PC Update Tuesday 7/31/01



Port Charles Update Tuesday 7/31/01

By Dawn

Alison and Jamal are discussing Gabi. Jamal is still shocked by the news that Gabi is his sister, and he thinks he should have stayed to help her. Reminding him that Gabi was going to kill both of them, Allison suggests that Jamal needs some time to really digest it. As they are discussing it, they smell smoke. They decide to investigate.

The fire is coming from inside Chris’s lab. The bed in the cage is on fire, and Chris is unconscious on the floor.

 Karen is trying to page Chris and Frank approaches her. He’s outdone himself on their date, but Karen is preoccupied. Ian, Eve, Kevin, and Chris have all disappeared. Frank guesses that Chris is on a beach pulling sings off flies. But Karen is alone there, and it’s weird. 

 Gabby is at the hospital, but her mind is on the confrontation between her and Jamal and Allison. She remembers telling Jamal that if he killed her, he’s be killing his sister. She’s freaked out about it, and she needs Caleb.

 Kevin realizes that Lucy was right about Jack. The physical confirmation seems to shock everyone but Lucy. Lucy tries to tell Jack he’s killing the wrong guy, but Jack won’t listen. Eve screams that Jack is killing Caleb’s twin brother.

 The fire is spreading in the cage, but Allison and Jamal open the door and find Chris. The cage is still electrified, and Chris wakes up to tell them how to turn it off and where to get the keys. They let him out and Jamal puts out the fire. Jamal wants to know what happened. Jack locked him in, and he took off with Lucy and Kevin. He set the fire himself to try to set off the alarm. Chris tries to deny it, but Jamal and Allison figure out the cage was originally intended for Jack. Chris admits to trying to protect the world from a vampire. They try to convince Chris that Jack isn’t dangerous, and there are more dangerous ones out there. Chris asks how many vampires there are, but they won’t tell. He offers to help. If there are that many, they’re going to need a cure. Chris can find that cure, but only if they work with him. Jamal finally admits the Gabi is one, too. Chris thinks of the blood bank, and suddenly it makes sense.

 Frank has poured the guilt on over the broken date to the point that Karen decides that she’s going to page a few nurses to cover her shift. Gabi's voice distracts her, and Karen tells her that she was about to page her to beg her to cover tonight. But Gabi hands Karen an envelope. Audrey Hardy wasn’t in her office, so Gabi wants Karen to accept her resignation. Gabi's out of there.

 Jack finally releases Michael, but he turns to everyone with his fangs still out and his eyes still red. Eve, Ian, Lucy, and Kevin stare at him. Jack demands to know what they’re looking at. Ian puts it together that Jack was bitten by a vampire, and now he’s a vampire. Michael realizes that they all know about Caleb, and Lucy tells him that they just put the pieces together. Eve and Ian are shocked, but Jack isn’t done with the shocks. As Kevin asks Michael to help them, Jack warns them to not trust him. Jack shows them the mummified corpse, and Michael is forced to admit that it is Olivia. He tells them about the marriage, and how Olivia found out what Caleb was. Lucy thinks it was a swell wedding present. Olivia didn’t want anything to do with it, and Caleb accidentally killed her. But Caleb loved her and he couldn’t part with her. Kevin and Lucy figure out that Caleb wants Livvie to replace Olivia. Jack says it, but Michael goers one-step further buy staring at Eve and saying that he wants a family. Eve says that nothing completes a family like new blood. Eve asks Michael if Caleb wants her baby. All Michael can do is nod.

 Karen asks Gabi if she’s really sure she wants to resign. Frank asks if it has anything to do with Caleb, but Gabi says it’s because being a nurse is a thankless job. At Karen’s suggestion that she talk to Audrey first, Gabi gets furious. She’ll shove it under Audrey’s door herself. After Gabi storms off, Karen and Frank discuss how strange everyone has been acting. Karen thinks is like the entire town has been turned upside down. Allison approaches, looking for Gabi. At Karen’s comment that she’s better off that she just missed her, Allison begins to panic. She asks what Gabi did. Karen tells Allison about Gabi's resignation, and says that she needs to take a break. Frank goes to check on Emilio, and he’ll see Karen later. Karen walks away and down the hall, but as she passes the door to a storage room, an arm reaches out and grabs her, pulling her inside.

