PC Update Monday 8/6/01



Port Charles Update Monday 8/6/01

By Dawn

Chris enters the lab with the results of Gabi's test. Heís interested in the results, but she lets him know sheís interested in him. He asks her what itís like to be a vampire. Her sense are heightened, smell, taste, vision, and the sex is incredible. She feels wild, like no one can stop her. Smiling, Chris points out that he has stopped her. Gabi has to agree that he has for now, but once she escapes, sheíll have uncontrollable power. She asks him if thatís what heís always wanted.

†Frank wants to take Karen to the stairwell on her next break. An orderly approaches her with something in his hand. He found her earring in the supply closet. Frank jokes about how it got there. As tries to tell him that they have to stop sneaking around like teenagers, Ian brings in Eve, crying. Eve is convinced sheís losing the baby. They try to calm her as they take her into a room.

†Kevin is pacing on the plane, and Lucy is trying to stop him. When she mentions the fact that Jack is probably already there, the fact that he vanished into thin air doesnít make Kevin feel better. Lucyís convinced that Jackís love for Livvie is what transported him to her.Kevinís afraid they wonít be in time to save Livvie.

†Abe is performing the wedding ceremony out on the balcony. As he mentions anyone having objections, Jack comes through the front door. Livvie runs inside to face Jack, but

Caleb is not happy to see Jack. Caleb asks Livvie to go upstairs, but Livvie wants to stay. Jack tells Livvie that if she stays, Caleb canít kill him. But Calebís going to have kill Jack because he isnít leaving without Livvie.

†Karen is trying to calm Eve, but Eve is hysterical. Karen has a vial of Eveís blood, and Eve takes it from her. Showing it to Ian, she cries that this is what he wants, and the baby. Karen is confused, but Eve tells her about the vampire. Karen doesnít believe them but Ian saw Jackís fangs, and the damage that was done. The news that Jack is one of them makes Karen stop and listen to them. Eve tells her that Caleb, is a vampire, and he is real. The name triggers Karenís memory of Gabi's new boyfriend. They tell Karen that Caleb wants the baby.

†Kevin is still pacing. He and Livvie just found each other, they havenít had nearly enough time together. Lucy pulls him to sit down with her. She reminds him that he always tells her that she canít beat herself up over things she canít control. Kevin wonders if he should have seen this coming. If heíd paid more attention, maybe been more involved, he could have prevented this. Shaking her head, Lucy asks him how he could have seen this coming. Most teenage daughters bring home bikers, not vampires. There was no way he could have known this was coming. When Kevin wonders if Livvie knows he loves her and how much he cares, Lucy believes heís going to be able to tell her. She feels it in her heart.

†Livvie wants to talk to Jack alone. Caleb wonít leave her alone with him. She trusted Caleb with her heart, now sheís asking him to trust her. Making it a point to say he wonít go far, Caleb leaves. Jack tries to warn her about whatís going on, but Livvie wants to be reborn into this wonderful world. Shocked that she believes this Jack tells her that itís not eternal peace, itís hell on earth. Finally Jack admits to her that Caleb turned him. Thatís why he pushed her away. Thatís why he left her. Jack always wanted her and loved her, but he was afraid that he was going to lose control with her. Sheís shocked, but she wants to know why he never told her. When he tried to tell her, the word vampire disgusted her, and he was afraid to finish telling her the truth. The love in her eyes would have changed to that disgust, and he couldnít bear it. He begs her to say something. Thatís the difference. Caleb made her understand so she wouldnít be afraid. Shaking his head, Jack tells her that those words arenít hers. Caleb has her under his spell. Livvieís convinced that Jack is her past, and Caleb is her future, and if Jack has to believe that a spell is involved, thatís fine with her.

†Gabi knows Chris as an appetite for power. Thereís no problem with wanting it, the problem is that it always eludes him. With her blood, heíll have that power. Thekind that no one can take away. Eternal power. Chris realizes itís like discovering the fountain of youth. Saying that they would make an incredible team, Gabi offers to watch his back while he watches her. If he turns off the cage, sheíll turn him on. Sheíll turn him, right there. Untying her shirt, she wants to show him what she can do for him if heíll only open his eyes.

