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Port Charles Update Thursday 8/9/01

By Dawn

Michael and Eve are in the chapel and Ian interrupts. Michael apologizes, but Ian can’t blame him for loving Eve. Any man would.

 Jamal enters the apartment, and Alison tells him that Livvie has a long road ahead of her. Alison doesn’t ask about Gabby because she doesn’t believe there is a change. Jamal is upset when Alison voices her opinion that Jamal should give up on this sister thing. Caleb is her family, and he tells her what to do. He argues with her, but she’s convinced that if he continues, he’s going to get hurt, and she doesn’t mean his feelings.

 Kevin and Lucy hear Jack and Livvie come through the door to the lighthouse. Kevin hugs Livvie and Lucy tells Jack how glad she is to see him. Jack asks how they got away from Caleb, and Kevin and Lucy sidestep him for the moment. It’s a long and confusing story. Jack admits that he took Livvie to see Rachel to prove that Caleb lied about her. Lucy and Kevin are shocked that Livvie believes she saw Rachel, but they’re glad Jack could prove it to her. Livvie doesn’t say a word, but Kevin tries to approach her. He’s sorry she’s hurting, but he’s glad that at least now she knows the truth. Livvie believes that Jack made her mother sick again, and she’ll never forgive him for it.

 Alison believes that Gabby will hurt Jamal. Emilio has been her brother her whole life, and she hurt him. All Alison wants is for Jamal to see what Gabby is. Jamal accuses her of wanting him to turn his back on her, but he won’t. All that matters is that she’s his sister, and he’s not giving up. Jamal tries to compare her to Livvie, but Alison reminds him that Gabby is a vampire, and Livvie isn’t. Jamal hates Gabby in that cage, but Alison is glad that Gabby can’t hurt anyone else. Jamal doesn’t understand. They’ve been trying to help Jack, and now she’s upset that Jamal’s trying to help Gabby. Jack wanted to fight this, Gabby doesn’t, Alison is quick to point out to him.  

 Kevin ties to explain to Livvie that Jack had nothing to do with Rachel’s condition. He has a report sent to his office every week regarding Rachel. Livvie insists that she saw Rachel. Jack tells her that Caleb made her believe that Rachel was better. Caleb has lied to her and deceived her. All Caleb’s offering her is a life of drinking blood, not the special gifts that he promised her. Completely in denial, Livvie refuses to believe any of them. Lucy tries to convince her that Caleb wants to possess her any way he can, including using dark magic. Jack stopped the wedding because he didn’t want Caleb to turn her. Kevin tells her that Jack saved her life, and they’re all telling the truth. Kevin tries to convince her that Jack really loves her and tells her to look at him. She finally looks at him.

 They finally agree on something, Ian points that out to Michael. Ian still doesn’t blame Michael for falling in love with Eve, but don’t think for one minute that he can love her more than Ian does. Eve needs Michael’s help, and he’s not stopping Caleb. All evil needs is for a few good men to do nothing. Michael doesn’t want Ian to say he’s done nothing. Caleb is out wreaking havoc while Michael prays for guidance. For years Michael has been Caleb’s jailer. Ian’s next question is then why has Michael been stuck with him for so long.

 Jamal wakes Alison as she lies in bed, and asks her if the conversation is now, or if the nightmare is later. He hates it when they argue, and so does she. But neither of them can forget about it. Alison compares Jack to Gabby. They don’t know if either of them will be normal again. But she’s family, and family is family. Jamal wants her to tell him what she wants him to do. In Alison’s family, if someone in your family doesn’t want her around, she doesn’t go around. Jamal’s family doesn’t work that way, if they’re family, they’re family, he’s lost too many family members already. But if Alison wants to write off her parents, it’s her problem, not his. She rolls over and turns away from him, telling him that’s another one for him. Instantly sorry, he rolls over to her and tries to apologize.

 Livvie loves Jack but she feels that she belongs to Caleb. None of them understand that. She argues with Kevin’s logic that it’s what Caleb wants her to believe. It’s what she wants, and it’s her life. Lucy asks her what if it’s not her life and tries to explain that Caleb is twisting her mind, and making her believe this. Caleb wants to possess her, and he wants her to believe it’s what she wants. Livvie’s reaction is to get angrier. Every time she thinks they understand her, they do this to her. Livvie can’t stand it anymore, and the first chance she gets she’s going back to him. He’s where she belongs. AS Livvie storms up the stairs, Kevin sends Jack after her, telling him to not let Livvie go.

 Ian asks Michael if a man can have too much faith in prayer. Michael doesn’t know anymore. Maybe he hasn’t done enough to stop Caleb. Ian is sure that he hasn’t. If anyone can stop him, it’s Michael, but Michael isn’t sure that’s true anymore. Eve asks him to listen to his heart and be honest with himself. He’ll know the right thing to do. Michael doesn’t think they have any idea what they’re asking. The only way to end this is to kill his own brother. Hurting, Michael leaves them in the chapel. Ian takes Eve into his arms and they hold each other.

 Jamal is holding Alison and apologizing for hurting her feelings. She knows he  was right. Just because she feels the way she does about her family, that doesn’t mean Jamal has to feel the same way about Gabby. Alison has never been a part of a family before; Jamal is the only one that has ever treated her like she was a member of the family. She’s afraid of sharing, or maybe even losing him. Jamal promises her that she’s his home, and no matter what happens with Gabby, Alison will come first and always with him. They kiss and hold each other.

 Jack returns and is beginning to wonder if they’ll ever get through to her. Lucy tries to explain what happened at the villa. Jack asks if they found something, but Kevin says it just sort of happened. Lucy just touched Caleb, and Caleb recoiled away from her. Jack thinks it sounds as strange as they do, but the story gets more bizarre. The shock is on his face when Lucy tells him that her family has roots in Transylvania. He doesn’t want to believe she’s related to Caleb any more than Kevin or Lucy want to, but they have to know for sure. They decide to go tonight, but Kevin’s not sure he should leave Livvie. Knowing that they have to make sure it’s over once and for all, Lucy decides to go alone. Jack and Kevin agree that it’s a bad idea and Kevin has to agree that if Lucy’s the key to stopping Caleb they have to go now. Jack promises to watch over Livvie, but Kevin wants Jamal there, too. Knowing that Kevin has a problem with what he is, Jack acknowledges to Kevin that he has a problem with what he is, too, and he doesn’t blame Kevin for having a problem with it. Kevin hates the idea of leaving Livvie, but if they don’t get some answers, they could lose her forever.

 Ian is almost in tears, trying to explain what would happen to him if something happened to her. He begs her to not walk away from him without a word again. Leaning closer to him, she asks him to keep her close. They hold each other again.  

 Michael enters the basement of the monastery. Caleb is there and he knows it. Caleb asks him he’s going to slap his wrist and tell him what a bad boy he is. Michael has decided that it’s time to finish this. Only one of them will ever leave that room.

 Livvie remembers Caleb asking her to come to him of her own free will. That she said yes and told Caleb that he is all of her heart. Hugging herself, she begs Caleb to come get her and take her home. Jack hears her and tries to talk to her. She doesn’t want him there, but he doesn’t believe her. Holding her ears so her can’t hear Jack, she cries to Caleb to save her. As she tries to get away from Jack he grabs her and kisses her. For a second she fights, then grips his arms with her own.



 Eve and Karen GH holding the sonogram. Karen tries to convince Eve that everything will be alright.

 Lucy in the plane with Kevin, asking him what could be so horrible about her that she could even scare a vampire.

 Jack tells Livvie that he loves her and they kiss again.