Caleb’s music in her head and she jumps away from him.

Karen wheels Eve into the nursery, and Ian brings her closer to the baby. They hold each other and watch the baby sleep.


Eve asks Ian if they’re going to lose the baby

Kibble tells Jamal that it’s not that easy to ice the vampire, there’s more to it.

Lucy tells Kevin that she had a dream that Livvie was pregnant with Caleb’s baby