PC Update Thursday 8/16/01



Port Charles Update Thursday 8/17/01

By Dawn

Lucy is ready to go to the meeting. She has her incantation book, her crystals, a collapsible stake, and her umbrella. Kevin is NOT going to run out in the middle of the night to meet these people. Lucy is convinced that she’s about to meet her family, but Kevin isn’t convinced the Morley’s are her family. Lucy’s not convinced she’s not. Kevin asks her if she’s considered that it might be the person that tried to kill her, and it could be a trap. It could be, but she wants him to consider that she’s about to meet the person that saved her life. Adamant, Kevin tells her that they are getting on a plane and leaving Transylvania. Loving him for caring, she wants him to understand that this might be the one chance to find out about who she is and where she comes from. She has to find the answers to the questions she’s always had about herself, but if he wants to go home to Livvie, she understands. That was a low blow, and Kevin calls her on it. But he’s not about to let her go alone, and he finally resigns himself to the fact that they’re going.

 Livvie is afraid of Michael, but he promises not to hurt her. He knows that she will never willingly hate Caleb, but Michael wants her to see that throwing her life away for Caleb is a mistake. Refusing to listen, Livvie screams at Michael that he killed Caleb and he wants to kill her. Admitting that he killed Caleb, he promises he won’t kill her, but he is gong to kill what’s left of Caleb in her. He saved her life and she will listen to him.

 Jamal comes into the lighthouse and Jack want him to do what he promised. It’s not as simple to Jamal as it is to Jack. In order for Livvie to be safe, Jack has to die.

 Karen, Chris, Ian, Frank, and Eve are in a panic about what Alan wants to discuss with them. As Chris decides that he’s not going to stick around and see what bug Alan has up his- Alan enters and tells Chris to zip it. Alan just came from Gabby’s room and he’s not happy that he found a security guard with directions to not let anyone enter, including him. He wants an explanation, a good one, and he wants it now. Eve tries to say that it happened too fast for them to contact him, but Ian interrupts her to say that Alan is his friend, he deserves the truth, and he has to trust him.

 Livvie tries to pull away from Michael. Caleb was wonderful and offered her the most incredible eternal life and love. Michael takes over and continues to list Caleb’s promises to be the family that they always wanted, to never be hurt, to never be alone. Michael knows these promises because Caleb made the same promises to Olivia. He never stopped loving Olivia, since the day he took her life. The dreams are Caleb’s and he shared them with another. Livvie still won’t believe it, but Michael continues. He wants to know the last time Livvie felt anything that Caleb didn’t put in her head. She was just a substitute for a love that Caleb lost. It was never about Livvie, it was always about Olivia. Caleb told Michael that she was there to fill a void left by someone she resembled and she was supposed to help Caleb right the wrong he had done her as if that were possible. Livvie falls to her knees as Michael tells her that she was lied to and used, but it’s not too late. Livvie has to expel him from her mind and reclaim her life. Livvie begins to cry, realizing what she’s done. Michael holds her.

 Jack is convinced that Livvie’s life is in danger as long as he’s alive. Jamal tells him that they’re working on the problem, and they’ll find something. Even if they think they have a cure, it won’t be enough for Jack. Someday Jack could get the same hunger pains even if they cure him, it’s no guarantee that it’s forever. There’s only one way to be sure it’s forever. Jack tells Jamal that Michael told him about Caleb. Michael couldn’t control Caleb, and Caleb couldn’t control himself. Jamal wants to stop Jack from defending Caleb, who is a monster. Caleb didn’t want to be a monster, he tried to fight it, but the urge was too strong. Jamal doesn’t want to believe that will happen to Jack, but Jack is convinced it will, and he’d rather die. If Jamal cares about him and Livvie, he’ll do this.

