PC Update Wednesday 8/29/01



Port Charles Update Wednesday 8/29/01

By Dawn

Kevin, Lucy, Ian, and Eve are still staring at each other, asking if they all felt it. Lucy knows it’s Caleb, she feels him there. Kevin realizes he’s after Livvie, and he and Lucy run from the room. Eve tries to go with, but Ian stops her.

 Alison and Jamal find Jack’s door broken open. Alison thinks it was Caleb, but Jamal thinks Jack broke out. Caleb wouldn’t need to break in, and they both felt the strange wind. And if Jack felt it, too, Jamal knows where he is.

Jack is with Livvie holding her and kissing her. Kevin, Lucy, Frank, Karen, Alison and Jamal arrive at the same time. Kevin grabs Livvie and pulls her to him. Lucy wants to know where Caleb is if he’s not with Eve or Livvie.

Caleb came for Gabby, and they’re on the roof. Gabby admits that they made her call him and that it’s a trick so they can destroy him. Caleb smiles and tells her that it’s okay. He expected a pathetic response. He’s going to take what’s his, and they’re all going to suffer.

Lucy suspects that Gabby called him as they come up the stairs. Jamal, Lucy and Kevin go out on the roof to find Gabby standing alone. She tells them that he isn’t coming, but Lucy knows she’s lying.

Alison and Karen find Chris in the On Call room. Chris didn’t feel the wind they’re asking about, and he thinks they’re crazy. Frank finds out that no one else in the hospital felt it. They leave Chris alone and out in the hallway, Karen talks about how weird this is. They start to name all the people that felt it, and Alison realizes that they named all the people that are trying to trap Caleb. Suddenly it makes sense to her. Caleb is coming for all of them.

Jack and Livvie are still holding on to each other as Caleb appears. He asks her if that’s any way to greet your husband.

Gabby apologizes for not being able to help them. Jamal asks her if he’s coming, but Lucy accuses her of lying. Angry, Gabby approaches Lucy and they argue. Lucy asks Gabby if she’s supposed to believe that Gabby has suddenly lost her connection to Caleb but she is still connected enough to know he’s not coming. They face off, and when Gabby gets too close to Lucy, Lucy’s had enough. Reaching out, Lucy touches her forehead with her finger, telling her to back off. Screaming as if Lucy’s finger burned her, Gabby gets furious. Gabby tells Jamal that they can’t stop him and they were stupid to think they could. Jamal begins to argue, but Lucy stops him. She’s not worth it. They will find Caleb and Lucy promises to destroy him for them. Telling Gabby that she may have killed them all, Jamal follows Kevin and Lucy off the roof.

Jack stands and threatens Caleb. But Caleb is amused and he approaches Livvie. Jack blocks Caleb’s way, which only makes Caleb laugh. Caleb is going to take his time with them tonight. First he asks them if they’re scared, then tells them that they should be. Tonight is going to be the longest night of their lives. Caleb believes he’s going to have his destiny, and he’s going to have a good time along the way. Starting with disappearing right before their eyes. Jack checks the window, and Caleb voice asks Jack if he’s looking for him. Laughing, Caleb’s voice fades and Livvie knows that he’s left the room. Jack knows he’s messing with them. Caleb wants them to believe they can’t beat him.

Ian blocks door so no one can get in, but Caleb is behind them, smiling. He asks them why they hate him so much, he’s not a bad guy. Wandering around the room, Caleb decides that this place is not very cheery for the new baby. Ian threatens to kill Caleb if he touches the baby or Eve. Ignoring him, Caleb continues that his baby should be born at the Villa. Ian goes after Caleb who throws him across the room. Eve falls to her knees beside him, crying. As she does, the necklace falls to the ground beside her, and Caleb notices. Caleb kneels beside them wondering why, if Ian knows he can’t hurt him, does he still try. Caleb won’t miss the birth of his child. Eve tries to convince Caleb that she thought she was in labor, but she was wrong. Caleb knows they were trying to trap him. Not trying to deny it, Eve asks him what he’s going to do. Reaching out to touch the baby, he whispers that he’s not going to do anything to her, the mother of his child. Eve calls Michael. She knows he’s in there and begs him to come out. Caleb falters and Eve presses. Begging Michael to protect her and her baby to help save them all, Eve follows a nervous Caleb across the room. Caleb denies that Michael is there, but Eve knows he’s lying. Ian stirs as Eve continues to call Michael. Caleb disappears as Eve runs to Ian. Alone in the room, they hold each other.

Chris is still working on the computer, and from behind him a voice comments on how interesting it is. He’s heading up research to reverse Caleb’s work. Standing, Chris knows who he is, but Caleb introduces himself. Chris has heard of him. Caleb accuses Chris of not wanting to reverse work, but wanting to bottle it. Chris tries to deny it, but Caleb is flattered. But he pretends to be confused as to why Chris would waste time on boring tests when he could go right to source. Chris is realizing how much trouble he’s in as Caleb bares his fangs.

