PC Update Thursday 8/30/01



Port Charles Update Thursday 8/30/01

By Dawn

Alison finds blood on Chris’s desk, and she’s sure something happened. Jamal decides that Gabi is going to help them, and he heads out the door, with Alison following and Eve protesting. Ian half expects to see Ian hanging from the rafters laughing at them. Frank enters and his news isn’t good. They found Chris, but so did Caleb. Eve asks if he’s dead, and Frank’s answer is that he may wish he was.

 Kevin is checking Chris while Jack and Lucy watch. His pulse is strong, but they know that Caleb turned him, and they need to find Livvie. Jack starts to list places Caleb might have taken her, but Lucy knows Caleb is still there. Jack believes her but he doesn’t understand why Caleb would stick around. Kevin knows that Caleb wants to finish the game. This isn’t a game to Kevin. It’s his daughter’s life. Lucy tries to convince Kevin that Caleb cares about Livvie in a strange way, and he needs her. Kevin knows how Caleb treats the women he loves. Jack adds that Caleb loves them to death. 

On the roof, Caleb tells Livvie that she betrayed him, and her apologies won’t make it go away. She’s made him feel like destroying everything. Crying, Livvie tries to tell him that she never meant to hurt him. Caleb tries to explain to her that doesn’t make it okay, it doesn’t lessen his pain. She gave him her love, and then she took it away. Staring at him, Livvie tells him that she was confused. It doesn’t matter to Caleb. Nobody does that to him. Even her. She’s crying as he touches her face.

Alison chases Jamal towards Gabi's room. She’s afraid that Caleb is with Gabi. Jamal knows that Caleb already got what he wanted from Gabi, and he’s done with her. Alison is shaking, Jamal wants to know why. When Caleb grabbed her, she thought about Livvie and she can’t understand how Livvie could want to go with him. The way he touched Alison and was so close to her scared her. Jamal promises her that he’d die before he let Caleb touch her, but that’s part of what Alison is afraid of. Her mind flashed pictures of their relationship and she realized what he means to her. Jamal is a huge part of Alison’s life, he’s part of her. Jamal tries to reassure her and promises her that nothing’s going to change. If she really doesn’t want him to go see Gabi, he won’t. Knowing what that means to him, Alison tells him to go see Gabi. He kisses her and she smiles. Holding up her hands, she shows him that she’s not shaking anymore. Alison is ready to go in there with him and face Gabi. They both hope she may surprise them and help.

Gabi is fighting her restraints when Alison and Jamal enter her room. She’s not happy to see Jamal or Alison. Gabi gave Caleb their plan, and Jamal isn’t going to waste his time. Gabi swears that Caleb knew before she said anything, and she still wants him. This shocks them, and they can’t understand. Jamal tries to reason with her. Caleb is treating her like an animal. Angry, Gabi insists that they are the only ones treating her like an animal by tying her up and caging her. One minute with her master is worth a lifetime of the way she was living before she met Caleb. Jamal tries again. Caleb is going to be dust because they know Michael is the talisman and they’re going to use it to kill him. Gabi refuses to believe, but Jamal keeps going. They’re going to destroy Caleb. Gabi wants them to leave her alone. Jamal has had enough. She’s going to go straight to hell with Caleb. Caleb won’t die and leave her. She wants out.

Kevin finds out over the phone that hospital security called the police. Jack wants to go look for Livvie, and as he goes out the door, Eve, Ian, Karen and Frank come by him. Eve runs to Chris, who is now tied down on the bed, but Ian says he’s in shock. They go to work on him while Kevin and Lucy watch. Alison and Jamal join them, and they tell the group that Gabi was too far gone for them to reach her. Kevin admits to them that Caleb has Livvie. Eve and Lucy try to convince Kevin that they will get Livvie back. Security calls to tell them that Caleb and Livvie are on the roof. Lucy asks Eve is he’s ready for this. All Eve thinks she needs is a clear vision to his eyes so she can call Michael. Lucy’s going to shoot Michael, and she’s not sure Eve okay with that. Eve swears that she is, and she wants to be alone with Michael, but Ian won’t let her. Kevin tells Lucy he won’t leave her alone, either. As Eve and Ian discuss this, the door shuts and locks from the outside.

Holding her hand, Caleb notices that her wedding ring is gone. Everything she ever told him was a lie. Livvie swears that it wasn’t. She really cares about him. Caleb gave her everything, and all she can do is say she cares. She thought she loved him and wanted what he could give her, and she doesn’t understand why she feels this way. She was ready to spend the rest of her life with him. Staring into her eyes, Caleb asks her where he failed her. All he wanted to do was love her and make her happy. She wanted to love him and make him happy. He smiles at her, asking her to remember how it felt when she was in his arms. His fingers reach for her face as he asks her how his touch felt on her skin. Closing her eyes, Livvie whispers that she remembers. But she also remembers how Caleb hurt Jack. Caleb lets her walk away from him. Livvie betrayed him, and now he’s getting in the mood for mass destruction. Caleb is going to find Jack and drain the life out of him and everyone she loves. Livvie offers to go with him and be the family he wants. She touches Caleb and promises to do what he asks if he lets the others go. But he wanted more than her heart. He wanted her soul. Caleb knows that Livvie is only offering herself to save her family and friends, and he doesn’t want her like that. He wants her to need him like she needs to breaths. He wants her to want him with a hunger that burns. The way he burns for her. Caleb is still trying to explain to her, begging her to want him when Jack stops them. He’s glad to tell Caleb that Livvie doesn’t want him. Caleb is holding Livvie by her neck from behind her and glaring at Jack over her shoulder.