 Jack has always counted on Jamal, and he begs him to not let him down. But Jamal can’t kill Jack. But he will stand by him and help him, with Jack’s help. All Jack has to do is not give up. It’s the hunger that’s getting to Jack, and Jamal will fix him right up with some blood. Jack agrees to wait for him to help. The blood stash is at the bike shop, and Jack’s going to get it, using the time alone to think and get it out of his system. Shaking Jamal’s hand, Jack thanks him for standing by him. Jack goes back up the stairs, and Jamal is confused. Jack is going to go to the bike shop, but he wants to tell Livvie goodbye.

 Michael releases Livvie and tries to help her. He knows that Caleb made the world sound so wonderful. But it was a cursed and miserable existence, and Caleb didn’t show her how unhappy he was. Anyone would be tempted by Caleb’s claims. But the reason Michael is there and Caleb isn’t there is that Michael resisted. He was strong, and Livvie can be too. She is better off with the friends and family God gave her. Michael wants her to promise him that she’ll hang on to the dreams she had before Caleb. Standing Michael wanders to the door. Livvie remembers that before Caleb she wanted Jack as Jack comes around the corner and their eyes meet.

 Lucy and Kevin arrive at the castle, Kevin is happy to know that Dracula is alive and well. Smacking him, she’s stares at the castle, and she’s convinced that it will be more interesting inside. She knocks, and the door opens. Waving for Kevin to follow her, Lucy enters calling out for someone. Kevin tries to get her to go again, but she wants him to stop sounding like a broken record. They’re arguing about staying or going, and Lucy continues to yell out for whoever invited her. Kevin is convinced that no one is there, but Lucy feels that there is. Leaning down, she begins to lay out her crystals, hoping they will help her make some sense of the place. Kevin remembers the horror movies where you’re screaming get out at the screen, and this is too close to being in one for him. Standing quickly, Lucy decides that Kevin’s broken record isn’t broken and they have to get out now. As she pushes him towards the door, the door shuts in their faces, trapping them inside.

 Ian tries to explain to Alan what’s going on. Alan is stunned, but he wants to read the results of the tests. Chris shows it to him, telling him that it’s not like anything he’s ever seen. Eve’s opinion is that it’s nothing of this earth. Deciding that this conversation never took place, he exits quickly. Outside, Alan orders a nurse to move Gabby to the 8th floor and guard her door.

 Michael finds Jamal in the living room, and they introduce each other. Michael apologizes to Jamal, but he thinks the worst is behind them. Hearing Michael say that Livvie is going to be all right makes Jamal relax. He admits to Michael that Jack was going to commit suicide. Michael knew that Jamal didn’t want to bring more pain to those he loves. There are no easy answers, and Jack has some complicated choices to make. Michael leaves Jack to think about what he said.

 Livvie stands and goes to Jack, knowing that he must hate her, but he swears he doesn’t. She’s accepted that Caleb is gone, and she’s ready to move on with her life. Michael told her the truth, everything Jack tried to tell her, and she realizes that she has to try to remember what it was like before Caleb. Going to him, she tells him that she remembers what it was like between them. Holding her to him, Jack asks if she came running back to him because she decided that Caleb was going to screw her over. The best thing for them is to go their separate ways. Livvie needs him, but it’s too late to decide that now. Livvie wants to get over the hold Caleb has on her, but Jack says he can’t do it for her. Livvie asks him if he still loves her. After everything she’s said and done, Jack can’t love her anymore. Livvie won’t give up, and she pulls Jack to her to kiss him. He pulls away and screams at her that he doesn’t love her anymore. She tells him no, but he insists they’re over and he leaves. Livvie is alone in her room and Jack is outside, but they’re both in pain. Jack whispers to Livvie’s door that he’ll always love her

 Lucy and Kevin are banging on the door, but lightning and thunder scare them. Lucy backs up while Kevin tries to open the door. Moving back, Lucy backs into a man and when she turns around he startles her and she stares. The man welcomes her and says that he’s been expecting her.


 The stranger tells Kevin and Lucy that if they leave now the chances are that they’ll never arrive home.

 Jamal tells Alison that the thinks Jack went somewhere to die.

 Jack is in the cavern, saying that this is the last place he’ll see.