PC Update Friday 8/03/01



Port Charles Update Friday 8/3/01

By Dawn 

Eve is watching Ian pack a small bag. Rumor has it that there is a vampire running around Port Charles, and Ian’s not taking any chances. His father taught him to fight anyone except women and vampires. Eve asks them were they’re going, and Ian decides that the island is the one place in the world where his son will be safe. Believing that they’ll all be safe there, Eve agrees with him.

Jamal, Alison, and Jack are still surfing the net looking for a match to the drawing Jack found. It’s not going fast enough for Jack, and he knocks things off the shelf, wondering if they’ll find Livvie AFTER Caleb turns her into a vampire. Jamal tries to calm him, but ends up telling him to go outside and break things. Jack is starting to crave blood again, and Jamal wonders if he can handle all the blood he’s been drinking. Jack doesn’t care. The more he drinks, the stronger he gets, and all that matters is saving Livvie.

Livvie is asking Rachel to stop crying before she cries with her. Rachel thanks her for the most incredible gift she could give her. That reminds her that Caleb left her a gift, and she hands it to Livvie. It’s a pearl necklace with a gold crest, and Rachel puts it on her. Livvie realizes that it’s her wedding day, and she’s happy.

Kevin is reading a file on his desk when Lucy enters with food for him. But Kevin’s not interested in food, they don’t have time, it could take forever to finish searching all the papers they took from the monastery. Lucy thinks they still have some time, but Kevin wants to know how much time. He decides to go find Jack, but Lucy tries to stop him. A knock on the door interrupts them, and Victor enters. Victor went to put flowers on Abe’s grave, but the coffin had been dug up, and broken open. Kevin knows the body wasn’t there, but Victor thinks someone stole Abe’s body. Lucy and Kevin know what this means, and they tell Victor that Abe took off on his own. Sitting Victor down, and handing him water, they try to prepare him for the truth.

Abe is with Caleb at the wedding house. They are preparing for the wedding. Abe has never felt better, especially for a dead man, and out of all the weddings he’s performed, this is the most memorable. Caleb finds it wonderful that ‘dead’ is only a figure of speech in their world.

Alison is still searching, and the sight of Jack drinking blood nauseates her. Jamal tries to make him slow down, but the only thing Jack can focus on is Livvie. As Jack and Jamal begin to argue, Alison interrupts them to tell them that she found it.

Rachel is adjusting Livvie’s veil, but Livvie stops her. Rachel is about to begin to cry again, but Livvie asks her not to. Caleb can keep her safe, love her beyond her dreams, Rachel continues, telling Livvie to grab her dream and hold on tight. She makes Livvie promise that she’ll grab it and Livvie does. They love each other, but Rachel decides that it’s time for Livvie’s new life, and her eternal love. Livvie approaches Caleb and the Judge on the balcony. Caleb stares at Livvie and smiles. There isn’t a woman in the world with half her beauty of love. Livvie’s ready if Caleb will have her. But there is one more thing. For Livvie to become his wife, she has to become as Caleb is. Livvie repeats his words as if she’s been hypnotized. Caleb informs her that it’s time for her to cross over to the other side. He tells her to look into his eyes and asks her if she understands what he’s saying. Still acting as if she’s hypnotized, she stares at him and repeats his words. Then she agrees that she must die. 

Victor is shaking his head, but he startles Kevin and Lucy by being shocked that he missed the symptoms that Abe was a vampire. When he was in Eastern Europe they all heard the stories, and all the locals telling the same story meant that there had to be some truth to the stories. Victor isn’t surprised that there are vampires, but that they are in Port Charles. Lucy comments that they have the worst kind. Turning to her, Kevin asks her what that means, as if there is a better kind. The out of their mind kind of vampire is Lucy’s reply, as if Kevin should have known that. Finally, Kevin turns to Victor and tells him that Caleb has Livvie. Alarmed, Victor jumps to his feet, ready to spring into action. They have to find her. Kevin tries to tell him that they are already doing everything they can think of, they’re open to suggestions. How did the villagers stop a vampire wedding? Lucy decides it’s time to tell Kevin a piece of information that she hasn’t wanted to share before. She afraid to tell him, but she has to make sure he understands that before Caleb can marry Livvie, he has to turn her. Lucy’s words sink in to Kevin, and he realizes that Livvie’s wedding will be her funeral if they don’t find them. Victor is on the phone calling his contacts and having them do everything they can to find Livvie. Kevin asks Lucy if she’s saying that if they don’t find Livvie, she’ll die. Lucy can’t bring herself to answer him.