Eve is checking Ian’s head when Kevin and Lucy bang on the door. Kevin tells them that Gabby has been covering for Caleb. Letting them in, Ian and Eve tell them that Caleb was there. Lucy is furious about missing him again, but Eve has news. Michael is still inside Caleb, and she knows she can get to him. Taking her hand, Lucy agrees with her. Karen and Frank arrive asking if everyone is all right. Kevin is calling the On Call room because Jamal is supposed to be taking Gabby back to her room, getting Jack, Livvie, and Alison and meeting them there. But there is no answer. As Kevin is explaining this, Lucy is turning away from them, looking like she’s ‘feeling’ something. Kevin wants everyone together, and he tells them to meet him in the On Call room after he gets the kids himself. Everyone leaves except Lucy. When Kevin tries to get her to go with him, she reminds him that Caleb can’t touch her and she’s fine. There’s something she has to do. 

Alison and Jamal are discussing Gabby as the go down the stairs. Caleb is waiting for them and decides that any friend of his brides’ is a friend of his. Jamal attacks Caleb in the stair well while Alison watches. Laughing, Caleb throws him down to the next landing. The entire thing amuses him, and he wants to know what is wrong with men in this town. They can’t stop them, and the woman can’t resist them. Caleb grabs Alison and kisses her while Jamal watches. Jamal struggles, but he can’t get up. Caleb kisses Alison and threatens what’s next by bearing his fangs.  Lucy is on the landing above them. Taking off her glasses, she glares at Caleb, daring him. Her voice is quiet and she tells him not so fast.

Livvie wants to leave, maybe Caleb will be happy to have her and leave everyone else alone. Jack says too late. Caleb knows she betrayed him and he thinks that they messed up his destiny. But Jack still believes that Eve can get through, and Lucy can destroy him. Caleb is strong, but what they have is stronger. They remember different scenes of them together: kissing in the villa when she dropped Caleb’s wedding ring and then back at lighthouse, making love in her bed. Talking about how hard it is for her to fight the hold Caleb has on her. Knowing that they have to trust in each other and believe in what they talked about. To remember what they have with each other and their love. The memories make them both feel better, and they hold hands while they discuss their dreams. She’s going to go to school, he’s going to take over the shop with Alison and Jamal. They’re going to go see the world. Wherever she wants to go. All she wants is to be on the couch watching a movie with him. Jack promises that they’ll do that, and they’ll have a long life together. They kiss again, and the door opens to reveal Chris. He doesn’t look good, and Jack is worried. Chris tells them that he was bitten by their buddy, Caleb.

Lucy tells Alison and Jamal to leave, hiding the crossbow behind her back. She orders Caleb to let her go, and he does, glaring at Lucy. As Jamal and Alison leave, Lucy glares at Caleb and sarcastically asks if she can call him Caleb since it’s just the two of them. Smiling, Caleb corrects her. It’s just her. He vanishes and she’s stunned. Kevin comes through the door and asks her what happened. Still shocked, Lucy tries to explain that he was there, but he disappeared. She’s excited by the fact that he wouldn’t fight her. As Kevin starts to ask more questions, Lucy gets it, and interrupts Kevin. Caleb’s arrogance is his weakness. He’s taunting and thinks he’s got them and that angers Lucy. She is determined to make this plan work. Eve is gonna lure Michael out in the open, and Lucy is going to drive the silver tipped arrow through his black heart.  

Jamal, Alison, Frank, Karen, Ian and Eve gather in the On Call room. Frank wants to go help Lucy, but Alison tells them that Caleb was afraid of Lucy, and she’s holding her own with him. The people they need to help are Jack and Livvie. Eve stops them. Kevin went to get Jack and Livvie. Caleb is only vulnerable when Michael is out, and they need to stick together. Ian wants to let Eve do this. Alison realizes that Chris is gone and when she notices everything scattered on the floor, she knows that something bad happened.

Jack thinks Chris is messing with them, but he’s promises them that he isn’t. Chris falls on Jack as Kevin and Lucy get there. Leaning down, Kevin checks Chris for a pulse and yells at Jack to get an orderly. While they are looking at Chris, Livvie disappears.

On the roof with Caleb, Livvie is asking how she got there. Caleb is amused that after everything she’s experienced lately she still has to ask. Livvie begs for herself and everyone else, asking him why he’s playing games. He admits that he plays them because he can. But now games are over. He glares at her and tells her that she betrayed him and now everyone is going to pay, starting with her.


Lucy explains to Kevin that Caleb needs Livvie because she’s very precious to him. Kevin remembers how he treats the ones he loves. Jack says he loves them to death.

Caleb tells Livvie that she gave him her love, then she just took it away. Livvie says she was confused. Caleb tells her that no one does that to him. Not even her.