PC Update Tuesday 8/7/01



Port Charles Update Tuesday 8/7/01

By Dawn

Eve is screaming at Caleb as Karen and Ian are trying to calm her. She swears Caleb was there. He wants their baby, and Eveís convinced that he was there. Ian tries to tell her that she was dreaming, but sheís convince that Caleb is causing the contractions.

Jack is carrying a kicking and screaming Livvie. Lucy canít believe they left Kevin alone with Caleb. Jack insists that was what Kevin wanted, but Lucy doesnít care. They left him with that bloodsucker. She prays to god to make him okay.

†Caleb explains to Kevin that he is just a guy in love, but Kevin knows what he really is. Kevin is not going to let him get to Livvie. Kevin tells Caleb that Livvie is on a plane away from Caleb, and he will never have her. Knowing that Livvie will return to him, Caleb already has Livvie. Thatís why heís not chasing after her. When Kevin disagrees, Caleb is amused that he disapproves of the wedding. But heís glad Kevin is there. He asks formally for Livvieís hand in marriage and wants Kevin to welcome him to the family.

†Frank posted a guard outside Emilioís room, but he canít find Gabby. Karen starts on the list of the crazy things going on. A couple accidents, a few injuries, and oh, yeah, a vampire wants Eve and Ianís baby. She tells Frank that Eve is still freaked out. Frank admits that Eveís not the only one, heís freaked out, too. But Karen is worried about Eveís mental state, it could cause premature labor.

†Eve is holding the crest, but itís not working. Eve canít calm down, this evil force is taking over their lives. The tests coming back negative doesnít calm her. Eve knows this isnít normal, and sheís scared. Ian finally mentions that maybe here being scared is the problem. Not letting her know how scared he is, Ian tells her that Caleb isnít going to get the baby, but Eveís not as sure. Ianís sure enough for both of them. Ian promises her that Caleb isnít going to get their son. Suddenly Eve smiles, telling Ian that the baby kicked. Ianís convinced that it a good sign, and he wants her to hold on to that.

†Lucy is freaking out about Kevin. Livvie tries to get Jack and Lucy to let her go back to Caleb. If they do, heíll let Kevin go. Not only does Lucy not believe that, if she let Livvie go back to Caleb, she knows Kevin would never forgive her. Livvie is sure that Caleb will come for her because he loves her. Disgusted, Lucy tries to convince Livvie that Jack loves her. Caleb is the man Livvie loves. That infuriates Lucy, and she asks if Livvie cares that Caleb might be killing Kevin. As far as Livvie is concerned, they kidnapped her from that man she loves on her wedding day, and they are responsible for whatever happens to Kevin. Lucy is furious and hysterical. Running away with a vampire is not fine, and Lucy wonít let her become some bride of Dracula. Nothingís going to happen to Kevin, Lucy decides that sheís going back after him. Jack wants to know what sheís going to do, but sheíll figure out that when she gets there. As Jack is screaming at Lucy that itís suicide to try to go back, Livvie tries to go with her. Jack wonít Livvie go back to that freak. If Calebís a freak, what does that make Jack. His eyes meet hers as he says ĎDesperateí. She hates Jack, but all that matters to him is saving her life.

†If Kevin is willing to give his blessing, Caleb promises heíll give Livvie a wonderful life. Nightmare is the word Kevin would use. All Caleb can offer her is a world of pain and grief. Still challenging Kevin, Caleb asks what happened to congratulations. Livvie knows what he is, and she still wants him. Kevinís not impressed that Caleb can mess with a naÔve girl. But Caleb denies that sheís a girl. SheĎs a woman with an amazing sense of passion. She wants Caleb body and soul. Kevin threatens Caleb, which amuses him. Calling Kevin Doc, Caleb informs him that he knows all about Ryan. Maybe he should be worried about marrying into Kevinís family. Smiling, Caleb tells Kevin that what Ryan did is childís play by his standards. Kevin is in way over his head. As far as Kevinís concerned, one psychotic is the same as another. Kevin goes on a rant. First Caleb enjoys inflicting pain, then he deludes himself to justify his actions. Caleb asks if Kevinís going to charge him for this session. The competition is amusing Caleb, but he will give Olivia all the pleasures of this world and the next. What father wouldnít want that for his daughter? Kevin is that father. He knows all about his love. He knows about Olivia. Olivia despised him for what he is. He killed her for it. Caleb states that Kevin canít stop the wedding. Kevinís already stopped him; the wedding is over. †

†Eve is sorry for acting so crazy. Ian wants her to rest, but she canít. Karen comes in and tells her that sheís waiting for the test for leaking amniotic fluid. Ian kisses her and heads for the lab. Eve tells Karen she doesnít have to baby sit. Sitting next to Eve, Karen admits that sheíll take any excuse to be off the floor. Trying to be agreeable, Eve begins to ask questions about her day, asking if they should talk about make up or men. Karenís not sure what to say, but she wants Eve to have faith that it will be okay. Eve knows that Ian is trying to make this okay for her, but he canít. She canít sit like a big target, there has to be something she can do.

