PC Update Friday 8/24/01



Port Charles Update Friday 8/24/01

By Kathy

Gabi is in her hospital bed.  Father Vicente is at her side with Ian looking on.  Father tells Gabi he has known her since she was a child and he knows she can find her soul again.  Gabi tells him its too late.

 Back in Transylvania, Kevin is trying to revive James.  He needs James to tell them about the talisman.  Roae tells Kevin its too late; James is dead.  Lucy suggests the clue to the talisman has to be in the house.  They begin to look.

 Jack and Livvie are alone in Caleb’s mansion.  Jack tells Livvie that her love for him drove Caleb away.  Livvie disagrees.  Caleb will return she says because she is his bride.  Jack points out that Caleb wanted Livvie to kill him and she couldn’t because their love is too strong, stronger than any power that Caleb has over her.  Jack tries to convince Livvie everything she has experienced with Caleb is an illusion -- Caleb’s fantasy, not Livvie’s.  She continues to disagree.

Eve finds Michael at the monastery and is relieved to find he is all right.  She asks if he’s been there praying the whole time.  He hesitates then nods his head.  She tells him she was worried because she kept calling him and didn’t hear from him.  He apologizes.  She tells him she understands.  Eliminating Caleb must be hard to deal with.  She knows he did for her because of the feelings he has for her.  He tells her to go back to Ian.  She protests that they have to talk about it.  He tells her he’s afraid what will happen if she stays. 

Jack tells Livvie she’s strong enough to fight Caleb.  Livvie says she doesn’t want to fight him, she wants to be with him.  Jack tells Livvie that it isn’t real, she’s just repeating the words Caleb put in her head.  “He wants to control you, possess you and that’s not real love.”  Jack says Caleb saw that their love for each other is stronger than Caleb’s illusion, which is why Livvie couldn’t kill him.  He tells her Caleb saw their connection, real love, and that’s the one thing that can beat him.  Livvie reminds him that he told her he didn’t love her any more.  Jack explains that he lied to keep her safe, and that he loves her and always will.  Livvie says it doesn’t matter she chooses Caleb because he will give her life she always wanted.  Jack tries to get through her thick skull that it’s all lies. “Love is the only thing that matters” he says. …Jack asks, “What do you feel in your heart when there are no other voices or sounds around?”  Livvie takes off her wedding ring and drops it on the floor.  Jack and Livvie kiss and they are transported to Livvie’s room at the Lighthouse.

Eve asks Michael what he means when he says she’s in danger?  It’s just the two of them alone.  He says he can’t have her around.  She says it’s because he cares for her.  He says it’s because he can’t care for her, that she’s married and she is carrying the child of the man she loves and he’s a priest.  He tells her he has devoted himself to God to counter Caleb’s evil.  Eve assures him he has.  Michael admits he has had thought’s about her that he shouldn’t have.  She tells him it’s not the thoughts, that he’s never acted on them.  He says it doesn’t matter because it has put her and others in danger.

She apologizes for leading him on.  He protests, but she says she did lead him on even though she didn’t realize it.  She tells him she loves him for the person that he is.  Her feelings for him are not what they are for Ian, but they are a form of love just the same.

Father Vicente continues to tend to Gabi. 

Michael thanks Eve for opening her heart.  He tells her that it means a lot to him.  He says he appreciates that she loves who he is in this world and that no one has ever felt that way about him.  She tells him it’s because he has dedicated his life to protecting and saving his brother.  He says he couldn’t protect him.  Eve says he has saved her in so many ways and she couldn’t begin to thank him.  “You’ve done just as much for me,” says Michael.  He tells her to go.  She says she doesn’t want to leave him alone.  He tells her not to worry, that he is never really alone.  She assumes he means God.  She agrees to leave and they say their goodbyes.

Michael closes the chapel door and Caleb is sitting in a pew.  Michael tells Caleb that he was afraid what he was feeling was true, that Caleb was alive.  “You didn’t really think you could destroy me did you?” asks Caleb.  Michael tells Caleb he couldn’t feel him.  Caleb says he was weak not gone.  They argue over Eve and over Caleb’s manipulation of Livvie.  Michael says that Caleb’s never really been loved, not like the love Jack and Livvie have and not like the love of a friend like Michael has with Eve.  Michael says that no one has ever loved Caleb.

Livvie and Jack are STILL kissing.  Livvie tells Jack she’s afraid to love him, afraid he will push her away again.  He says he’s afraid of what he is and what might happen, she reminds him “what we both are and what might happen if we get close again.”  Jack tells her again that he was afraid his love would hurt her, but it saved her.  “Our love is strong enough to beat Caleb,” he says, “So maybe it’s strong enough for us to be together.”  They begin making love.

Kevin and gang are searching the drawing room.  Rafe finds a key around James’ neck.  They don’t know what the key is to.  Kevin remembers James was passive, telling them nothing until he went to the cabinet and started throwing things.  They all go over to cabinet and Kevin starts tearing things off the shelves.  He touches something, the cabinet moves back and a secret alcove is revealed.

Jack and Livvie after lovemaking.  Jack tells Livvie their love is real and they can fight Caleb together.  Livvie tells Jack that Caleb will come back and that it’s not over, that it’s hard to get him completely out of her head.  Jack tells her to trust in his love and they can beat anything.

Father Vicente and Ian leave Gabi's room.  Ian asks the father about Michael.   He tells him about this priest who says he has dedicated his life to fighting evil, but has never evoked the power of God the way Father Vicente did.  Father Vicente repeats his doubts about Michael being a priest because it is strange for a priest to give someone an amulet (a pagan symbol).  It worries him and he asks Ian for the priest’s name.  When Ian tells him Michael Morley, Father Vicente makes a face and says Michael came to the seminary asking to become a priest right away, didn’t want to wait and go through the training.  Ian mentions that he checked Michael out and got information.  Armando tells him the info must be fake.  Michael is no priest, but a troubled young man.

Kevin, Lucy, and Rafe open the door and enter the room.  They find a glass box.  The key opens the box and inside is a book, a record of the Morley family.  They look for Michael and Caleb.  But they only find Caleb’s name.  Kevin realizes Caleb IS Michael.

Michael tells Caleb even though he has tried to make Olivia his, she is still Livvie and she still loves Jack.  Caleb refuses to believe this and tells Michael she will come back to him.  Ah, says Michael, she DID leave and ran right back to the man she loves.  Caleb goes for Michael’s throat.  “You can’t hurt me,” says Michael.  That’s right says Caleb, “only Eve can do that. It must kill you knowing that you will never have her.”  Michael tells Caleb that knowing that she loves him and sees the good in him is enough. 

Eve has come back into the church.  She hears voices arguing.  She walks into the chapel and asks Michael who he was talking to.  His back is to her and he tells her to run, to get out, that Caleb is back.  She asks where he is.  Michael turns around and it’s Caleb (they are one and the same!!!!).  “Right here Eve,” he says. “How could you miss me?”

Kevin, Lucy and Rafe – Lucy to Rafe: “Wait a minute, that’s all you’re bringing?” Rafe: “Bringing?”   Lucy:  “Yeah, to America you’re coming with us.” 

Alison to Jamal at the bike shop: “We’ve lost our best friends forever.”  Jack and Livvie enter.  Jack: “Hey guys, how’s it going?” 

Caleb has Eve by her shirt:  “That little baby you’re carrying is mine.” (I think that’s what he said. His first word was garbled.)