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Port Charles Update Monday 8/20/01

By Dawn

Jamal is at GH trying to get more blood for Jack. The clerk at the Warlock shop sees him and recognizes him. Telling him that he was helpful, Jamal tries to get away. The clerk wants to discuss how many vampires are running around that people don’t believe, but Jamal finally blurts out that his best friend is a vampire, the head vampire is dead, and Jamal has to find a way to help his friend. The clerk tells Jamal that he’s wrong. If the head bat is dead, all the baby bats go back to being human. He knows more about vampires then any of the really freaky people he knows, and he’s telling Jamal that if his friend is still a vampire, the one that created him is still alive. Jamal finally understands that this means that Caleb is still alive, and Michael lied to them.

 Caleb is feeding on Livvie and she is saying yes over and over.

 Jack screams and Alison freaks. He wants her to tell Livvie how much he loves her.

 Livvie is telling Caleb she loves him and she never thought it would feel this way. She begs him to not let go, but Caleb doesn’t want to hurt her. He’s giving her a lifetime of power, where every wish will be granted, and she will have a love evermore. Smiling, Livvie holds his hand as it caresses her face.

 James leads Kevin to the living room, offering him wine. Kevin declines, preferring to keep his head clear. Holding the bottle, James mentions that it’s good he has chosen to abstain for the moment, the wine needs more time to breath. He offers Kevin the bottle to examine the label, and as Kevin tries to read it, James blows that dust off the bottle in his face. Kevin begins to cough as James continues to tell him that Napoleon spared an entire village for a case of that wine. Finally, Kevin asks for water, but James insists he drink the wine.

 Rafe is dragging Lucy through the graveyard as she continues to scream for help. Finally he tells her that she’s wasting her time, the villagers would rather slit their own wrists then enter the graveyard at night. Convinced that he’s going to kill her, Lucy begins to struggle against him, but he holds her. After she fires several questions at him, he agrees to answer one question at a time. His name is Rafe Kovich. This shocks Lucy, and she realizes that they’re related. Still stunned, she asks him if he’s a vampire, too. He laughs, and she’s offended at first, but he explains to her that she isn’t related to vampires, she kills them. They are vampire slayers. Lucy stops and stares at him.

 Caleb stops feeding, and when he stops, Livvie begs him to continue. She feels like she’s somewhere else, and she feels happy. She closes her eyes and when she opens them, they are back at the villa, and she is in her wedding gown. Caleb explains that the place exists in their hearts, and it is where they want to be. When Livvie tells him that Michael said he had killed Caleb, Caleb promises her that the good father will get what’s coming to him. Livvie was lost when she heard, and she couldn’t bear life without him. Caleb is convinced that he is her future, and it’s time to finish what they started. She will be his for all time.

 Jack can feel something’s wrong, but Alison tries to convince him that everything is fine. Not believing her, he tells her that he’s still dangerous, and he has to die to save Livvie. Screaming his name, she begs him to fight for Livvie. She loves him and she can’t lose him again. Livvie dreams about him every night. Jack wants her to promise to look out for Livvie, but Alison wants him to do it himself. He wants her to promise that she will help Livvie get over Caleb’s hypnotizing. Growing weaker, Jack starts to shake in Alison’s arms. Alison gets an idea. Finding a knife, Alison cuts her own arm, screaming as the blood starts to flow from the cut.

 Lucy still doesn’t believe Rafe. She can’t even say the words, and she thinks he’s wacko. As she tries to run, Rafe blocks her path and backs her up several steps while he explains. The Morley's are vampires, and they embody evil. For every evil thing in the Universe, there is a counter for it. The Koviches kill vampires. Lucy’s analogy is to a Roach Motel for vampires. Smiling, Rafe tells her something along those lines. As Lucy tries to leave again, he asks her about her powers- the Kovich gifts that have been passed through their bloodline. This stops her and she admits that she’s intuitive and a little psychic. Rafe tells her that she’s more than a little psychic and there’s more to learn about. If Lucy goes along with this, she still can’t believe that they’re vampire stakers. Slayers, Rafe corrects her, but she continues. She wants to see these powers he’s talking about. Proof. As she continues, he stares at her. Her sentence about him staring at her until she gets nervous cuts off when she hears the word “no” in her head. This stuns her, and she realizes that he’s inside her head and now she wants to know how he did it. Calling her cousin, Rafe informs her that she can do it too. They don’t need their mouths to hear each other. He promises her that it’s just the beginning. Hearing they are the last of the Koviches doesn’t make her happy, but she realizes that she was able to stop Caleb because she is a vampire slayer. Rafe nods and tells her a powerful one. All she wants is one teeny tiny power, but he has priorities. Getting her and Kevin to safety is it right now. James Richfield wants her dead. He didn’t save her life, Rafe did.

 Kevin is on the sofa unconscious. Commenting on the wine, James takes the glass from his hand.

 Alison holds her bleeding arm to Jack and he tries to refuse her, but Alison won’t let him. Jack, Jamal, and Livvie are her family, and she’s not going to let him die. He’s afraid that if he feeds from her, he won’t be able to stop. Alison trusts him, and she offers her arm again, telling him that it’s okay. Finally, Jack gives in to the hunger and as he gets closer, Jamal’s voice echoes through the caverns screaming “NO!”

 Caleb promises Livvie that they will be together forever. Kneeling before her, he promises that they will be bound for the ages if she comes to him of her own free will. Beyond death, it is a pact of blood that he is offering. For them to become one. Livvie returns his promise by telling him that she will forever he his. They begin to kiss, and then make love. Livvie loves him, and she kisses him passionately. Caleb caresses her gently as they lie down together. Their hands travel over each other’s bodies as they continue to make love. Caleb feeds from her again, and she closes her eyes. As she lies next to him, Caleb studies her.

 Lucy wonders how she could be so stupid, then threatens Rafe to not answer that question. She should have known that James was lying to her. Lucy is a vampire slayer, and James protects the Morley's. Lucy realizes that Kevin is alone, and she wants to drag Rafe to help her get him out of there, but they are surrounded. James approaches her and tells her that it’s too late.

 Jamal pulls blood out of his bag, and breaks the news to Jack that Caleb is still alive. Jack’s first thought is of Livvie.

 Caleb takes Livvie back to the edge of the river and lies her on the ground. It is up to her, one final test to prove they’re soul mates. All Livvie has to do is find her way back to Caleb. Kissing her lips, he notices that the last drops of live are leaving her. As soon as she crosses over, she’ll find him. She doesn’t move as he gets up and leaves her.


 Lucy and Kevin are in a cage. Lucy tells him that she is a vampire slayer. Kevin doesn’t believe her, but James advises him to listen to Lucy, so at least he’ll know why they both have to die.

Jamal leans over a still Livvie, realizing that Caleb killed her.