PC Update Tuesday 8/28/01



Port Charles Update Tuesday 8/28/01

By Dawn

Frank enters the On Call room to find Chris and Karen are still going over test results and getting nowhere. As Karen fills Frank in on Michael, Kevin and Lucy arrive, looking for Livvie. As Lucy says that someone told them that Livvie was headed there, Chris calls admissions to check. Eve and Ian arrive to tell them that they may have killed Caleb. Before Kevin can question them, Jack brings a still hurting Livvie in and sits her on the sofa. When Livvie tells them that Caleb isn’t dead, and that he bit her, Kevin and Lucy don’t really want to believe it. Ian reiterates that they left the church on fire and Caleb was inside. Livvie knows that Caleb is alive, she can feel it. And she also knows that he’s going to come take her. Kevin won’t let that happen, but he still wants to know how it happened. Livvie tells them that she went to Caleb, but Jack found her and saved her by reminding her how much she loves him. Alison and Jamal arrive to tell everyone that Caleb disappeared. As if no one has heard him, Ian says again that they just left Caleb.  Eve adds Michael to the list, but Lucy tells her that they are the same person. Eve is surprised that Lucy knows that, and Lucy is surprised that Eve knows it. But Lucy found out more in Transylvania. She tells everyone about Michael being Caleb’s talisman, and it takes Jamal a minute to figure out that Caleb doesn’t have a brother, and Alison finally gets that Michael has been protecting him all this time. Ian has to say it again. They just left Caleb in a church that was on fire. Livvie can still feel him. Jack and Jamal decide that they need to lay a trap for him, but they don’t know how to get him to show. Eve knows. Caleb wants the baby, so she’ll be the decoy.

 Ian is not happy about Eve’s offer, and he drags her from the room to argue. But Eve wants to help get Caleb, and the only thing Caleb really wants is their son. And Eve has to add that Ian knows how Michael feels about her. Ian has never been thrilled about it, and his face shows it when he says that Michael is crazy in love with her. Eve is convinced that Michael won’t let Caleb hurt her, but Ian isn’t convinced that Michael can stop Caleb. As they argue, Ian tells her to stop talking about them like they’re two separate people. Kevin is listening and tells them that they are two separate people as far as they are concerned. It’s a classic psychosis. Ian is still confused by what this has to do with vampires. Lucy tries to explain in a very quiet, unLucy like voice with her hands barely moving. Michael is the talisman that has been protecting Caleb all this time, and the way to get to Caleb is through Michael. Kevin adds his matching opinion, and Lucy throws in that she agrees with Eve. Using the way Michael feels about Eve may be the only way they can get him to help. Ian won’t let Kevin use his wife and child to catch a monster to save his daughter. Karen adds that if this is the only way, they have to do it. Kevin says that there are a lot of innocent souls that they’re trying to save. Finally, Eve adds their baby to the innocent soul list and asks Ian to let her do this.

 Chris is trying to examine Livvie, but Jack wants him to just take what he already knows about him and Gabi. Livvie just wants them to stop arguing because it’s just making things worse. Chris is trying to help, and he suggests giving them blood and quarantining them just like the others. Jack’s not thrilled about his name being on the list, but Chris tries to convince him it’s the best thing.

 Ian wants to know how they are going to trap Caleb. Eve offers to go into labor, but Kevin is starting to see things from Ian’s side, and he’s not sure that Eve should be involved. But Eve insists, and Kevin relents. Ian still wants to know how they all know that they can stop Caleb once he’s there. Lucy knows, and Ian wants to know if she’s suddenly a vampire expert. When Lucy says that she is, Ian gets sarcastic with her, which angers Kevin. But Ian wants to know what the plan is after they get Caleb there. Lucy’s answer is that they all clear out, and she takes over. Her voice is still quiet, and she’s almost hiding behind Kevin. Her answer doesn’t satisfy Ian, and he demands to know what makes her think she can take Caleb. It’s obviously still hard for her, and she takes a deep breath before telling him quietly that she’s a vampire slayer.

 Jack wants to know how locking them up is going to help anyone. Chris bets that they still haven’t seen all of Caleb’s tricks left, and if they let Chris lock them up, he can feed them so they won’t have to kill. Alison agrees with Chris, but Jack finds it hard to believe that Chris doesn’t have ulterior motives. Chris swears he doesn’t, and Jack agrees to the plan. Livvie winces from the hunger, and she wants to stay with Jack. Chris knows how bad one vampire that needs to feed is, he thinks two of them together would be dangerous. Livvie isn’t happy, but Chris swears to do everything humanly possible to keep them safe. Alison isn’t enthusiastic about the humanly part, but Jamal knows it’s all they have.

