PC Update Friday 8/31/01



Port Charles Update Friday 8/29/01

By Kathy

On the hospital roof, Caleb has Jack by the throat, Eve is calling for Michael and Livvie is calling for Caleb to let Jack go, she promises to be his.  Alison and Jamal arrive, “Well, well, well the gang’s all here,” sneers Caleb, “It’s too late for all of you.”  Caleb threatens Eve and the baby.  Ian is behind Lucy, who is aiming at Caleb with her vampire slayer equipment.  Eve begins to make progress and Michael begins to come out.  He lets Jack go.  Michael begins to speak to Eve, Ian tells Lucy to make her move.  All of a sudden Gabby runs out calling for Caleb.  She blocks Lucy’s aim.  Ian tells Lucy to shoot as he runs to pull Gabby out of the way.  Lucy shoots and hits Ian.

Frank and Karen see to Chris, who is shackled in a solitary room.  Chris wants to know what happened.  Frank tells him that Caleb has bitten him.  “Do you mean I’m a vampire?” asks Chris.  “Listen Chris,” says Frank,  “Don’t give me an excuse to drive a wooden stake through what passes for your heart.”  Chris replies, “You’ll be the first on my list Scanlon.”  Karen tells Chris not to bite anyone too soon, his vitals a normal.  Chris is disappointed he hasn’t turned into a vampire.

Back on the roof, Lucy runs to Ian.  Eve finally gets Michael to listen, but Gabby calls to Caleb and his presence is stronger and lets go of Jack to grab Eve.  Livvie begs Caleb to let everyone go.  Eve again pleads for Michael and in a confusion of internal voices Caleb lets go and Michael emerges.  Ian tells Lucy that Michael is out and she has to get another shot, he grabs the arrow and throws it to Lucy, but before she gets off another shot...  Michael asks God to help him, to end it, to give him peace.  Lightening strikes and Caleb/Michael is/are zapped and turned into ashes.  Ian runs to Eve and holds her.  Eve is crying for Michael, the other couples embrace and reassure each other.  A wind kicks up and blows the ashes away.  Caleb is gone, or is he?

Kevin asks if everyone is okay.  They all are, with the exception of Ian’s arm.  Eve notices.  Eve is distraught about Michael.  Ian tells Eve she indeed did save Michael and all of them, he’s going to take her away.  Eve tells him not before she takes care of his arm and goes to the chapel to pray for Michael. They meet Karen on their way out and tell her all is well. “Come on Braveheart,” says Eve as they exit.

“Some vampire slayer I am,” says Lucy with some chagrin to Kevin.  “Hey,” he tells her, “You got us out of the fire, you got us up here to the roof and you were ready to take on as evil a force as any human being ever has.  As far as I’m concerned you are one beautiful, original, the most original vampire slayer of all time.”  She tells him she loves him.  They kiss.

Jamal and Alison check on Jack and Livvie.  Jack thanks them for being there for him. Jamal goes to check on Gabby.  Kevin thanks Jack for taking care of Livvie.  Lucy suggests they leave Jack and Livvie alone.  Kevin and Lucy go off to the chapel.

Jack and Livvie kiss and start making plans for their future.

Frank is with Chris and unshackles him.  He tells Chris that Caleb is gone and he is normal.  Chris is upset, “You mean I’m not going to get to become a vampire?”  “Sorry,” says Frank, “But I’ll be happy to use that wooden stake on you anyway, just let me know all right?”  As Frank leaves, Chris checks his teeth for fangs and is disappointed.

Ian asks if Eve is okay.  She is still upset about Michael and her back aches.  “You looked evil in the face and saw goodness in it,” Ian tells her, “It’s the bravest thing I’ve ever seen … so in the end ‘twas Beauty killed the Beast.’”  Eve and Ian talk about how lucky they are now.

Everyone, including Gabby and her brother, gathers in the chapel and Father Vincente appears as if called.  Ian asks him to say a prayer.  Father asks that Caleb Morley find peace and gives a prayer thanking God for the gift of love.

 Jack and Livvie are still up on the roof.  Jack suggests they join everyone in the chapel.  Livvie asks for a moment alone up there.  She says, “Here’s fine.  Caleb’s dead, right?”  Jack agrees and waits for her by the door, as Livvie walks to the center of the helicopter pad.

Back in the chapel, Father continues his prayer.  Father finishes and Lucy walks over to Ian to apologize for shooting him and to thank him.  Eve gasps, “The baby it’s coming!” 

Livvie has her arms crossed as she walks across the pad and hears Caleb’s voice, “Olivia, our souls are bound together my love.  It will never be over for us.  Never.”  Livvie uncrosses her arms and opens one of her hands.  She is holding Caleb’s ring. 

A voice announces “Port Charles “Tempted” begins Monday.”

Preview for Monday:  Hospital room Ian to Eve, “Michael was not a real priest that means the ceremony...”  Eve: “That means we’re not married.” Ian: “No we’re not.”

Livvie up on the roof:  Hears voice “Olivia, our souls are bound together my love.  It will never over for us.”  Jack comes up behind her “Livvie, what’s wrong.”