PC Update Wednesday 8/01/01



Port Charles Update Wednesday 8/1/01

By Dawn

Michael is insulted that Ian thinks there is anything going on between him and Eve. This has nothing to do with Eve. Ian points out that Michael told Eve to come to the monastery, and he followed her to Port Charles, and he gave Eve the family crest. Ian asks him if he’s in love with his wife, but Eve enters and stops him.

 Livvie is asleep, and she wakes up calling for Jack. Standing, she finds a note and a red rose. She reads the note from Caleb. She looked so beautiful that he didn’t want to wake her. He wants her to remember what it’s like to be in his arms. She remembers him holding her, and his promises. Holding the rose, she whispers that she’s sorry, Jack, but this is goodbye.

 Jack tells Kevin he has no idea what he’s asking, but Kevin says he knows exactly what he’s asking. Jack needs blood, and Kevin has plenty. Caleb is too powerful for Michael or Jack, but together, Kevin believes that he and Jack could take him. Shaking his head, Jack believes that turning Kevin into a vampire would turn Jack into Caleb. Jack tells him how miserable he is, but Kevin wants to do whatever it takes to save Livvie. He asks Jack to make him one of them, but before Jack can refuse, Lucy screams at him from the door.

 Ian and Eve are arguing. Ian accused a priest of lusting, and Eve thinks that’s ridiculous. Ian accuses Eve of thinking that just because he’s a priest, he doesn’t feel that way. Michael is their friend, of course he cares, Eve wants Ian to understand that doesn’t mean he wants her THAT way. Ian thinks Michael looks at her that way, and Eve shocked to hear that. Ian hopes he sounds like a man that wants to protect his wife and child. Because of Michael a lot of people, including their baby, are in danger. This makes Eve furious. It is not Michael’s fault. It’s Caleb’s fault. Ian wonders if he doesn’t know her as well as he thought he did.

 Lucy is hysterical, and begs Kevin to tell her that she did not hear him ask Jack to turn him into a soulless, doomed, bloodsucker. No offense, Jack. Kevin tries to talk to her, but she’s too upset. He doesn’t understand that how much she loves him and losing him again would make her insane. Kevin holds her while she cries, but he insist he has to save his daughter. His hands are tight on her arms as he holds her away from him, but Lucy’s convinced there is another way. Jack loves Livvie, and he’ll go down to save her. He may die saving her, but there has to be someone for her to come back to. Sacrificing Kevin’s life is not an option. Jack promises to bring Livvie back to him. Kevin has to do something, or else Livvie may not have a future. This may be last thing Jack does for her, let him save Livvie

 Livvie is still wandering about the room, positive that this is her new home. She remembers Caleb’s words about the truth, and she won’t be able to go back to life as she knows it. Livvie pulls out stationary, and writes Jack a goodbye letter. This is her future, her destiny. Caleb.

 Jack thinks if he’s strong, he can feel Livvie’s presence. He believes he’s going to find her. Kevin admits that he was wrong about Jack, and it’s a good thing Livvie was right. After Jack leaves the room, Kevin leans on the table, defeated, but Lucy has faith in Jack. Kevin doesn’t think it’s enough. They’ve been running around for hours and they’re no closer to finding Livvie. Deciding that they have to do something, Lucy suggests looking though everything. Books, pictures, papers, for anything that would give them a clue, or maybe she’ll feel something. Screaming, Kevin tells her that her psychic hunches and her tarot cards aren’t going to help. His daughter is missing, and she may want to help, but she has no idea what it’s like to have your child out there and not know where. Crying, Lucy agrees sarcastically that she knows nothing about missing children. Knowing he stuck a knife in her, he tries to apologize, but it’s too late. If Kevin doesn’t want her help, she’ll take her hunches go. But she loves Livvie, too and she’s not going to do this- she’s not gong to let one more person she cares about slip through her fingers. After she storms out the door, Kevin kicks a large picture across the room. The frame cracks and another small drawing slides out from behind it, but Kevin doesn’t notice. 

 Livvie continues writing the letter. Knowing this will be hard for Jack to accept, she belongs with Caleb. He knows her right down to her soul and this is so right for her. Her  Jack’s voice whispering to her, telling her how much he loves her.

 Jack is on the monastery stairs talking to Livvie. Love will bring them back together. The truth is that he has to protect her. He asks her to remember all the things they shared. He remembers the night they met. 

 Livvie doesn’t want to hurt him. They had some amazing times. The first time he kissed her. It took her breath away.

 Jack remembers the kiss changed his life. When she came out of the water, and they made love.

 Livvie remembers the feeling she’s never felt before, and it was incredible. The light went on for her. It was love.

 Jack knows Caleb has her under his spell, but no matter how strong Caleb’s hold over her is, their love is stronger. He begs her to not give in to Caleb, and to remember the love they have.

 Livvie remembers that she loves him. Smiling, she says it several times.

 Michael talks to god about keeping the world safe from Caleb but he is asking if his motives are still pure. He wonders if his feelings have tainted his judgment. He asks God if it is true that he loves another mans’ wife. Standing, Michael walks to the front of the church, but Eve heard him.

 Ian finds Eve in the church, and he wants to talk about this. He’s sorry, but he wants to take her way from Michael. If something happens to their baby, he’d die. Ian wants them to leave together, and not Michael, where they’re going. Eve tries to agree with him, but he’s still talking. Ian braces himself and tells Eve to go ahead. He’s ready for her to yell. Smiling, she tells him that she’s not going to yell. She would follow him anywhere, and she trusts him with her life, both of their lives. She loves him with all of her heart, and he does know her. Smiling, they kiss.

 Lucy comes back and tells him that she’s leaving with Ian and Eve. He knows he crossed the line with her. Quietly, she says it’s okay, but he knows it isn’t. Without her psychic hunches and tarot cards, he would have never known about Caleb at all. Walking around him to keep her back to him, she tells him that sometimes you have to read a few tea leaves. He doesn’t mean to take this out on her, and he feels like he’s losing his mind. Going to him, they hold each other for a moment, and then Lucy decides they need positive energy. They’re going to look everywhere and they’re going to find them. Smiling, Lucy asks him how hard could it be to find a big guy with fangs? Jack enters as Kevin suggests that they go back into town and regroup. He asks Jack if he needs a ride, but Jack tells them that he’s going to look around some more. Lucy wants to know if he’s okay, well, as okay as he can get. With Jack’s assurance that he’s all right, Kevin and Lucy leave. Alone in the room, Jack begins to search again. This time he finds the drawing that fell out from behind the picture that Kevin kicked. It’s a drawing of a house, and it’s identical to the house that Livvie’s in with Caleb.

 Livvie repeats that she loves Jack, and she always will. Caleb returns and asks her why she didn’t come to get him. Smiling, Caleb kneels beside her. His fingers trace her body, and he asks her if she remembers. She remembers what it felt like when he kissed her. He kisses her again, and touches her face. He takes the letter she was writing and begins to read it. All she remembers is sitting down. He bets she was going to write him a love letter, and she agrees. He wants her to feel wonderful on their wedding day. She was thinking of him. Gently, he pulls her to him and holds her.


 Jack falls on Alison as she opens the door to her apartment.

 Rachel is telling Livvie how beautiful her baby looks on her wedding day, and that she wouldn’t miss it.

 Gabi begs Jamal to open the cage and let her out