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By Dawn

Gabi is still in the cage, and not happy about it. Chris is amused to find out that Gabi is Jamalís sister, and welcomes him to the club of those that have vampires in the family. Insisting that sheís not some sort of animal, she begs Jamal to talk to her alone.

Alison is surfing the net looking for vampires, and is amazed at how many sites there are. Something makes a noise outside, and she walks to the door, convincing herself that itís nothing. She listens to someone outside, and hears Jack call Jamal. Opening the door, she catches Jack as he falls inside.

Livvie hold her wedding dress up and canít believe itís her wedding day. Caleb approaches her, and she reminds him that heís not supposed to see the bride on the day of the wedding. He doesnít believe sheís superstitious and he teases her. Kissing her, he knows that there is something that would make the day even more perfect. And itís possible. As he goes to make dreams come true, Rachel enters the room. Livvie is thrilled to see her, and they embrace.

Gabi is still begging Jamal to talk to her, and he finally agrees. Leaving them to their family reunion, Chris advises Jamal to not do anything stupid. Gabi wishes Jack had finished the job on Chris, but Jamal wants to know what she wants. Gabi tells him that sheís scared. This isnít something she wanted, she tried to fight Caleb, but he hypnotized her. She tells him about the night of the Nursesí Ball, and that after that, her life wasnít hers. Caleb made her give up everything she cared about, including Joe. He mixed their blood, and she had no choice. Then she found out she was related to Jamal, and she realized maybe there was a chance for her with a new family. There has to be something they can do to make up for lost time. Jamal wishes heíd found out sooner, it would have been nice to grow up with an older sister. Even as Gabi tries to convince him that itís not too late, Jamal is shaking his head. Gabi doesnít want their first conversation as brother and sister take place through bars.

Alison returns with the blood stash from upstairs. As Jack devours it, Alison tries to pretend it isnít happening. Jack tells her that he was looking for Livvie, and Alison figures out that sheís with Caleb. Showing her the picture that he found in the monastery, he tells Alison that itís a long shot, but itís all he has.

Livvie couldnít imagine getting married without Rachel. When Livvie asks her if itís the right think, Rachel affirms her decision. Livvie feels like she almost has no choice, something pulled her. Rachel advises her that she felt that way for a reason, and Jack could never give her what Jack can. If Livvie asks for the universe, Caleb will give it to her. Nothing, and no one else matters. Rachel believes that, and so does Livvie. As Rachel convinces Livvie, Caleb is listening. He says that after tonight, there will be not turning back. No one that came before him will matter.

Alison fills Jack in on the news about Gabi. Jack is shocked, but when he hears that Gabi is locked in Chrisís lab, he gets angry. Alison tries to convince him that Jamal will watch Chris, and maybe Chris can help. Convinced that Chris wonít help anyone but Chris, Jack knows that if Gabi has been hanging out with Caleb, she probably has learned a few tricks.

Gabi is offering to help Jamal destroy Caleb. She knows all his tricks. If they work together, they can beat him. She tells him to open the door, and when Jamal says no, she loses her temper. Calling him a worm, she tells him that she and Caleb are going to live forever. When Caleb gets her out of that cage, she is going to dance on his grave. But not before she kills Alison. This angers Jamal, but she continues. Alison is at the top of the list, and as Gabi kills her, heíll know itís all his fault. As Jamal runs out, Chris enters, laughing. He guesses that Jamal didnít go for it. Brotherly love. Gabi opens her shirt, and asks Chris if heís interested in a bargain. She has an offer for him. Whatever kind of offer it will take. Chris turns and looks at her.

Michael begs God to take the burden from him and allow him to walk away from Eve. Caleb overhears and taunts him. Angry, Michael asks him what he did to Livvie, if heís turned her into a vampire yet. Caleb tells him that he hasnít turned Livvie yet, but he did come to gloat, and he wonít tell him where Livvie is. The news that Kevin and Lucy found the shrine to Olive infuriates Caleb. He vows to kill them all and find another hiding place for her. But itís too late. Michael has already given her a proper burial. He asks Caleb if he should dig a second grave for Livvie. Caleb says Ďthis oneís differentí. Livvie knows who he is, and wants all the gifts he offers. And he wants Michael to be his best man. Michael begs Caleb to not try to rewrite history. But Caleb still believes itís never too late. He needs to know if Michaelís in or out, he has things he has to do. Michael begs Caleb, if he loves her, heíll let her go. Caleb tells Michael that Livvie is with her mother getting ready. Michael knows that Rachel is in an institution, and it is cruel for him to allow her to believe that her mother is there, and everythingís all right. Caleb is doing this because he can. Michael tries to punch Caleb, but he stops him like he would a child. Caleb knows Michael is getting weaker by the minute, and he should know better then to attack his brother. This marriage will happen. Caleb already lost one bride, this one will never get away.

Chris is amused by Gabiís offer, but he keeps his sex life within his own species. He wants to know what makes her, Jack, and Caleb tick. Gabi knows that heís after fame and fortune, and she asks him how long he intends to be able to enjoy it. One of these days his pathetic life will come to an end, but what if it didnít have to? He spends everyday crawling over everyone to get some pathetic goal. All he has to do is say yes and he can live forever.

Alison asks how it went, and Jamal asks her if she means before or after Gabi threatened to eat them for lunch. Jamal gets a beer, but Alison knows he needs a hug more. She right, and he knows that Alison is also right about this not being Gabiís fault anymore than itís Jackís fault. As she says Jack, he appears. Jamal is happy to see him, but not happy to hear that Caleb has Livvie. Looking at the picture, Jamal recognizes it as a marriage house. Where people go before they get married. Alison figures out that Livvie is the bride, but they donít know where the wedding is or when.

Rachel leads Livvie into the room and she models her wedding dress. Crying, Rachel tells her that sheís beautiful, and that sheís right where she belongs. Sheís about to marry the most wonderful man sheís ever met, and theyíll have eternity to laugh and love. Livvie agrees with Rachel.

Caleb wants Michael to go with the flow because he canít stop it. Michael should know better then to go up against him. Michael knows there is a love out there more powerful, and tells Caleb to not underestimate it. Calebís answer is to not overestimate Jack, or underestimate him. Olivia can barely remember his name. And after tonight, Olivia dies, and then sheíll be reborn.


Victor tells Lucy and Kevin that he went to put flowers on Abeís grave, and the grave is empty. Victor thinks someone stole Abeís body.

Caleb tells Livvie that she must become as he is, and itís time for her to cross over to the other side.