PC Update Wednesday 8/15/01



Port Charles Update Wednesday 8/15/01

By Dawn

Lucy is still on the floor of the hotel room unconscious. Kevin is impatient, and he wants the man that stopped him to just say what he has to say. He promises Kevin all the answers to the Koviches. Lucy begins to gasp for air. As Kevin grabs the stranger, he falters as if he can’t breathe. Letting him go, Kevin realizes that Lucy’s in trouble.

 Frank rolls Gabi into General Hospital, and Karen asks what happened. Frank tells Karen that Chris knew about Gabi and was experimenting on her. Karen makes a phone call, but Chris tries to stop her. Karen ignores him and finishes making the call for help.

 Jack is trying to talk to Livvie, but she still won’t believe Caleb was going to hurt her. As Michael goes to Livvie to try to calm her, Eve’s pager goes off. Recognizing Karen’s number, Eve and Ian tell Michael that they have to leave. Michael wants to stay and help Livvie, but she runs out the door telling them to stay away from her. Michael realizes that he should leave the lighthouse, but Jack wants to know what happens to him now.

 Karen wants to know what Chris gave Gabi. Still confused, Chris says that it should have just isolated the foreign substance in her blood. Karen notes that it did a lot more than that. Alison is still upset that Chris has been using Gabi, they only wanted to help her. Chris says to have a conscience another time, he’s busy trying to figure out why Gabi had such a reaction, but Karen reminds him that Gabi isn’t the normal patient. As they decide how to help Gabi, Karen asks Jamal and Alison to leave. Asking her to save Gabi, Jamal leaves. Chris asks Karen how long she’s known about the vampire epidemic in Port Charles. Not answering him, Karen makes sure he know that she is disgusted by him conducting lab experiments. Being curious and conducting lab experiments on human beings are two different things. Chris points out that Gabi's not exactly human. Frank is not happy with Chris’s observations.

 Alison tries to convince Jamal that everything’s going to be okay, but Jamal doesn’t believe it. Handing Gabi over to Chris was not safe for her. Eve and Ian arrive and they enter the room. Chris is shocked that everybody knows about the vampires. Frank mentions the security in Emilio’s room, and they decide it would be a good idea for Gabi. As Frank and Ian leave the room, Eve approaches Chris. Eve asks Chris what he was doing. He was trying to help. He thought he had everything under control, but he blew it. Gabi wakes and Karen is relieved to see her eyes open. Chris tells Gabi that they almost lost her, and Gabi wonders if they should have.

 Michael doesn’t have answers. Jack knows that Michael knows what Caleb went through and he wants Michael to explain. Michael tries to help, but Jack is now what Caleb is, and he’s afraid of what he is. Livvie wanted Jack to make her a vampire, and now he’s afraid he might lose control and do it. Jack remembers Michael saying there was a time that he could reach Caleb and stop him. Hoping it might help him, Jack asks Michael what he meant. After the first Olivia, Caleb went to Michael devastated, and begged Michael to help him. So for a while Caleb was able to control his urges. Hating what he is, Caleb wanted to live in seclusion until he saw Livvie. Realization crosses Jack’s face as Michael continues. When Caleb saw Livvie, it started all over again. Jack loves Livvie more than anything, but when they’re together, the senses and urges are stronger. Michael knows that Jack is afraid that in time he’ll try to turn Livvie. Jack begs him to come up with another answer, but Michael knows there isn’t any. Any time Caleb tried to stop, the impulses came back and never completely went away.

 Lucy is rolling over on the floor, coughing. Her vision is wandering around the room and she’s still trying to breath as someone breaks in the door and runs to the window. It’s a man, and he takes the statue from beside her to break the window. Lucy passes out for a moment, and when she opens her eyes, Kevin is over her. Lucy says he saved her life, but he tells her that the window was already broken and the door was already kicked in when he got there. Lucy wants to know who saved her if Kevin didn’t.

 Kevin hands her more water, and she’s okay. She remembers coming out of the shower and smelling the gas. The handle came off in her hand, like it was deliberate. He’s just grateful that whoever tried to kill her missed. He’s booked them on the next flight, and they’re leaving. Lucy doesn’t want to leave, but Kevin is convinced that it’s too dangerous to stay. Lucy is adamant about knowing who tried to kill her. She’s a threat to someone, and they want her out of the way. She has to know who.  If she doesn’t, she’ll never feel safe again, and Kevin knows it. She needs to know who it was, and let them know they’re missing with the wrong woman.