†Karen still doesnít completely believe her. When Ian and Eve stared into the glowing eyes and shiny fangs, they believed. The fact that he can hurt the child makes Eve sick, but Ian holds her. Heís not convinced the contractions have anything to do with Caleb. Holding her against him, Ian strokes her hair and promises her that Caleb wonít hurt their child.

†Frank catches Karen in the hallway. She tells him about the vampires. At first, he thinks itís crazy, but it makes a strange sort of sense to him. He remembers the bodies with no blood. Frank realizes that Gabi had to have been the one that attacked Emilio, and they make the connection that Emilio could be next. Agreeing to not be alone with Emilio, he goes to arrange for security to watch him.

†Eve is holding the crest, and wondering why it isnít working. Michael promised her it would protect her, then why is she having these pains. Ian is worried, but he continues to try to calm her.

†Livvie tries to send Jack away, but he wonít leave. He loves her, but she tells him that he doesnít know what she feels. Caleb has planted these emotions in her head, but she doesnít believe him. Jack tries to convince her that they are real. It wasnít easy, but she loves Caleb. Staring into her eyes, Jack knew they loved each other. She chose him, and she wanted him. Caleb convinced her that she chose him, but he chose her. Caleb interrupts them by telling Livvie that Jack is the one trying to brainwash her. Caleb touches her face, and Livvie canít turn away from Caleb. Caleb tells Jack that if he leaves, he wonít kill him. Jack attacks Caleb, but Caleb throws him across the room. Livvie tries to go to him, but Caleb stops her by telling her that Jack is her past, he is her future. Turning her face to him, Caleb tells her to look in his eyes and see his love for her. Jack begs Livvie to stop listening to him, but she canít. Jack tries to stand, but he canít. Being reminded how much she loves him and how she promised to live with him through the ages, Livvie canít deny it. Caleb is gong to get the judge, and theyíre going to continue the ceremony in front of Jack. Jack begs her not to go through with it, and Livvie asks Caleb to let Jack go. Caleb refuses, and convinces her that itís for Jackís own good to watch. Jack needs to be convinced that this is real. Caleb decides that itís time for them to be man and wife.

Kevin enters and tells Caleb over his dead body.

†Chris takes the key out of his pocket with Gabi urging him on. He wants it, and Gabi is willing to give it to him. As soon as he gets near the cage, he begins to laugh at her for believing him. He mocks her promise of the power to give and take life by reminding her that heís a doctor, he already has that job. The last thing he wants to be is a blood sucking freak. He does have a few lines that he wonít cross. Sheís nothing more than a sexy science experiment that will make him millions. Asking her if they teach modesty in vampire school, he tells her to button her shirt because heís sleeping alone tonight. No midnight snack for her. Gabi sits alone in her cage and stares at the bars.

†Ian is holding Eveís hand as Karen enters the room. She has good news, all of the test results are negative. Ian canít wait to tell Eve. Itís good that thereís nothing physically wrong, but the problem is that itís all in Eveís head, and that could be just as dangerous. Eve is sleeping, and sheís dreaming of a child in the trees. The cradle falls out of the tree, and Caleb catches the baby, holding him and telling him that heís the daddy. Eve wakes, and tells Caleb to leave her baby alone.

†Kevin faces Caleb and tells him to leave Livvie alone. He orders Livvie to step away from Caleb. Caleb doesnít believe Kevin was on the guest list. Lucy approaches and when Kevin turns yell at her to stay back, Jack grabs Livvie. Kevin tells Jack to take Livvie and leave. Jack reminds him that Caleb will kill him when Livvieís out of the room, but Kevin doesnít care. Next Kevin shoves Lucy towards the door, telling her to leave. As Lucy disappears, Caleb stands and tells Kevin that heís messed with the wrong vampire.


†Eve hugs Ian and cries.

†Lucy tells them that sheís gong back for Kevin. Jack tries to stop her, but Livvie wants to go with her.