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Port Charles Update Tuesday 8/14/01

By Dawn

Chris wakes Gabi from her sleep. He’s been working on something to knock the vampire right out of her. As she objects to being a guinea pig, he shoots her with a dart, telling her that it’s too late to be objecting now.

 Eve offers Michael a ride somewhere, but Ian objects. Michael wants to tell Kevin and Lucy that Caleb is dead, and Livvie is safe. Eve knows that Kevin and Lucy left town, but Livvie and Jack are at the lighthouse. Michael asks for directions. Ian assures him that he and Eve will tell them, but Michael wants to tell them in person. Ian insists that he and Eve will, and Eve tries to compromise by offering to take Michael to the lighthouse, and they’ll all go together.

 Kevin is still screaming Lucy’s name, and finally hears her calling him from the bottom of an open grave. One minute she’s in the land of the living, and the next, she’s six feet under. He pulls her out and hugs her. Apart from feeling like she was buried alive, she okay, just coughing from all the dirt she swallowed, and they hold each other.

 Livvie is sitting on the rail around the top of the lighthouse, trying to explain to Jack that she can’t go back to the way she was. Jack tries to talk to her, but she won’t let him near her. She believes that Caleb will take the pain away. As Jack moves closer, Livvie turns to talk to him and falls. Jack jumps after her.

 Jack catches Livvie before she hits the ground, and Livvie wants to know how he did it. Jack doesn’t’ know, but Livvie is impressed. She wants to know why he hates having these awesome powers. Knowing that Livvie is still under Caleb’s spell, Jack explains what this ‘awesome’ life is like. He’s hungry all the time for blood, he wants her to imagine being hungry for something she can’t even can’t stomach. He has to fight it, this a darkness that comes over him, and everyday he loses more of himself. That’s what Caleb is offering, and as far as Jack’s concerned, it’s a living hell. Livvie can’t get his voice out of her head, but Jack begs her to fight it. The only thing that’s real is Jack’s love for her. Eve interrupts them, and Livvie sees Michael. Thinking he’s Caleb, she runs to him and grabs him, calling him Caleb and saying that she knew he’d come for her.

 Chris goes inside the cage to give Gabi an injection. Locking her in again, he turns on the current. Jamal and Alison enter, and upon seeing Gabi on the ground, they get worried. Chris won’t tell them exactly what he did, but he’s trying to isolate the abnormal components in her blood. Jamal and Alison are more worried. They’re furious that Chris has no idea how Gabi is gong to react to these drugs that he’s giving her, yet he’s giving them to her anyway. As they are arguing, Gabi begins to convulse.

 Lucy agrees with Kevin that there is nothing calming about cemeteries. She shows him the Lucia Kovich headstone, and tells him that it was like looking at her own grave. They start to stand, but she almost falls in the grave again. Pulling her to her feet, Kevin follows her away from the family plot, but she stops and points. On one of the headstones, they find the same crest that is on Michael’s family crest necklace. The fact that the family is buried so close to her own convinces Lucy that she is related to Michael and Caleb. Kevin wants her to calm down, and promises her that they’ll come back in the daytime and try to find out more.

 Gabi still appears to be convulsing, but Chris assures Jamal and Alison that it’s a normal reaction. Jamal doesn’t believe it, and he’s going in to check on her. Chris thinks she’s faking, but Jamal is tired of Chris playing witch doctor on his sister. Chris thinks that Gabi might have been his sister, but now she has fangs, and Jamal’s going to be a snack if he gets too close. While Jamal and Chris argue the point, Alison goes in the cage to check on her.

 As they enter the hotel room, Lucy announces that all she wants is to crawl into bed and have Kevin hold her. She wants to forget the buried alive feeling. Refusing to climb into bed with her until she washes the grave dirt off her, Kevin calls for messages. A message shocks him, and Lucy can’t wait to hear what it is. Eve left a message that Caleb is dead. This shocks Lucy, and she wants to know how anybody managed to kill him. Kevin doesn’t know, Eve didn’t give leave any details. Lucy doesn’t look thrilled to hear this. Kevin wants to go back to Port Charles, but Lucy doesn’t want to leave, she feels like she’s too close to finding out what the connection is between her, Caleb and Michael. Kevin tries to reason with her by reminding her that Livvie is going to need them after everything she’s been through. Lucy agrees, but she’s not happy. Kevin goes downstairs to try to book them a flight, and Lucy is going to wash off. A noise in the hallway attracts her, and she opens the door. The hallway is empty, and believing she’s hearing things, she shuts the door again as a figure approaches.

 Livvie is still holding Michael, who tries to explain that he’s not Caleb. Livvie doesn’t believe that he’s not Caleb, and Eve, Ian, and Jack try to convince her that Michael is Caleb’s brother. Michael seems to be staring at Livvie, and he apologizes. He knows it’s confusing, but the resemblance between Olivia and Livvie is uncanny. Livvie knows all about Olivia. Her tone makes Michael think it was a mistake to come there. Jack asks why he did come there, and Ian wants to go inside. Livvie wants to know where Caleb is, and Eve tells Michael to tell her. Michael admits to Livvie that Caleb isn’t coming for her, he’s gone. Caleb is dead. Livvie is shocked.

 Jack is shocked, but Livvie doesn’t believe Michael. Running away from them, Livvie begins to scream. Michael is lying, and Caleb promised her a life together. Eve asks is he promised her a child. Livvie remembers him telling her about a child he has chosen for her, and she tells Eve yes. Keeping her voice low, Eve tells Livvie that it was her son that Caleb promised Livvie, but Livvie can’t take it. She tries to avoid them, but they all follow her into the lighthouse. Livvie continues to scream as Jack tries to comfort her. The man she was going to marry is dead, and Michael had no right to do it. AS Eve tries to tell her she’s safe, Livvie falls to the floor holding her ears. She doesn’t want to hear this. As she cries, the adults look at each other.

 Chris is still trying to convince Alison that Gabi is dangerous, but Alison won’t leave Gabi's side. Alison’s voice rises when she realizes that Gabi has no pulse. Running to her, Chris finds a faint pulse. Examining her, he promises to Jamal that he’ll do his best to save her. He gives her something to counter act what he gave her before. All has a really bad feeling about this, she’s afraid the Gabi is going to die. Chris didn’t think vampires could die, and if they take her to the hospital, how are they going to explain that she bites.

 Lucy gets out of the bathroom, and she’s still alone. Turning, she smells gas coming from the automatic fireplace. Beginning to cough, she pulls the knob off trying to stop hit. The windows are locked, and she’s still coughing harder. Kevin gets off the elevator and a man approaches him, offering him very important information for the people they were asking about. While Kevin is being distracted, Lucy is still coughing as she’s trying to escape. She picks up a small statue, but collapses before she can use it to break the window.


 Karen wants to know what Chris did to Gabi

  Jack asks Michael what happens to him now that Caleb is dead

 Kevin grabs the man that approached him, demanding to know what’s going on, but Kevin collapses at his feet.