PC Update Friday 8/17/01



Port Charles Update Friday 8/17/01

By Kathy

Karen, Frank, Ian, and Eve arrive at Ian and Eve’s apartment.  They are discussing Alan Quartermaine's reaction to being told Gabrielle is a vampire.  Eve plops down in a chair and Ian asks if she is all right.  She says yes and that their baby is safe now and the nightmare is over.

 Lucy and Kevin are confronted by the “mysterious” stranger, as they find themselves locked in an old mansion.  Furious, Lucy turns to the stranger and asks how dare he scare her half to death.  Kevin asks why they were invited to the house.  The man says this is safe haven, that the villagers are aware of Lucy’s presence in the area.  Kevin wants to leave, but the man says if they leave they may never return home.

 Alison arrives at the lighthouse and asks Jamal what happened.  Livvie comes down the stairs and tells them Jack has left her.  Livvie goes out for a walk.  Jamal tells Alison that Jack asked him to kill him and that he thinks Jack has gone somewhere to die.

 Jack arrives at Caleb’s cave in hunger and pain.  He plans to starve himself so that he won’t be a danger to Livvie.

 Kevin, Lucy and stranger are out in the garden after a tour of the house.  A gardener is trimming the hedges behind them listening.  The stranger says Lucy is a threat because the villagers are deeply superstitious and have somehow held on to the “old ways.”  He says the villagers feel Lucy’s presence has made feel that they are in mortal danger.  Kevin asks why Lucy is considered such a danger.  The stranger looks at Lucy and says “You know why my dear.”  Lucy figures it’s because she is somehow related to Caleb.  The stranger tells Lucy and Kevin his name….James Richfield, the Morley family retainer.  He tells them his people have looked after the Morley family concerns for centuries.  Lucy says, “Great you can tell me details about the family.”  He says yes, he knows all the skeletons.  Lucy then says he must know that Caleb is a vampire.  This surprises him a bit.  James says Caleb left many, many years ago, calls Caleb’s problem an affliction and affirms that Caleb is the reason the villagers live in fear.  He says Lucy and Kevin’s arrival has opened many old wounds. That is why he offered his place as a safe haven.  He tells them he will arrange for their passage back to the States in the morning.  Kevin asks why James was not surprised when they mentioned Caleb’s name and that he was a vampire.  James is a bit elusive.  Kevin says he thinks James reaction is because Caleb didn’t leave many years ago, but left the country recently and that there is something James is not telling them.

 Jamal tells Alison he thinks Jack is starving himself.  Alison wants to go after him and both of them figure out that he went to Caleb’s cave.  Jack meanwhile is suffering on the floor of the cave.

 Livvie goes to her site in the woods, sits on her rock and talks to herself and to Jack and the night. 


James says he doesn’t blame Kevin for being wary, that it’s understandable.  That they are not prisoners if they want to risk their own lives and leave.   They tell James that Caleb is dead.  That Michael killed him.  James is surprised by this news.  He excuses himself telling them he has business to attend to now that he knows Caleb is dead.  Kevin and Lucy decide to leave.  Kevin goes to call Victor and leaves Lucy in the garden by herself.  Lucy is being watched.

 The four friends are toasting and drinking to the future.  Karen gives Eve a baby gift (a necklace with a charm).  Ian puts the necklace on Eve and takes off the talisman.  Eve is happy she doesn’t need it anymore (or does she??????????).  More toasting all around.

 Livvie still in the woods decides to go home.  She hears leaves rustling.  Caleb falls out of the forest at her feet.

 Jamal and Alison find Jack.  Jamal goes out for blood.  Jack doesn’t want it.  Alison begs Jack to take it.

 Caleb’s head is in Livvie’s lap.  He says, “I just wanted to love you that’s all.  Why should I be cursed for loving you.  To be wrapped in your arms for all eternity?”  Caleb tells Livvie it doesn’t have to end.  He tells her she knows what he needs.  “Let me in,” he says, “Let me love you.  That’s what I need.  Make me strong again.  Make me yours.  Please save me.  Please be mine.”  Livvie whispers, “Yours.”

 The song “Tainted Love” begins to play over a montage:  The four friends happy and toasting, Eve and Ian kissing and linking hands over Eve’s belly; Lucy, alone in the garden, is abducted by a blond man with a beard; Alison wipes Jack’s brow; Caleb kisses Livvie’s neck, bares his fangs and bites; Jack screams “Noooooooooooooo!”

 Previews:  Caleb with blood on his lips, “This is our moment Olivia, no one can ever take it away from us, no one.”  Lucy to her blond abductor, “Me and you, we’re sort of like related?  Does that mean you’re a vampire too?”  Alison to a starving Jack in the cave, she’s crying and attempting stab her hand to draw blood, “I’m going to do this because it’s the only way Jack.  Please Alison you can do this.”