PC Update Wednesday 8/8/01



Port Charles Update Wednesday 8/8/01

By Dawn

Kevin and Lucy are on the side of a road, Lucy putting her shoe back on, and Kevin standing with his thumb out. Lucy thinks this is ridiculous, it’s the middle of the night, and they haven’t seen a car in over a half hour. But Kevin is in too much of a hurry to get back to Port Charles to think about it. Sighing, Lucy tries to convince him that Jack is taking care of Livvie. But Caleb is determined to stop him. Lucy remembers that Caleb was just as determined to stop them. She’s still confused as to why Caleb didn’t kill both of them, and Kevin doesn’t want to hear that Lucy is still contemplating the thought that she’s related to Caleb. The thought isn’t pleasant for her, but what else could have stopped him? A truck approaches, and Kevin’s determined to stop it. They both wave and jump up and down, but Kevin doesn’t think that’s enough. He moves to the center of the road and Lucy screams as the tires and brakes squeal.

 Alison and Jamal are outside the lighthouse. Alison is grateful that Livvie’s home, but Jamal reminds her that she doesn’t want to be. Not wanting to think about that, Alison is convinced that Jack can convince her that Caleb brainwashed her. Jack opens the door and they ask him how Livvie is. Jack shakes his head and tells them that all she wants is Caleb.

 Eve is standing in front of Michael, telling him that Caleb wants her baby, and he is the only one that can stop him. Even if Michael thought he could stop Caleb, but Eve is convinced he can. Eve admits she overheard Michael in the chapel saying that he’s falling in love with her.

 Embarrassed, Michael tries to convince her that she misunderstood him. But she knows she didn’t. He won’t act on those feelings, but Caleb wants to take her baby, and Michael won’t turn away from her. She wants his help. Michael starts to tell her that he would do anything, but Eve doesn’t want to hear that he won’t do it. Screaming, she accuses him of knowing what Caleb is, and being the only one that knows how to deal with him. If he loves Eve at all, he’ll get rid of Caleb.

 Drinking the blood Jamal brought, Jack is grateful for his and Alison’s friendship. When Alison goes upstairs to try to talk to Livvie, Jack and Jamal discuss her. Jack is not sure he’ll be able to get through to her, but Jamal is convinced that Livvie will eventually listen. Jack asks how Gabi is, and if Chris still has her locked in the cage. Jamal is less sure of getting through to Gabi, Jack is the optimistic one now. He urges Jamal to keep trying to reach his sister. Gabi is like Livvie, she’s under Caleb’s spell, and she doesn’t know what she wants. As Alison comes back downstairs with Livvie, Jamal leaves to go see Gabi. Alison isn’t happy about it, but Jamal feels like he has to. After Jamal is gone, Livvie tells them that they shouldn’t have been concerned. Caleb isn’t a monster, he’s kind, wonderful, and her future. Hearing Alison’s words about Caleb using her anger Livvie. If they knew what Caleb had done for her, they wouldn’t be talking this way about him. Other than destroying her life, Jack wants to know what Caleb has done for her. Livvie shocks both of them by telling them that Caleb brought her mother back to her.

 Kevin is on the phone at the truck stop while Lucy buys them and the driver coffee. She thanks the driver for stopping and not running over Kevin. The driver wants to know what Kevin was thinking throwing himself in front of a twenty ton truck. Lucy has to admit that he wasn’t thinking, and it wasn’t smart, but he’s got a lot on his mind. Kevin returns to her and informs her that Victor is sending a plane for them, and Livvie’s at the lighthouse with Jack. He’s not happy they’re stuck there for another hour, but Lucy believes that if Livvie is with Jack, she’s fine. Being with Jack is not comforting to Kevin, Jack is a vampire, too. At Kevin’s outburst, Lucy turns to the truck driver, who is now questioning Kevin’s sanity. Lucy tries to cover by saying he said umpire. He doesn’t like umpires because of bad calls. Chasing Kevin to sit with him at a table, Lucy tells Kevin to watch it with the vampire word. They’re not in Transylvania. Kevin has more important things on his mind then to worry about who hears him say the word vampire. They both know that Caleb won’t stop trying to get Livvie. He glares at her when she says that Caleb will have to go through her to get to Livvie. Caleb didn’t bite her, and Lucy’s convinced that there is a reason. She hopes that if they’re related, she’s a distant relation, but maybe she’s the only one that can stop Caleb. Eyeing a college age kid across the room using a laptop, Kevin approaches him, flashes his wallet like a badge and announces himself as a special agent. The kid freaks and starts talking about some spreadsheet disc not being his. Kevin has more important things on his mind, and he tells the kid that he has to commandeer the laptop for a few minutes. Before the kid can argue, Kevin has the laptop and is headed back to the table where Lucy is watching him. Kevin intends to get on the internet and find out about Lucy’s family. Lucy wants to know if her family tree has any branches that intersect with Caleb’s. If Kevin finds any branches like that, he’s going to chop them off.