Ian is carrying bags to the door, and Eve is offering to help. Looking around the apartment, Eve realizes that they don’t stay in one place very long. She wonders if they’ll ever come back, but Ian doesn’t care where they are as long as they’re together and not in danger. Eve agrees, she can’t lose another baby. Telling her to not think that way, he asks her to trust him. He’s going to protect them. Going to him, Eve hugs him and tells him she loves him. 

Livvie will do anything she has to do in order to be with Caleb. He promises that no harm will ever come to her or the child he’s chosen to bring to her. Dying is just a word for people who don’t understand the possibilities. It’s only the beginning, a second birth. With one last breath, she will be entering a new world. Livvie is anxious to see that world, and she closes her eyes, listening to his voice. The stars will whisper to her in ways that normal humans can never imagine. To be with him, she has to embrace this world. But when she wakes, they will be soul mates forever. Livvie is convinced that she wants this more than anything. Caleb continues, telling her about the baby he’s chosen, his beautiful infant soul that will be born into their family. Walking past him, Livvie moves away, thinking about it. But Caleb can’t be with her unless she chooses him with her heart and her own free will. It’s time, and she must choose now. Turning to stare at him, Livvie says yes with all of her heart. She’s his by love, and she loves him. They move closer.

Jack and Jamal lean behind Alison to see what she found. Alison doesn’t want to tell them, but it’s upstate in the mountains. Jack and Jamal are furious that it’s so far away. But Alison can call Nana and get her plane. Jack goes into a rage, knocking things over and screaming about Caleb getting to Livvie. As a horrified Jamal and Alison watch, Jack begins to turn. His expression turns to pure hatred, his eyes grow red, and as he looks at them, he disappears right before their eyes.

Ian and Eve are ready to leave. Eve crosses the room to get the last bag, but before she can reach it, she falls to her knees, holding her stomach. Dropping everything, Ian runs to her. Eve starts to cry, it’s way too early, and she’s afraid she’s losing the baby. Trying to calm her, Ian picks her up in his arms and carries her out the door as she cries.

Victor hangs up the phone and tells them that the agency is on it. Kevin thinks they’re running out of time, but Lucy’s still convinced that they still have time. Victor tries to convince that the agency has the most sophisticated tracking system in the world, and they’ll find her. Before Kevin can argue with either of them, the door opens. Jamal and Alison run into the room babbling about Jack disappearing right in front of them. Alison tells them about Jack disappearing, but as soon as she says that they figured out where Livvie is, Kevin doesn’t care about Jack. Grabbing Alison’s shoulders, Kevin orders Alison to be quiet and talk to him about Livvie. Alison has already arranged for the plane to take all of them to her. Kevin orders Alison and Jamal to stay with Lucy and Victor, but Lucy informs him that he’s not going alone and she’s going with him. Instead of taking the time to try to argue with Lucy, Kevin agrees and they leave together.

The wedding has already started, and Abe is performing the ceremony. Abe is honored to join these souls. As Abe asks if anyone has objections, Jack enters the house screaming Livvie’s name. Turning, Livvie faces Jack. Caleb stands behind Livvie and glares at Jack.


Eve is in the hospital screaming that she knows what’s going on, she’s losing her baby.

Gabby offers Chris the kind of power no one can take away. Eternal power.

Jack tells Caleb that he’s going to have to kill him because he’s not leaving without Livvie.