 Allison is on her cell phone as Gabi watches. She asks Jamal if he’s found Livvie and Jack yet. Excited that he has, Allison tells him she’ll be right there. Gabi follows Allison as she leaves the hospital.

 Eve demands to know the truth from Michael, and he finally admits it. That’s why he gave her the necklace. Kevin wants to know what he gave Livvie to protect her, but Michael only suspected that Caleb had found someone new. Kevin wants Michael’s help, but Ian doesn’t believe Michael is going to help anyone but Caleb. Michael built a sanctuary to a monster, and he’s hiding a murderer. Ian points his finger at Michael, accusing him of knowing that Caleb was looking for Olivia number two, and that he was after the baby, yet doing nothing to stop it. Michael knows they all would have died trying to stop him. Michael is the only one that can. Jack wants to know why Michael hasn’t stopped Caleb. Michael asks Jack how long he’s known about this. He’s known his whole life, and Caleb can’t be destroyed. But Caleb has a human side, and Michael is convinced he can get through to him. Michael will do anything he can to save Livvie, and he’d die before he’d let Caleb take the baby. Eve storms out, and Lucy follows her. Ian takes Michael outside to discuss Eve. Kevin turns to look at Jack, but Jack is doubled over in pain. Concerned, Kevin goes to Jack and asks him what’s wrong.

 Frank and Karen are kissing in the closet, and Karen decides that being kidnapped is nice. The closet is very kinky, and Frank adds that the stairwell could be nice as well. Karen has to go back to work, but Frank says they have to count tongue depressors. They kiss a few times, but he loses count of how many, and they have to start over.

Allison is in the lab, looking for Jamal, but she’s not alone. Gabi is following her, and once they’re in the lab together, Gabi bares her fangs. Standing up from behind the counter, Chris shoots Gabi with the dart gun. Jamal grabs her and puts her in the cage. As Jamal locks the cage and jumps back, Chris turns on the electricity. Chris calls Jamal partner, but Jamal just wants to keep everybody safe. Gabi screams at Jamal.

 Lucy finds Eve outside, and asks her if she’s okay. Eve is talking about the fact that they haven’t picked out a name yet. They don’t want a name that the other kids can pick on. Nobody’s not going to hurt this baby. Lucy suggests a few names from Mother Nature, but Eve thinks any of those would get the baby beat up before the end of recess. Lucy knows that when Eve holds the baby, she’ll know his name. Lucy tries to convince Eve that the baby will be fine. He’s going to be happy, healthy, and loved. In a nervous babble, Eve mentions that she isn’t ready yet; she’s never done this before. They need a crib, and there’s a lot more reading she needs to do before she has the baby. Smiling, Lucy pulls Eve to sit with her on the monastery steps. Eve is in a panic about being a mother, let alone the fact that something evil is after the baby. Something that Eve doesn’t know how to fight. Lucy promises to do everything to stop Caleb. Staring into Lucy's eyes, Eve reminds her that they both know that a mother's love isn't always enough to keep a baby safe. Tears come to Lucy’s eyes, and she replies that this time it will be enough. Crying, the women hold each other.

 Ian makes Michael sit down. Michael claims to care about Eve, but he didn’t tell her what she was facing. Just gave her a piece of jewelry and hoped for the best. Ian wonders if it's because maybe he’s a coward, or maybe because he wants everything to play out the way he planned it. Michael protected the baby and Eve, but not Ian. Maybe Michael was hoping that Caleb would take care of Ian and that would leave Eve for him. Michael tries to leave, but Ian isn't finished. It's just the two of them, and Michael’s boss is watching. Ian asks if Michael is in love with another man's wife.

 Jack tries to convince Kevin that he’s fine, but Kevin knows better. Jack admits that he’s hungry, and he needs blood. The thought seems to sicken Kevin at first, and Jack admits he hates it. But it’s the only way he’s going to beat Caleb. Kevin asks what Jack is up against. Caleb's strength is superhuman, and he has this power to be everywhere. Caleb has stronger powers, but Jack knows he’s Livvie’s only hope. The more he feeds the stronger he gets, but he needs more blood to be ready. Kevin offers his own blood. If Jack feeds off him, they can face Caleb together.



 Eve tells Ian that this isn't Michael's fault. It’s all Caleb’s. Ian wonders if he knows Eve as well as he thought he did.

 Kevin tells Jack to do whatever it takes to save Livvie. He wants Jack to make him 'one of them'.