PC Update Tuesday 8/21/01



Port Charles Update Tuesday 8/21/01

By Dawn

Kevin is ‘escorted’ into the cell where Lucy and Rafe are being held. Immediately, Lucy and Kevin run to each other, both asking if the other is alright. Kevin asks her who Rafe is, and Lucy begins to explain. They are cousins, they can speak telepathically, and they- she- is a vampire slayer. As Kevin repeats this with a large bit of doubt, James speaks. He tells Kevin to listen to her, so at least he’ll know why they have to die.

 Eve is practicing her Lamaze and Ian is supposed to be helping. Ian doesn’t feel they have anything to worry about, their doctors. She’s going to be fine. Eve is glad that she has nothing but normal labor pains to worry about. When Ian says that there is no monster trying to take their baby, Eve comments that life is so sweet.

 Jamal, Alison and Jack are combing the woods looking for Livvie. If Caleb is still alive, he must be stronger then ever. They split up and Jamal finds Livvie lying in the grass. Leaning over her, Jamal realizes that Caleb killed her.

 Ian is saying hee hee ho ho and Eve begins to laugh. He sounds like a sick owl. As they are teasing each other, Karen enters and is glad to see them having fun. Chris called, and there is no progress. Ian goes to the lab to see if he can help. Eve tells Karen that Ian wants her to turn off her brain. Agreeing, Karen tells her to forget everything that’s happened. But Eve can’t forget Michael, and she can’t talk to Ian about him. She hasn’t heard from him since he told them all that Caleb was dead. After that, he just took off, and no matter how glad Ian is, Eve is worried. Karen tries to tell her that getting more involved with Michael that she already is could be dangerous.

 Kevin tells James that everyone who knows them knows where they are, and they will look for them. James doubts that half of Port Charles cares where they are, but they are about to become one of his town’s unsolved mysteries. Lucy offers to triple whatever the Morleys are paying him. But James wants only to rid the world of the last of the Koviches. Lucy and Rafe exchange glances as Kevin says that neither of them have done anything to James. It’s not what’s been done to James, it’s the fact that the Morleys and the Koviches are mortal enemies, and have been for centuries. But today, the vampires will score one. Lucy doesn’t understand why James wants to kill them, he isn’t a vampire, he’s human, just like them. Not like her, James reminds her. Vampires are superior to humans and he longs to be one of them himself, but it was his destiny to serve them. More confused, Lucy asks him why he doesn’t just have one of his bat boys bite him. He wishes he could, but he must serve them. Vampires have achieved eternal life, while humans haven’t. Simple minded humans kill vampires because they want to be on top of the food chain. Lucy thinks it a case of James being afraid of losing his job, but Caleb is dead. Ignoring Kevin’s warnings to stop, Lucy tells James that bat boy is out of commission, so James has already lost his job. James drops the bomb on them. Caleb is as alive as they are.  And he plans to take a bride. Lucy says Livvie’s name, and Kevin glares at James.

 Alison, Jack, and Jamal run into each other, and Jamal tells Jack that Livvie is dead. Not believing him, Jack runs to her. But Livvie is gone, and Jack tries to convince them that Jamal is wrong. Jamal checked, and she was dead. She was wearing a long white dress. Alison knows it’s her wedding dress, and Jack knows it’s started.

 Eve is upset that Karen thinks Michael is dangerous. He saved her child, and she turned her back on him. Michael isn’t dangerous like Caleb was, and it’s more then friendship and Karen knows it. Michael would never act on those feelings, but Karen tries to reason with her. Michael is a tortured man that is in love with her, and he gave her the world. Eve is a flirt, and Michael is naïve. Determined, Eve argues with Karen. She never sent Michael mixed messages. But then Eve thinks about it, and admits that she kissed him. It never occurred to her that Michael would misinterpret it, but she did. Eve admits to Karen that she did lead Michael on.

 Alison refuses to believe it, but Jamal can’t think of another reason. Jack knows that Livvie has become like him, a vampire. He prayed that her life would be spared, and that Caleb wouldn’t do to her what he did to Jack. Trying to calm Jack, Jamal tells Jack that they need him. But Jack insists that they want him to protect them the way he protected Livvie. Jamal and Alison try to convince Jack that it isn’t his fault and he has to stay strong for Livvie.

 Kevin argues with James that Caleb is dead. James doesn’t believe it. Too many people have tried to destroy him, and they’ve all failed. Kevin threatens to warn Livvie that Caleb is alive. When James tells them that Livvie knows, Kevin grabs James by the shirt. James tells Kevin how wonderful Livvie’s life will be as Caleb’s bride, but Kevin swears that as long as he’s breathing, it won’t happen. James is glad to tell Kevin that he won’t be breathing for long. As soon as James is gone, Kevin wants to know about Rafe and Lucy’s telepathy, and if Caleb is dead. Rafe explains that he and Lucy can only talk to each other, but Caleb has a powerful Talisman. The odds are that he’s still alive. Kevin decides that they have to get out of there, find out what the Talisman is, and then use it to kill Caleb before Caleb gets to Livvie. Suddenly inspired, Lucy calls Mr. Gruesome Guy to take her to James. She has to speak to him privately. Kevin is panicking, but Lucy tells him that she knows what she’s doing as she’s led out of the dungeon. Hoping to herself that she does know what she’s doing, she leaves Rafe and Kevin.

 Eve knows Michael was in love with her, but he was committed to God. But she reeled him in by crying on his shoulders and gave him an engraved invitation to her life. Karen tries to comfort her, but her pager goes off and she has to go to ER. Alone, Eve tries to call Michael, but gets the machine. Just as she finishes leaving him a message to call her at the hospital, not home, Ian enters. He thinks she ordering Chinese food again, but Eve lies to him that she’s checking on a patient. Mentioning that he’s as lucky as her patients to have her, Ian hugs her.

 Rafe is impressed with Lucy. She’s a brave and strong willed as her ancestors. But Kevin reminds him that these people aren’t normal. They have I Love Vampire bumper stickers. Rafe is concerned for her, but he’s convinced that she can handle herself. Kevin is more worried by the fact that Lucy is more worried about him and Livvie. She gets herself in over her head and gets into trouble. Her big talent is making a bad situation worse.

 James tells Lucy that begging for her life is useless. She offers him the truth. Her trip to Transylvania was in hopes that she WAS related to vampires. She’s read all about them, and his description of them thrilled her. He asks her to tell him why she should live. Staring at him, she tells him that she doesn’t want to live. She wants to die, and become a vampire.

 Jamal and Alison know that Jack would do anything for Livvie. Alison asks Jack what he did when he got out of the coffin. But all he remembers if following an instinct, like it was calling him. Knowing this might lead him to Livvie, Jack tries to remember. He was outside of his body, watching. Jamal remembers that Jack ended up there, and Jack realizes that Livvie was what he wanted. Jamal remembers a vampire will sometimes return to the person they loved. Alison thinks that Livvie will come to Jack, but Jack admits that he told Livvie that he didn’t love her anymore. He thought he was going to die, so he broke Livvie’s heart to keep her safe from him. Jack knows Livvie isn’t coming back to him, she’ll go to the person that promised her everything. Jack sent her back to Caleb.

 Livvie is in the catacombs, hearing Caleb’s voice calling her in her mind. The one who loves her forever. She remembers dancing with him there, and tells him that she’s coming.


 Lucy tells James that she’s not just a slayer, she’s a woman.

 Caleb tells Livvie that she’s come home.

 Jack knows that the only way for Livvie is for him to cross over and kill so she won’t have to.