PC Update Monday 8/27/01



Port Charles Update Monday 8/27/01

By Dawn

Kevin is trying to call Port Charles to get a hold of Livvie. Lucy and Rafe appear to be conversing with each other telepathically. After Kevin hangs up in disgust, Rafe apologizes for the phone system, but he offers to get them home the fastest way. After Rafe leaves, Kevin voices fears that they will be too late to warn everyone that Caleb and Michael are the same person. Kevin knows that anyone that comes into contact with Michael is in danger, too.

Jamal Alison enter bike shop, and sheís depressed about all the changes in their lives. She remembers the opening day of the shop, and Jamal mentions Jackís face when they made him a partner. The four of them were the best of friends, and Alison wants to know how they got there. Their best friends a now vampires. The fact that sheís even saying the word vampire freaks Alison. And now Jackís going to kill another human being to save Livvie. Jamal knows that Jackís going to sacrifice his soul to save Livvieís. As they talk about it, Jack and Livvie enter, holding hands and smiling.

Ian questions the priest about Michael. At the confirmation that heís not a priest, Ian runs from the priest looking for Eve.

Eve realizes that she is staring at Caleb, and she tries to run. Catching her, Caleb states that sheís forgetting one thing. The baby is his.

Lucy and Kevin have a plane leaving shortly. Lucy wants Rafe to go with them, but Rafe refuses. There are things he has to take care of there. Kevin canít believe he wonít go help them kill Caleb. Rafe canít go with them, but he insists that Lucy can do this. He gives her a crossbow, which has a silver tip. The only thing she has to do is believe in her powers. Rafe explains that the crossbow was used by their ancestors to kill vampires. and only someone with Kovich blood can shoot it. Once they get rid of Calebís talisman, Lucy will know when and where to use the crossbow. Grateful, Kevin thanks Rafe and shakes his hand. Tearfully, Lucy bids her cousin goodbye, adding that she will miss their psychic chats. They hug, and Kevin leads Lucy to the car waiting for them.

Jack tells a happy Jamal and Alison that he hasnít crossed over and theyíre both home to stay. Jackís hoping neither of them will have to, heís as much of a vampire as he wants to be. Livvie is just glad to be back. Jamal wants to know how they got away, and Livvie admits to them that Caleb is still in the back of her mind. Jack tells them that Calebís last order to Livvie was to kill Jack. Jamal and Alison are thrilled that Jack and Livvie are back together, but Jack wants to know what progress Chris has made towards solving the vampire symptoms. Livvie doesnít want to think about it, but Jack tries to warn her that they are both going to want blood. It infuriates Jack that Livvie will go through this. Caleb will come after both of them, but for the moment, neither of them know where he is. As long as heís out there, Jack knows that they canít go back to normal, and Jamal adds that that goes for the entire town.

Ian finds Karen and he wants answers to where Eveís went. Knowing Karen wants to protect her friend, Ian tells her what the real priest told him. Karen is shocked to find out that Michael is not a priest, and she admits that Eve went to see him. Thatís all Ian needs to hear, and he runs out to save her.

Eve is still struggling with Caleb, but he wonít let her go. Her pleading and begging amuses him, and sheís wasting her breath. They both argue that the child belongs to them. Eve threatens him to not hurt her baby. Caleb wonít hurt a hair on HIS sonís head. As Caleb tightens his grip on Eveís throat, she begins to pray and it has an effect on Caleb. Suddenly Caleb falters, and Eve realizes that Michael is trying to win over Caleb. Releasing her, Michael doubles over and begs Eve to forgive him. He keeps his back to her and cries while she tires to catch her breath.

Kevin and Lucy are on the plane, which is still on the runway. Lucy hopes that Rafe is okay, but the only thing Kevin is sure of is that Rafe can handle anything. Heís anxious, and Lucy tries to tell him that theyíll be taking off on time. Irritated, Kevin states that she doesnít know that, but he does know that theyíre running out of time. All he can think about is Livvie. Gesturing towards the cross bow in her lap, Lucy asks him to stop thinking about it and try to help her. She has a task to perform, and she could use his help figuring out how and concentration on getting it done. Kevin agrees that taking care of Caleb is the first step towards taking care of Livvie. Heís still angry with himself for not figuring out that Caleb and Michael were the same person. He keeps thinking about the things that Eve said Michael told her. Michael became a priest to make up for the evil in Caleb, Michael was always Calebís keeper. Michael couldnít get rid of Caleb because of the talisman. Kevin remembers that James said that Michael would never hurt his brother. And Eve told him that Michael had Caleb locked up, and for a while, he was under control. It hits Kevin. He knows what the talisman is.

Alison and Jamal are rummaging through the fridge, but Jack and Livvie are more interested in kissing. They agree on ginger ale, and as they drink, Jamal asks Jack how long itís been since Jack wanted a soft drink. Itís been while, maybe it means Caleb is losing his power. Livvie and Jack realize that neither of them has wanted to feed, and Alison believes that Calebís hold over them is over. Jack isnít as willing to believe as the rest of them are.

Michael is crying and Eve begs him to let her go. He agrees, and tells her to hurry. As she runs past him, he screams and the door shuts in her face. Michael is gone, and Caleb promises her that Michael is gone forever. As Caleb grabs Eveís wrist and pulls her to her knees, the battle between Michael and Caleb begins. As if they were two separate people, they argue over letting Eve go. Eve watches and cries, continuing to call for Michael to help her. He releases her again and tells her to go. As Eve crawls away, the argument escalates. If one kills the other, they will both die. They are one soul. Ian breaks open the door as Michael/Caleb continue to scream. Ian hits them/him with a large brass candlestick, and they/he falls into the altar, knocking candles to the cloth, which ignites. As Ian grabs Eveís arm and pulls her to the door, Eve wonít leave Michael, who is unconscious on the ground.

Jamal, Alison and Livvie are trying to convince Jack, and Jack has to agree that the longer they go without cravings it makes sense. But itís too easy. As Jamal and Alison try again, Livvie doubles over in pain. Jack knows what it means. Livvie needs to feed. Caleb is still alive, and heís still in control.

The plane has taken off, and Kevin is listing the clues to Lucy. Caleb has taken all the guilt, all the evil, and left Michael. Michael will always protect Caleb. And Kevin asks Lucy what the only way to destroy Caleb is. Lucy knows itís the talisman, but she still has no idea what it is. Jamesís final words were that the good will always protect Caleb. The good is Michael. Lucy catches on and they look at each other. Michael IS Calebís talisman. The key to destroying Caleb is through Michael.

Eve is still screaming for Michael, and Ian insists that they leave him. He calls to her, and when she looks at him, itís Caleb, telling her that the baby is his. Ian drags her out of the church, blocking the door behind them, and Eve is still crying for Michael. Ian tries to tell her that Michael is Caleb, theyíre the same person. Ian heard them arguing. As Eve and Ian run, the door explodes from the inside. Caleb has won the battle, and he emerges from the flames, tearing his shirt from his body and screaming that the baby is his.


Jamal unties Gabby, telling her to call Caleb and get him to come to her. She has to help them.

Lucy tells Ian and Eve that they have to get Michael out of the way to get to Caleb. Eve agrees to be the decoy.