†Ian is ordering the lab to hurry with the test results. Frank tells him that Karenís worried about the effect of Eveís mental state on the baby, but Ian knows that. Ianís just as upset about waiting for Calebís next move. If it was Karen, Frank would be freaked out too. Frank wants to know how Ian intends to kill Caleb if Caleb is already dead. Ian wants to send him back to his grave, and Frank offers to help.

†Livvie canít believe Jack is doing this, but he can only hope sheíll understand someday. He wants her to trust him again. All Livvie knows is that Jack took her from the man she loves on her wedding day. Begging, Jack wants her to block out all the lies that Caleb put in her head. What they had was good, and strong. He knows she didnít forget that. They couldnít go a day without seeing each other. When Livvie tells him that sheís marrying Caleb, Jack disagrees. They are soul mates. Now Livvie is begging him to stop saying that, but he wonít. The woman he loves is still there, inside her, waiting for him to find her. Livvie continues to beg him to stop, but he goes on. When they first met, she was scared, but when they kissed for the first time, she came to life. Heís doing this because he loves her.

†Caleb is smiling. Keep talking like this, and Caleb will forget his Livvieís father. Kevin continues to push Caleb. How does it feel to murder the woman he loved? When Kevin asks how it felt to take her future, Caleb calls out for an all aboard for the guilt trip. Olivia must have been terrified, and Caleb must have enjoyed, it. No longer smiling, Caleb tells Kevin that Olivia was his life and he loved her. Real love is about sacrifice. Jack would lay down his life for Livvie, not kill her. Kevin continues to argue, but Caleb knows Livvie wants him. How long before the spell wares off, and Livvie looks at him with disgust. Kevin asks how long it will be before she remembers Jack. Caleb throws flowers and screams at Kevin that thereís too much talking going on, not enough bleeding. Kevinís not afraid to die. Go ahead as long as Livvie is okay. Caleb doesnít intend to kill Kevin. That wouldnít be any fun. The fun is to turn Kevin and have Kevin bring his daughter to Caleb. Kevin wonít become one of them, heíll fight Caleb. Caleb explains to Kevin that he canít fight it. The hunger always gets to you. Jackís fighting it and heís a mess. Caleb bares his fangs and advances on Kevin. Lucy runs in, and seeing this, gets between the men. Lucy shoves Caleb, screaming at him to get away from Kevin. Moving quickly away from her, Caleb actually sucks his thumb and cowers from Lucy. Caleb is trembling. Shocked, Lucy asks if she actually scared a vampire. Kevin tells her to not ask questions, just get out. They leave Caleb against the wall.

†Caleb is wandering around the room alone. He didnít realize Lucy is the one. Using his fingers, he puts out one of the candles.

†Jack is watching out the window of the plane as it moves. Remembering Livvie in the woods when Caleb told him she was his. When Caleb informed him he was a vampire, and half way to being immortal. Kissing Livvie when his own fangs appeared. Drinking blood for the first time. Telling Livvie that he had to destroy Caleb. Livvie not believing in vampires. Caleb telling him to stay away from Livvie, the she is Calebís destiny. Right before the wedding, asking Jack to understand sheís not afraid. Livvie angrily telling him that Caleb didnít lie to her. Livvie repeating that Jack is her past, and Caleb is her future. Jack leans closer to her, asking why this happened to them.

†Frank asks Karen if sheís ready to go home. Ian gets the lab results, which are fine and asks Karen why she isnít with Eve. Ian wants to take her home for some rest, but when he reaches her room, Eve is gone. Sheís in the chapel praying to god for an answer. Heís given her a beautiful child, and she needs his help to protect him. Michael enters the chapel. Sheís happy to see him. He was seeing someone at the hospital, and sensed she needed him. Eve knows that Michael has feelings for her, and he has to make a choice. Either Eve or Caleb.

Kevin and Lucy enter a clearing in the woods, both out of breath. Kevin doesnít think Caleb is following them. Lucy wonders why, but Kevin has no idea. Caleb could have killed them both, but when Lucy touched him, he just stopped, almost looking scared. Staring at Lucy, he asks her what Caleb did the first time Lucy saw him. She thinks about it, but he didnít do anything. He didnít have a chance, because she shut the door in his face. Itís strange, Kevin knows Caleb was going to kill him, but he just stopped. Lucy agrees it doesnít make sense, unlessÖ.. Stopping, Lucy walks away from Kevin, but he wants to know what sheís thinking. Getting hyper again, Lucy tries to tell him. Vampires canít feed on their relatives, what if, somehow, sheís related to Caleb?


Eve accuses Michael of having feelings of affection for her.

Back at the lighthouse, Jack wants to know what Caleb has ever done for Livvie besides destroy her life. Staring at Jack and Alison, Livvie tells them that Caleb gave her back her mother.

Lucy and Kevin are on the side of the road. Kevin is going to stand in front of a truck to stop it. As the horn blares and the brakes squeal, Lucy screams.