PC Update Monday 8/13/01



Port Charles Update Monday 8/13/01

By Dawn

Eve follows Michael out onto the roof of the hospital. He is visibly shaken, and rambles about he wanted to believe that Caleb could be redeemed. But Michael knew that Caleb was beyond anyone’s help. Eve is sorry, but Michael knows that everything Ian and Eve said was true. Caleb had to be stopped. He pleaded with Michael, but Michael wouldn’t listen. As Eve begins to ask questions, Michael interrupts her by saying that he doesn’t want to go into details, but he has killed his own brother. Eve watches him silently, but he tells her that he had to do it for her. 

Kevin and Lucy enter their room, and look around. Lucy is impressed with the decorations. A plaque proclaiming that room to be the home of Count Dracula is on the wall, and Kevin is convinced that it’s a tourist trap. He can’t believe he left his daughter to be there. Lucy reminds him that they’re there to find out why Caleb is afraid of her. Kevin is still hoping that this is a dream, but Lucy knows it’s real. She feels that they’re going to get a clue; her family was there, and there has to be a connection. Kevin is worried about Livvie, but Lucy thinks she’s okay with Jack. Kevin reminds her that Jack is a vampire. 

Livvie is kissing Jack, and she whispers to him that she wants to know what it feels like. She tells him to drink from her, but Jack doesn’t believe that she knows what she’s saying. Livvie wants him to make her forget everything about Caleb. She knows Jack wants her. Taking her in his arms, Jack rolls over on her on the bed. Kissing him, she tells him to give her what they both want. She wants to be one with him, and she arches her neck to him. His fangs are bared, and he leans closer to her neck. 

Lucy tells the bellhop that she is related to the Kovich family and asks him if he knows who they are, but he bellhop is nervous and seems almost afraid of her. He can’t leave the room fast enough, no matter how much money Kevin offers him. Finally, as Kevin and Lucy persist their questions, he tells her that he knows where to find them. Writing something down quickly, he runs out after handing her the paper. The door won’t open, and Kevin is forced to let him out. They agree that was weird, and Lucy is confused that everyone is acting strange around her and staring since they got there. Kevin takes the book and the address, and turns to her, not entirely sure she wants the answer he found. Her relatives are at the cemetery. 

Michael did what he had to do to keep Eve safe. Caleb would have taken Eve’s child, and he knows that. Michael admits that he loves her, and taking her hand, he explains that no matter how illogical, it feels real. Breaking contact, Michael pulls away, but Eve wants to talk to him. She wants him to understand that she loves him for what he’s done, but Michael knows she’s in love with Ian. Michael has the church, and Eve has Ian. Michael believes that the truth is his life is unrecognizable. He fought Caleb, and he has these feelings for her. Even with everything that’s happened, Michael has to admit that Eve opened his eyes, made him feel alive, and showed him things he’d never felt before. Eve’s never known a truer friend, and he’s a wonderful man. She briefly kisses him as Ian joins them on the roof. Eve is thrilled to tell him that Michael killed Caleb for them and their baby.  

Livvie is still telling Jack to bite her. He wants her more than he’s ever wanted anything in his entire life. Livvie promises him that they’ll be together always, but this is the only way. Jack stares at her, then leans closer again. She begs him to take her from Caleb, and he pulls away. Jack knows that if he does this, he will be worse than Caleb. 

Ian is puzzled by the fact that Michael killed Caleb, but won’t tell them how. Ian is suspicious of how vague Michael is, he knows that Vampires have a nasty way of not staying dead. Ian tried to convince Eve that they require proof. Michael has been lying to them from the moment he arrived in Port Charles. Eve is upset, but Ian wants to know that his son is safe. Michael asks him if he wants to see Caleb’s blood and broken body. The brother that he has looked after his entire life, is dead, what more does Ian want? His head on a silver platter? Ian doesn’t think it has to be silver, and Eve is furious. 

Lucy and Kevin are walking through the graveyard. Looking around at all the headstones, Lucy feels all the people that have passed on around her. Kevin hopes he doesn’t feel them, but Lucy insists that it is peaceful and calming. Kevin knows this isn’t a good idea, but he also knows that Lucy would have insisted, they would have fought, Lucy would have gone anyway, and Kevin would have followed, so he just saved time by going with her. His logic makes her smile, but a noise scares Lucy and she literally jumps into Kevin’s arms. Holding her, he sarcastically asks her if she was the one that thought graveyards were comforting. She admits that she had a wimpy moment, but it’s over. Kevin finds the grave of a girl Livvie’s age, and Lucy tells him that it won’t happen to Livvie. He agrees to have faith as he sees the first Kovich headstone. They begin to read all the names. Lucy realizes that the bellhop was right, her entire family is buried together. As they move from headstone to headstone, something is watching them from behind bushes. 

Livvie is physically pulling on Jack’s arms, begging him to turn her. Jack can’t let that happen. But Livvie is furious. Jack promised her everything and then took it away. She wants to be what he is. Now Jack is angry, and tells her how much he hates what he is, and how much of a curse it is. Livvie thinks it’s mysterious and powerful. He knows she doesn’t want to spend the rest of her life running around feeding on innocent people. She’s still under Caleb’s spell, and she has to fight it. Going to him, she leans against his chest and agrees to fight Caleb. She begins to cough and pulls away from him to stare in his eyes. They tell each other that they love each other and she begins to cough more. Jack runs to get her water, and Livvie watches him leave before she whispers to herself that if jack won’t give her what she wants, Caleb will. Pulling a shirt on, she goes out the bedroom door.

Michael knows Ian wants him to leave Port Charles, but Eve doesn’t think it necessary. Michael admits that he is the reason Caleb found out about Eve, and he is the one that brought the danger. She wants to make this easier, but all Michael needs is to know Eve is safe. He’s not sure what to do next, but he tells them that he’ll find his way. As he leaves the roof, Ian asks her if she’s ready to go home. Believing the nightmare is over, Eve goes to Ian and holds him. Michael watches briefly before he leaves.  

Judging from the style of the headstones, Kevin thinks her family is aristocracy. Shaking her head, Lucy laughs at that. She was always poor little Lucy from the wrong side of the tracks, who would have thought her ancestors were aristocracy. Kevin smiles and tells her that he would. Kevin decides that he wants to write the dates down in case they need to cross reference later. As he goes to the car for paper, Lucy moves to the next headstone. She finds a headstone marked Lucia Kovich and makes the connection with Lucy Coe. As she backs away, she disappears, appearing to fall down. Kevin returns with a paper to write down dates, and Lucy is gone. 

Livvie is on the top of the lighthouse, calling for Caleb. Jack finds her and she admits that she’s waiting for Caleb; he promised her he would always come for her. Jack promises to fight Caleb for her because he knows she can’t fight for herself right now, but Livvie can’t go back to who she was, she doesn’t even know who that is anymore. Jack wants to be the person she turns to, and he offers his hand to her to help her and keep her safe. Livvie doesn’t want to be safe. She wants to be with Caleb and holds her arms up, begging him to come for her.


Gabby is not a guinea pig, but Chris tells her that it’s too late. She already is. 

Jack is holding Livvie in front of the lighthouse. As Jack tells Livvie that the only real thing is their love, Eve, Ian, and Michael approach them.  Livvie sees Michael and thinks he’s Caleb. Running to him, she cries that she knew he’d come for her.