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Port Charles Update Thursday 8/23/01

By Dawn

Karen and Eve are still discussing Michael at the Nurses Station. Eve still canít shake the fact that Michael is devastated by the fact that he killed his own brother for her. Arguing with Karenís advice that Michael needs to work this out by himself, Eve decides that sheís going to the monastery to find him. Karen doesnít think thatís a good idea, and she knows Ian wonít like it, but Eve Ďknowsí itís safe. Caleb is dead, and what could happen to her? As Eve leaves, Ian approaches her and asks her if Eve is headed home. Karen tries to stall, not wanting to reveal to Ian where Eve really went. But Ian presses her, and Karen evades the truth by saying that Eve ran an errand, and she loves him, and sheíll see him later at home. Karen is spared more questions by an orderly approaching them to tell them that someone is trying to get IN to lockdown. Confused, Karen and Ian follow him to find out who it is.

Jack tries to convince Caleb that he has no plan. They both know that he was going to turn someday anyway, and he knows that Caleb has won. Smiling, Caleb sarcastically asks if Jack is ready to be the docile little lamb. Jack just wants to be close to Livvie. Caleb is pleased with his answer, and even more pleased to tell Jack that he and Livvie are married. Jack tenses, but shows no reaction, except to tell Caleb that Livvie wonít ever be his, but he canít live without her. Acceptance is why heís there. The only way to be near her is to serve Caleb any way he wants. Livvie has been sitting against Caleb, kissing him the entire time heís talking to Jack, and Caleb decides that he wants Jack to watch him make love to Livvie.

The man trying to get it to lockdown is Gabbyís and Emilioís parish priest. Before Ian can argue, the priest is adamant about the fact that he wonít leave without seeing them, and he doesnít believe they have some infectious disease. He argues with Ian telling him that itís a medical situation by telling Ian that he knows itís not. Itís not just medical, and he can help. The priest is aware evil exists, and he begs Ian to talk to him. Making a decision, Ian tells him that Gabby and Emilio were attacked by something evil and dark, and heís shocked when the priest knows that itís a vampire. The fact that the priest believes in vampires gives Ian the nerve to spill the entire story. When the priest hears that a vampireís brother is a priest, heís shocked, and Ian tells him about the family crest. The necklace sounds more like a pagan talisman to the priest than something to protect Eve.

Kevin is leaning over James, talking about how much fun it would be to break his neck. Lucy reminds him that they canít kill him yet. They discuss tearing the place apart to find all the secrets. Rafe wants to get into Jamesís mind, and Lucy is all for it. They are bonafide vampire slayers, why not use their powers. James gets uncomfortable, and Kevin pounces on it. Michael has been protecting Caleb, and he has to know how to destroy him, so if Kevin has to beat it out of Michael, he will. James states that Michael will never betray his brother, so Kevin goes to work on the antique artifacts in the bookcase. James is very upset, and he continues to ask Kevin why heís doing it. Suddenly James jumps over the sofa past Lucy to wrap his arm around Kevinís neck from behind.

Caleb invites Jack to stay and watch, but Livvie begs him to stop. The fact that sheís protecting Jack upsets Caleb, but Livvie thinks that the more Jack sees how much she loves him, the more Jack will want to get her back. Jack argues with her. He knows that he canít have her back, and he just wants her to be in his world. Caleb knows that Jack is planning to keep Livvie pure and make himself strong enough to take on Caleb with each kill. But Livvieís first kill is going to be Jack.

Caleb tells Livvie that she knows what she has to do, and sheíll do it well. When he commands her to kill Jack, she tries to convince herself that she can do it. As Caleb cheers her on, she approaches Jack, who pulls his shirt away from his neck for her. At the last second, Livvie realizes that she canít do it. Taking him by the face, she tells him that she died for him and she loves him. But her betrayal enrages Caleb and he disappears, leaving Livvie to scream his name.

Lucy pulls on Jamesís arm while Rafe grabs him from behind. Together, they try to break the grip James has on Kevinís neck. Kevin breaks free, and Rafe pulls James backward. They fall on the desk, and James lands on the syringe that he was going to use on Lucy. Smiling, James tells them that heíll take his secret to the grave. Lucy and Kevin grab each other and watch James die.

Ian doesnít think the priest can help Gabby, sheís embraced the evil force. The priest still wants to try to help her, and Ian decides that itís worth a try. Ian takes the priest to Gabby.

Eve enters the monastery and opens the door to the chapel. Michael is in the front, kneeling and praying. When Eve touches his shoulder, he jumps, causing her to step back. She asks him whatís wrong, and he stares at her.

Livvie runs around the villa begging Caleb to come back to her. She is furious at Jack for making him leave. As she slaps harmlessly at him, Jack tells Livvie that he left because Livvie still loves Jack.


Jack tells Livvie that Caleb ordered Livvie to kill him and she couldnít. Her love for Jack is stronger than Caleb.

Michael wants Eve to go back to her husband because heís afraid of what will happen to her if she stays.