PC Update Monday 9/3/01



Port Charles Update Monday 9/3/01

By Dawn

Karen, Frank, Jamal, Alison, Kevin, and Lucy are standing around Eve, who is seated in the front pew with Ian kneeling in front of her. Eveís water broke. Ian asks someone to go back to the loft to get her things, but Lucy says sheíll go to the gift shop to quell her sudden need to shop. Ian is being a doctor until they remind him that they are doctors, and he needs to be the daddy. At those words, Ian stops and stares. As Karen, Frank, and Kevin lead Eve out in a wheelchair, Lucy catches Ian and tries to calm him. It works for about three seconds, and Jamal announcing that he was two months early doesnít help. Catching the priest on his way out the door, Ian asks him to pray for his son.

Livvie is still hearing Caleb in her head. She is his, and he calls her his love. Watching her, Jack goes to her and asks her whatís wrong.

Ian puts Eve in a bed, and she is insisting that the baby is too early. At this point, Eve doesnít want an epidural. Kevin enters to tell them that he couldnít find a neonatologist. Lucy shows and she tries to tell her to keep positive thoughts. Kevin tries to get her to leave, but Eve asks them to stay. Lucy is as excited as Eve and Ian are. There is about to be a brand new life in the universe, and theyíre going to be a whole new family. Ian realizes that Michael wasnít a real priest, and they are not happy to find out theyíre not really married. Lucy and Kevin try to convince them that itís not a big deal, but itís more than a piece of paper to Ian. He wants their baby to know that they were committed to each other. Eve understands, but another contraction is more important to her. Kevin and Lucy leave the room, and they Lucy feels bad for how Ian feels about not being married. Kevin knows they donít have time, Eveís in labor. As they discuss this, Ian approaches them to ask them a big favor.

Jack presses Livvie for an answer, but she wonít give him one. She wraps her arms around him, and says that sheís just tired. Jack doesnít believe her and guesses that sheís still worried about Caleb. He swears to her that Caleb is gone, and she needs to start thinking about their future. Kissing him, she agrees with him. They won, and nothing is ever going to come between them. As Livvie starts to confess something to him, Alison and Jamal arrive to tell them that Eve is in labor. Alison suggests they go back to the shop, and she will make breakfast. The rest agree, and they leave. Livvie hangs back for a moment, staring at Calebís ring in her hand. She says goodbye to Caleb, insists he has no control over her, and throws the ring off the roof.

Lucy is on her cell, thanking someone for nothing. Hanging up, she tells Kevin that she has checked everywhere, and she couldnít find anything. Kevin is drawing a blank too, but suddenly he gets an idea and drags her around the corner with him. She steals some flowers out of a vase as she follows him.

Livvie, Jack, Jamal, and Alison are sitting around Jamalís living room eating breakfast. They are laughing and smiling. Livvie can only cook toast, but Jack doesnít care and kisses her. Livvie proposes a toast with orange juice. The toast is to kicking Calebís but and going back to normal life. Jamal decides that he wants to get the bike shop open again. Livvie misses cappuccino, and Alison offers to go get the machine. Jack goes with her to help her get it. Jamal and Livvie talk about how she feels, he wants to understand and he knows how hard it was. It wasnít her fault, and itís over. Livvie is happy to know that, and she wants to make it up to Jack. But Jamal knows that all he wants is her.

Outside, Jack remembers that the machine has no wheels. Teasing, Alison tells him that a big strong man like him can do it. This triggers Jackís memory, and he remembers beating Zachís gang, them Jamal, then Chris both at GH and at Livvieís, then he remembers the security guard when he broke Livvie out of her room at GH. Angry, he glares at Alison and tells her that no human can move that. Heís NOT a vampire anymore, he has no inhuman strength, and heís not like that anymore. Heís a normal guy and he plans on staying that way. Alison in sorry, and she watches him walk past her.

Eveís contractions are getting closer, and Karen is worried about the neonatologist not being there. Frank comes in with an update, the neonatologist is stuck in traffic. Ian knows he canít do anything. Agreeing, Eve tells him to sing or recite a poem. Uneasy, Ian only knows one poem. As he recites it to her, she stares into his eyes. Itís called Daniel, and Karen, Colleen, and Frank stop to listen to him. Eve loves him for it, but she changed her mind, and she needs drugs. Karen tells her itís too late. Ian offers Lamaze, but Eveís not thrilled with that. She has to push. Lucy and Kevin enter and tell her to stop. They found a minister to marry them. Panting, Eve glares at them.

Alison apologizes, she was kidding. Jack knows it, and he apologizes to her. Alison knows heís afraid that itís going to come back again, and he canít deny it. All the urges are gone, but he canít trust it. He feels like all hell is going to break loose. Alison tells him that Caleb canít hurt them anymore. He keeps telling Livvie that, maybe itís time he believe it himself. He begs off the cappuccino, and tells her that he and Livvie need some time alone. Agreeing that she and Jamal could use some of that, they go back in the apartment. Jamal is alone, and tells them that Livvie thought the same thing, and she is already upstairs. As Jack leaves, Alison goes to Jamal and kisses him.

Livvie is in Jackís room, lighting candles and spraying perfume. She is dressed in a nightgown, and as she moves the pillow, she finds Calebís ring under it.

The priest is beginning the ceremony, but Eveís moans keep interrupting. Ian begins to recite his vows, but Eve moans again. He stops, and the priest finishes quickly. Eveís ĎI doí is more of a painful wail. Kevin and Lucy bring the minister out of the room, and the three of them are laughing. After the priest leaves, they congratulate each other. It was Kevinís idea, but Lucy got him out of traction. Deciding they make a good team, they kiss. Kevin says itís all up to Eve now, and they both think of the pain sheís in.

Karen is delivering the baby, and Ian is holding Eveís hand. Karen holds him, and they all look at the baby. Eve wants to hold him, but Karen is worried. The baby isnít crying.


Gabby tells Jamal that sheís going to go away and get in touch with God. Alison asks her if sheís going to be a nun.†

Jack knows something is wrong with Livvie, and he knows itís Caleb.

Eve is begging them to help the baby, and Ian is calling to his son and he, Karen, and Colleen are working on him.