 Ian repeats the words vampire slayer back to Lucy, then reminds Kevin that he’s a psychologist. Kevin begins to defend Lucy, but she takes his arms and defends herself. Still standing behind Kevin, she looks over his shoulder and asks Ian to take a leap of faith. He didn’t believe in vampires, why can’t he believe in slayers now? Ian believes in them, but his problem is believing that Lucy is one. Kevin is adamant that what Lucy found out about herself and her family could be the key to destroying Caleb. Ian is still sarcastic as he says that they’re all in her hands. Before Kevin or Lucy can answer, Karen asks her how many slayers there are. Even quieter, Lucy tells her that she and Rafe are the last as far as she knows. At least of the Kovich blood line. But Kevin hopes that Caleb is the last of the Morley vampires. Frank hopes for that. As Lucy begins to tell Karen about Rafe, Ian leaves the room and Kevin follows. In the hallway, Ian admits that he has a bad feeling that at the end of this they’re all going to be dead. That Kevin’s daughter and his son are going to be flying with Caleb.

 Kevin, Lucy, Jack, Alison, and Jamal are in Livvie’s room. Kevin is apologizing for not being there. Livvie knows they were trying to help. Lucy promises to take care of Caleb, and Kevin promises that it will all be over soon. Jack agrees with Kevin, and Kevin thanks him for everything Jack has done for her. Jack says it’s just what you do for the people you love. Looking at all of them, Lucy says that they have to believe it will be over. Kevin hugs her again, and follows Lucy out the door. Going to Livvie, Jack holds her and says he’ll do what the slayer says. Jamal is just glad that he and Alison have them back. He’s ready. Livvie thanks them for being the best friends, and the four share a group hug. Alison tries to lighten the mood a bit by saying that they’ll be telling this story for years, but Jamal would rather begin to forget it the moment it’s over. As Jamal and Alison leave the room, Livvie turns from Jack. He knows that she’s still hooked on Caleb. She won’t lie, but she still feels addicted to him, and she doesn’t know how to stop it. Jack suggests thinking about the two of them and what they have. She agrees to try, as long as he promises that they’ll be together forever. They kiss and Chris appears to get Jack.

 Frank, Ian, Eve, and Karen are going over the plan again. Lucy, Kevin, and Jamal join them. They’re afraid that Michael will be suspicious if Eve calls him. Eve believes that they can trust Michael, and Kevin agrees that Michael sees them as two separate people. Ian still isn’t sure Eve can get him there, and Jamal suggests getting Gabi to help them. Ian thinks it’s worth a shot, the parish priest thinks he got somewhere with her. Jamal wants to try with his sister, which shocks Lucy, and she wants to know how that happened. Jamal offers to tell her later, and takes Alison with him. The rest of them agree that it’s time to get started. Frank is going to get supplies out of the rig, Karen is going to stand guard to keep other people out of the way. Lucy promises Ian that it’s going to work, and he has to believe. Kevin and Lucy leave the room. Ian goes to Eve and promises her that he won’t leave her side. Eve pulls out the necklace Michael gave her and Ian puts it on her neck.

 Lucy is carrying a set of scrubs, complaining about how she’d always wanted to wear a sexier version of a nurses’ uniform. It still gives Kevin ideas, and Lucy smiles at that. She is still nervous about what she has to do. Rafe told her that she would know how to use the weapon, and she just has to believe she will. Kevin promises to be right beside her and he kisses her. Then he thanks her. He knows she’s doing this for everyone, but he wants to thank her for Livvie.

 Jamal goes inside to see Gabi and leaves Alison in the hallway. Gabi is still restrained, and Jamal approaches her slowly. Her priest still has faith in her, and he was thinking that Gabi could do him a favor. The favor is to call Caleb and get him to come to the hospital. If she does, there’s a chance she can go back to normal, as can Emilio and Jack. She’s not sure she can do it, but Jamal asks her to do it as his sister. Gabi realizes that they’re going to destroy Caleb, but Jamal is still convinced that there is good in her. Standing, Gabi doesn’t answer him.

 Jamal continues to whisper to her that it’s the right thing to do. For all of them. She walks away without answering, and Jamal knocks on the door to get out. He tells an anxious Alison that he’s not sure Gabi’s going to do it.

Jack is alone in his room, telling Livvie to hang on.

 Livvie is in her room, telling Jack that it’s going to be okay.

 Eve is in a hospital gown, and as she tells Ian that at least she’s comfortable, Lucy enters wearing scrubs. She’s glad to know that one of them is comfortable. She hates baggy clothes, and she’s used to high heels, not flats. Karen comments that she thought nurses’ shoes were comfortable, but Lucy shakes her head. Ian’s had enough, and he’s ready to go. Kevin stops him and they begin to argue. As Eve stops them, Lucy tells them to wait. As she turns, the room goes dark and a wind hits them all one by one in the room. The same wind hits Alison and Jamal in the On Call room. The wind then hits Jack in his room. Then it hits Livvie, who looks at the camera and says “he’s here.”

 Caleb’s eyes appear and the screen goes black.



Caleb asks Jack and Livvie if they’re scared. They should be. This is about to be the longest night of their lives.

 Alison tells Frank and Karen that Caleb is coming for all of them.

 Caleb asks Chris why he’s wasting his time with all these boring tests. If he wanted to know about vampires, why didn’t he go to the source. Then Caleb bares his fangs at a terrified Chris.