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Port Charles Update Wednesday 8/22/01

By Dawn

Kevin is still frantic over the trouble Lucy has gotten herself into. He asks Rafe to contact her telepathically, but he can only do it if they are making eye contact. Kevin is furious, asking what good this telepathy is if they have to be in the same room. All he knows is that he can’t get to Lucy or Livvie and he can’t stand it.

 James runs his hands over Lucy’s neck, asking her if she really wants to be a vampire. Lucy says she does, hearing him talk about all that power and strength convinced her. The thought of eternal youth excites her. She would be willing to give up her life and the people she knows. James is suspicious, and he tells Lucy that he doesn’t believe her. But Lucy reminds him that she’s not just a slayer, she’s a woman. Celebrating a 100 year birthday and looking 21 appeals to her. Moving closer, Lucy whispers to him, trying to convince him that she’s for real. She asks him to imagine the power that a vampire would have if they had a slayer on their team. What would it mean for him if he brought the vampire slayer to Caleb.

 Jack admits that he told Livvie that he hated her to push her away, and now he’s sent her back to hell. Jamal is still convinced that if Jack finds her, he can tell her the truth. Livvie hasn’t killed or fed yet, so she hasn’t crossed over. Alison and Jamal are ready to go find her, but Jack isn’t going. It’s over, and he’s not chasing after Livvie.

 Caleb is still in Livvie’s mind, asking her if she remembers being with him. He’s the only one that never gave up on her. He tells her to come to him, and she leans back with her eyes closed. She remembers making love to him and allowing him to feed from her.

 James finds having a slayer for a vampire intriguing. Caleb would be very powerful, and James would be rewarded for bringing Lucy to him. Lucy continues to try to convince James that she would give up anything to have that ticket to immortality. Caleb could destroy the rest of her family, and she’s never met them, so she doesn’t care. Lucy asks him if they can head back to Port Charles for Caleb to bite her. Pretending interest, she asks him about Caleb’s talisman, but James tells her all in good time. The talisman is a well guarded treasure. Lucy continues to try to pry the secret to Caleb’s talisman, but James catches on to her. Turning to her, James asks her if she thinks he’s stupid.  

 Livvie still hears Caleb in her head. He promises her that she’ll never feel hurt or pain again. She remembers making love to him as he offers her all the love in the world if she comes to him. As she opens her eyes, Caleb is smiling over her. She’s come home. Sitting up to him, Livvie kisses him. He wraps his arms around her and lies her back down.

 Livvie has been bitten like Jack, and she’s not fighting. Jack wants Jamal and Alison to understand that it’s not like him. Livvie wants this, she wants Caleb. Jamal and Alison ask if that means to forget all about her, but Jack knows that she’s chosen Caleb over him. He saw her eyes, she’s too far under Caleb’s spell. He couldn’t save her with his love, so he has to save her with what he is. The only chance he has is to save Livvie with his life. He has to cross over and kill so she doesn’t have to.

 Kevin can’t stand being unable to get to Lucy or Livvie. He asks Rafe how he took on vampires before. They are a mystery, even to Rafe, who has studied them all his life. Kevin realizes that Lucy is trying to get what the Talisman is out of James. Rafe has to agree with Kevin that even as intuitive and smart as Lucy is, James will never give up that secret. The though of losing both Livvie and Lucy makes Kevin panic. He’s not waiting to see what James does to Lucy, and he begins to scream for the guard. As he begins to order the guard to take him to Lucy, he grabs his chest and collapses.

 Lucy tries to back pedal. He’s not stupid, she is, and she knows that she asks too many questions. James agrees that her questions are stupid because they’re dangerous. So she wants to go back to talking about being a vampire. As Lucy fires more questions at him, James removes a black box from the desk, offering to help her experience it. In the box is a syringe of Caleb’s blood. He intends to inject Lucy and mix her blood. She will be free of human constraints. Lucy acts afraid of needles, and tells James that she really wanted the sexy experience of Caleb biting her. James holds up the needle and Lucy squirms. Today is going to be her birthday, but Lucy has one more argument. She is a slayer and they have no proof that Caleb’s blood will work on her, but James is willing to try it. It’s time for her to prove what she’s been saying to him.  

 Back at the villa, Caleb wants Livvie to admit that she’s his. They’re never going to be separated again. Livvie agrees with him by repeating what he has said back to him. Moving to her, he picks her up in his arms and carries her to the sofa. He wants her to see him, and she does. Touching his face, she tells him that whatever he says is what she feels. From now on, they are one. He welcomes her to eternity, and kisses her. She returns his kiss and pulls him closer to her.

 Jamal knows that Jack couldn’t kill someone before, what makes him think he can now. Jack wants to be strong enough to save her, and he doesn’t want her to cross. If she hasn’t yet, she still has a chance to become human again. Alison is afraid that Jack will become everything he hates, and they’ll lose him forever. But Jack is going to do this, his last chance to save Livvie. Before he goes, he has to tell Alison and Jamal something. Some of the best times of his life were with them. Jack doesn’t know what it’s going to be like after he turns, but they need stay away from him. It won’t be him anymore. He wants them to remember him the way he was. As he leaves them, Alison and Jamal hold each other.

 Lucy is still squirming, and she offers for him to take the blood instead of her, she knows how much he wants to become a vampire. But his job is to serve them, not to be one. Holding her arm, he pulls her closer and asks her what’s wrong. She tries to prove to him that she’s excited, not having second thoughts. He moves the needle closer to her arm, telling her that she is worthy of being a chosen one. Panicking, she finally shoves him away, and tells him that she doesn’t want to be a vampire. James admits to her that the blood was actually poison, and she failed his test. He wants to rid the world of the three of them. As Lucy runs out the door, James catches her, and before he can hurt Lucy, Kevin grabs James from behind. Rafe holds James with a sword, and Kevin kisses Lucy. Lucy is impressed that Kevin faked a heart attack to get out, but James laughs. It won’t do them any good. Caleb already has Livvie. In a rage, Kevin grabs James by the throat, but Lucy stops him. Grabbing his arms, Lucy begs Kevin to not kill James. She’d love for him to, but James knows everything, and he’s their only chance to find out what the talisman is. Reluctantly Kevin releases his grasp on James’s throat. James answers Kevin’s threat of being breathless by blowing on Kevin’s face.  

 Alison always believed that love could overcome everything. But Jamal believes that for everything you get, you have to give something. He doesn’t know what’s ahead for Jack. Confused, Alison tries to tell Jamal what she’s thinking.  Everything has changed, and a will never look at the world the same and she’ll never understand. Jamal holds her and tells her to hang onto him.

 Caleb kisses Livvie’s shoulder. He wants her to know that everything before was an illusion, now is the reality. Livvie asks if he’ll ever be disappointed, and Caleb is shocked that she could think that. Smiling, he touches her face, seeing fear in her eyes. Livvie won’t rest easy until she completes her journey. Until she’s ready, Caleb will give her anything she needs. As he tells her that he has a surprise for her, Jack enters. His timing is impeccable. Livvie stands and takes Caleb’s hand. Caleb is ready to fight, but Jack shakes his head. He’s not going to fight. Not anymore. Jack concedes the battle. 


 Rafe and Kevin ask what is protecting Caleb, and James vows to never tell.

 Livvie is leaning on Caleb on the sofa. Caleb tells jack that he wants to make love to his bride while Jack watches.