 Eve, Ian, Karen and Frank enter the On Call room to find Chris. Gabi is recovering, no thanks to him, is Karen’s answer to Chris’s question.  Ian knows Chris is trying to make a buck from this, but they need to know if he found any results. Chris hasn’t found anything conclusive. There are still a lot of tests to be run. They all decide to work together on this because it’s the only way to save Gabi, Jack, Emilio, and anyone else that might be involved.

 Michael is sorry for what Caleb did to Jack and wishes he could offer Jack some hope. Thinking leaving town might be the answer, Jack asks Michael. All Michael can do is tell him what the life was like for Caleb, he can’t tell Jack what to do. Michael can’t condone the pain Caleb caused, but he wasn’t pure evil. Caleb struggled with the urges as much as Jack did. Caleb wanted a family, a life, and he tried to make it happen. Caleb eventually gave in to all the desires. Michael can see how much Jack loves Livvie and how hard he’s fighting. Urging Jack to search his soul, he’ll find a way to turn out differently than Caleb. Deep down Jack’s known the answer all along.

 Ian and Eve want to keep this a secret. Chris offers whoop up a phony plague to keep them quarantined. Chris knows they can all lie, and no one will know about Gabi or Emilio. Karen hates to admit that she thinks it’s a good idea. The phone rings, and Karen answers it. After a few moments, Karen hangs up and turns to them. Alan is coming to see them, and he doesn’t sound happy.

 Jack thanks Michael, but Michael knows he wasn’t much help. He saved Livvie and a lot of others, and Jack will always be grateful. But Jack knows he has to take care of this himself. He asks Michael to pray for Livvie and watch over her. After Michael agrees, Jack leaves. Michael says he will pray for her, and Jack, too after Jack leaves.

 Gabi wakes and Jamal asks her how she is. She wants to know why didn’t let her die. Everyone would be better off, Alison wound be happy. Jamal admits to Gabi that Alison saved her life. Before Gabi can say anything, Alison returns and says she’s glad Gabi's all right. Jamal’s phone rings, and he leaves to answer it. As Alison is nervously making her exit, Gabi calls her back to talk to her. Gabi is confused as to why Alison would save her. Alison states that she would do that for any human, but Gabi points out that she’s not human.

 Jamal knows that Caleb is dead, and he thinks everything is going to be okay. Jack wants Jamal to take care of matters. Livvie is safe from Caleb, but not from Jack. It’s time for them to do what they talked about. Jack tells Jamal that it time for him to destroy Jack.

 Lucy is not upset, she mad. They’re trying to scare her from finding out who she is. Not stop her, kill her, Kevin tries to tell her. He asks her if she won’t go home for herself, go home it for him. They begin to argue. Kevin reminds her that she agreed to go back for Livvie, but Lucy reminds him that Caleb is dead, and Livvie is fine. The argument begins to escalate, but someone knocks on the door. It’s the bellhop with a package of white lilies. Enclosed is an old parchment letter. It is sealed with a wax seal in the same symbol on the Michael’s family crest. All that is written in it is “Time we finally meet.” Before Kevin can voice any objections, Lucy cuts him off. They’re going to the meeting.

 Livvie is on her bed, sleeping. Suddenly Caleb appears in the corner of the room and Livvie sits up to look at him. Believing that he came for her, she jumps to her feet and goes to him. Caleb tells her that she can’t be with him. He never wanted to leave her, but it’s too late. Michael has killed him. Caleb tells Livvie that Michael will kill her and Jack as well. Crying, Livvie puts her hands over her head again and falls to her knees. Screaming, Livvie sits up out of her dream to find Michael standing at the foot of her bed. She thinks Michael is going to kill her, but Michael tells her that he’s going to kill what’s left of Caleb in her.


 Michael tells Livvie that killing his brother saved her life, so yes, she will listen to him.

 Handing Jamal a stake, Jack tells him that it’s time to do it just like they talked about. If Livvie’s going to be safe, Jack has to die.