Ian tries to get out, and Frank tries to pick the lock, but they can’t open the door. Kevin knows the door is bolted with steel, and they can’t break it. Karen finds out the phone is dead. Lucy is looking around quietly. Eve screams and pounds on the door and Ian stops her. She’s worried about the baby, and she knows that Caleb wants to keep them in there. Lucy knows that he wants to suck all the life out of the room. Kevin tries to get out to get to Livvie. Ian stops him, and when he moves to the counter and leans on it, Lucy holds his shoulders. They need a new idea, but everyone is out of them. Alison asks if that means they go back to panicking. Eve tries to call Michael to help her. She begs him to not let Caleb win. The bed starts to smoke, and as Jamal and Kevin move Chris, it bursts into flames.

Livvie tells Jack to leave. Caleb tells Jack that a husband and wife should not be separated. Jack shakes his head, he’s not leaving because Livvie chose him, not Caleb. Correcting Jack, Caleb insists that Olivia chose him. Her name is NOT LIVVIE. Caleb believes that she will thank him for taking her away from Jack’s puppy love. Jack is in Livvie’s heart, and even though they know they don’t have eternity, they’ll have whatever they have together. Caleb is adamant about Livvie being his wife. She pledged herself to him, and he is in her blood. Moving around the roof, Caleb continues. Olivia will never be to Jack what she is to him. She gave herself to Caleb because she wanted him. Jack accuses him of messing with her mind to make her want him. But Caleb is more than happy to tell Jack all about how she came to his bed willingly. As Caleb gets more graphic about making love to her, Livvie pulls away, crying. Caleb tells Jack how Livvie cried out his name, and it’s too much for Jack. Grabbing Caleb, Jack throws him off the roof. Taking Livvie’s hand, they try to leave the roof, but the door lights up and Caleb enters, his eyes glowing and red. In a voice that tells them that this is far from over, Caleb asks them if they’re somewhere, then tells them that he doesn’t think so.

Back in Livvie’s room, Kevin and Frank are trying to put the fire out, but they are failing. There is no water, the sprinklers haven’t started, the phones are dead, and Lucy finally says that Caleb shut everything off. One by one, they all slide to the floor. Eve bangs on wall and Ian holds as she slides to the floor crying that they have to get their baby out of there. Ian tells her that nothing is going to happen to either of them. Karen wants to check Chris’s pulse but Frank thinks she needs help and holds her. Jamal holds Alison as she begins to panic. Kevin goes to Lucy, but she’s angry. It can’t end like this. Lucy is furious and she begins to scream at Caleb. She is a vampire slayer, and she will not give him power, she refuses to. This is bad, and it’s supposed to be bad. It’s supposed to be. She will NOT die because of an arrogant vampire’s temper. But she is a vampire slayer, and she will fight him. Her friends are not going to be barbequed, and she wants him to fight her. She is coming after him, and she orders him to open the door. Everyone is shocked when the door opens, except Lucy.

Gabi hears Jamal’s voice in her head telling her that Caleb is going to die. Screaming, Gabi breaks her restraints and goes to the door.  

Caleb tells Jack that he can’t kill him. He’s neither strong enough, nor man enough. Grabbing Jack, Caleb throws him across the helipad. Livvie jumps in front of Jack and begs Caleb to stop. Again, Livvie offers to go with him if he’ll let the others go. Jack won’t let her, and he promises her that he’ll die first. Caleb is convinced that Olivia will do whatever he tells her to do. Moving to Jack, Caleb decides that he’s going to kill Jack because that’s the only way to get him out of Livvie’s heart. Livvie begins to panic that Caleb is choking Jack, and she grabs him. Still holding Jack, he shoves Livvie to the ground away from them. He’s going to purge Livvie of Jack once and for all. She cries, and he tells her that the show is just beginning. She has a ringside seat for the first act, which is going to be Caleb fileting Jack like a fish. Eve comes out of the door and screams at Caleb that Michael won’t let him hurt anyone ever again.


Chris is in restraints and Frank tells him that Caleb got to him. Chris realizes that he’s a vampire.

Kevin is telling Caleb it’s over, and Caleb calls him dad and argues with him as he is strangling Jack. Eve begs Michael to not let this happen. In the doorway to the stairwell, Lucy is aiming the crossbow with Ian behind her. She’s saying that she is a vampire slayer and she can do this.