PC Update Friday 8/10/01



Port Charles Update Friday 8/10/01

By Kathy

Eve is in a hospital bed.  Ian and Karen are around her.  All are looking at sonogram.  Karen tells Eve the baby is fine.  Ian says, “look at his boy he’s perfect.”  Eve says she knew it.  Ian says, “but you had to see for yourself, right?  Now you can stop worrying.”  He tells her he’ll wait for her outside and leaves.  Karen reassures Eve again.  Eve talks to the sonogram trying to convince herself there is nothing to worry about, but she doesn’t quite believe it.  She tells Karen as long as there is a monster out there who wants to take her baby, it won’t be okay.

 Michael and Caleb are in the basement of the monastery.  Michael repeats his treat to Caleb.  “It’s you or me Caleb.  One of us doesn’t leave here alive.” Caleb laughs, “I’m already not alive.” Caleb tells Michael he has no time to play games.  Michael agrees that this is not times for games and asks him if this isn’t supposed to be his wedding night.  He wants to know if the wedding is going on as planned.  Caleb continues to give him smart answers.  Michael asks why the groom is hiding in the cellar on his wedding night and where his bride is

 Jack and Livvie are kissing on the balcony.  Jack asks Livvie if she can feel it, she says yes.  He tells her he loves her.  But Livvie continues to try to explain why she still needs Caleb.  Jack asks her to remember what real love feels like, their love for each other.  They kiss as they enter the bedroom.

 Kevin and Lucy are on the plane to Romania.  Lucy is reading a guidebook.  Kevin asks if she has learned anything interesting.  She says it looks like they are headed in the right area of Transylvania where the first vampires were born, her ancestors.  Lucy says she just wishes she knew what they were looking for.  Kevin says whatever it was that drove Caleb away from her.  They agree he looked afraid of her.  Lucy asks Doc “What could be so horrible about me that I would even scare a vampire?”

 Ian is reading a book entitled Protection from Vampires in the waiting area of the hospital.  With all the conflicting information he throws it in frustration.  Frank walks by and sees this.  Ian tells Frank he has never felt this helpless in all his life.  He tells Frank he could fight anything living, but Frank agrees a vampire is something all together different.  Ian says he’s out of his league, that with Eve and the baby needing him most, he doesn’t know how to protect them.  Frank tells him if there is anything he can do to help, he is there.  Ian says he will lay down his life, but Frank says it won’t come down to that.

 Karen tells Eve again there is nothing to worry about.  They are still in the hospital room and Eve is still on the bed.  Eve asks her how she knows, since she doesn’t know Caleb or what he’s capable of.  Karen assures her she knows that both Eve and Ian will keep the baby safe and that’s all SHE needs to know.  Eve tells Karen that she and Ian have begged Michael to stop Caleb, but that she’s not sure he or anyone can.  Eve becomes more and more agitated, telling Karen she can’t sleep, she can’t rest because she’s so worried.  Karen tells her she has to calm down or she will endanger the baby herself.  Then Karen offers to stay at the house with Eve and the baby. 

 In the monastery cellar Michael asks Caleb what went wrong with the wedding.  Caleb says it was a temporary interference, not one he can’t handle.  Michael asks him how he can be so sure.  He says he senses something in Caleb -- that he’s weak.  He wants to know what happened.  He knows Caleb is afraid.  Something or someone has frightened Caleb.  “That’s why you’re back hiding in the basement.”  Caleb yells “Shut up!”  Michael assesses that Caleb has had a glimpse of the future -- that he knows what’s ahead now and that it’s “a one way ticket to hell.”

 Kevin and Lucy back on the plane.  Kevin tells Lucy he thought she had made peace with not knowing about her family.  She says maybe she’s accepted not knowing but she still wonders what it would have been like to be raised by her parents.  She says she can’t believe she never saw this Transylvania ancestor search coming with all her tarot cards and such.  Kevin says what surprises him is that nothing surprises him any more.  Kevin says all he knows is what he’s always known that Lucy is one of a kind.  Lucy offers him a chance to bail out, but he says no and that nothing will change the way he feels about her.

 Eve tells Karen she can’t ask her to change her life for her.  Karen says “You didn’t, I volunteered.”  Ian walks in and agrees no one else should become involved in this.  Frank disagrees and says he will be moving in as well.  They tell Ian and Eve not to argue they are moving in and fighting this thing with them.

 Caleb tells Michael he’s not afraid of anything especially not Michael.  He taunts Michael about his love for Eve. He guesses Michael promised Eve he’d get rid of him, but reminds Michael he can’t actually destroy him.  Michael tells Caleb he would do anything to protect Eve, even if it means destroying him.  Caleb tells Michael he doesn’t have the guts or the knowledge to destroy him.  Michael tells him he’s wrong, that he has the knowledge and that loving Eve has given him the courage.  Caleb tells Michael he’s right about one thing.  Only one of them will survive this night.

 Livvie and Jack are still kissing and start making love.  Livvie wants to remember what it was like to belong in his arms and forget everything else.  Jack’s fangs appear and he stops.  Livvie convinces him to show her his fangs.

 Back in the hospital room, Ian and Eve discuss their good friends.  Ian is going to get a portable fetal monitor so Eve can check on the baby any time she wants.  He leaves.  Eve turns thinking it’s Ian and says, “Oh, it’s you.”

 Lucy and Kevin at the Transylvania airport.  Kevin gives the baggage claim tickets to a porter and asks him to get the bags.  The porter says he will get the bags and meet them outside.  Lucy seems entranced by the porter.  Kevin and Lucy leave and the porter goes to a phone.  He picks up the phone and a mysterious voice says “Speak.”  He tells the voice he has seen them.  And the voice tells him to watch them closely.

 Eve is still in hospital bed.  Person who just entered is Michael.  He says “You asked me to choose between you and my brother, I chose you, Eve.”  He tells her Caleb is dead.  He’s killed him.

 Livvie begs Jack to make her his by biting her.  She tells him that he has the power to create everything they want just like Caleb.  Jack denies this, but Livvie is not dissuaded.  She asks him to feed on her.

 Previews:  Michael to Eve: “God help me I killed my own brother, but I had to, for you.”  Lucy to Kevin in hotel room: “She’s okay.  She’s with Jack.”  Kevin to Lucy:  “Jack is a vampire, Lucy.”  Jack and Livvie in bed.  Livvie:  “Jack, make me one with you.”  Jack is over her, turns her head and starts for her throat.