 Alison and Jack are stunned to find out that Rachel is completely recovered. Livvie saw her healthy and beautiful. When Livvie continues to say that Rachel gave her blessing for the marriage, Jack knows what it was. Livvie doesn’t want to hear that Caleb put it in her head, that’s not true. She knows what she saw. In order to prove it to her, Jack offers to take Livvie to see Rachel. Livvie is all for it. When Jack sees that she’s right, he’ll take her back to Caleb where she belongs. Alison doesn’t understand what Caleb did to her, but taking her to see Rachel might not be the best idea. Jack’s tried everything else, maybe this will work. Telling him to call her, Alison is going home to wait for Jamal.

 Jamal enters the lab and looks at Gabi. Gabi doesn’t want to see him, but he can’t stand to see her in the cage. All he wants to do is help her, and he brought her something. He really considers himself a brother to her, he won’t ever be as close as Emilio and the rest, but he wants to catch up on the time they’ve lost. His mother was always snapping photos, and he brought her pictures of him when he was a child. Maybe it will help her connect to him. Putting them in the plastic box to push through the bars, he waits. Gabi approaches him slowly, then shoves the photos back at him, taunting him for trying.

 Lucy moves to sit beside Kevin so she can see. Victor traced the Collins line back to the 17th century on sites like this one. Suggesting he start with Caleb and Michael Morley, Lucy thinks about the fact that she’s always wanted to know where she came from, and who she is. It has to be on her father’s side, because Charlene is somewhat normal. She muses to herself about how being related to Caleb would explain why Caleb didn’t bite her, and how her parents died. Kevin has to admit that it would also explain her intuitive gifts. Lucy is babbling about her family being descended from vampires as the waitress approaches them and looks at her strangely. She continues with the umpire theory, which only furthers the waitresses’ suspicions. Kevin finds a link to the Coe family, and Lucy urges him on. As he begins to get somewhere, they lose their internet connection. Furious, Kevin begins to yell that he doesn’t have time for this; he needs answers. He shouts, and everyone turns to look at them. Lucy runs with the umpire story again, and Kevin tries to tell the audience that it’s national security. He still can’t quite believe that they’re trying to find out if Lucy’s related to vampires. He gets up to call Victor again, and Lucy turns the laptop to face her.

 Michael and Eve are still arguing. Caleb is preying on Livvie and he wants their baby. Michael reminds her that as long as she’s wearing the crest, Caleb can’t touch her. Eve tries to explain to him that Caleb is inside her head and she can’t get him out. Real of just her fear isn’t the issue. She’s begging him to stop Caleb. As she cries, Michael moves closer to her and reaches for her.

 Jamal is still trying to talk to Gabi, and she wants to know why. Jamal’s mother always said that family is family. And as far as he’s concerned, she is his family. They stand by each other no matter what. Gabi moves away to sit down as Jamal informs her that he’s going to stand by her no matter what. Leaving the photos for her, he turns and leaves.

 The nurse leads Livvie and Jack to Rachel’s room, telling them that Rachel’s had no visitors in a long time. Estelle used to come visit, but she got despondent over the fact that there has been no change. This shocks Livvie, and she argues that she knows Rachel has improved. The nurse doesn’t reply, she just lets them into Rachel’s room. Rachel is in bed, staring at the walls in a catatonic state. Livvie is confused, and she begs Rachel to tell Jack that she was there, and she was better. Rachel doesn’t respond to Livvie crying.

 Kevin returns to tell Lucy that the plane is almost there, and they don’t have to go far to get to the landing strip. He asks Lucy if she’s still trying to get online, they gave up. Pointing out the he gave up, she didn’t, Lucy tells him that she found Coe’s that go way back. Her family came from Eastern Europe, where vampires came from. Biting her lip as she concentrates, she finds her great, great, great grandmother. She migrated from a small town called Mulderstat. When Kevin asks her where that is, Lucy stops and stares at him. It’s in Transylvania.

 Sitting down beside her, Michael wants her to believe that he never meant for this to happen. She says it’s all right, but he knows it isn’t. He’s a priest, having taken a vow before God. Until now, he’s never questioned it. But now he has these feelings he never thought he’d have. Eve doesn’t know what to say, and Michael knows she doesn’t want to hear this, but he’s scared. Eve thinks it’s Caleb, but she’s wrong. Michael is afraid of the feelings he has for her. As Michael declares his love for Eve, Ian enters the chapel and hears him.


 Alison tells Jamal that Gabi is a vampire, and if he keeps trying to get close, he’s only going to get hurt.

 Michael tells Ian he doesn’t know what came over him. Angry, Ian knows what did, but Eve tries stop him.

 Kevin tries to convince Livvie that Jack is the one that loves her.