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Port Charles Update Monday 7/30/01

By Dawn

Jamal is still holding the stake, but he’s shocked at Gabby’s revelation that she’s his sister. Alison is begging her to let go, and she finally does. Alison wants to know if she’s telling the truth. Jamal doesn’t want to believe, but Gabby hands him the adoption papers. They have the same father. Gabby lifts Jamal against the wall by the throat. Alison reminds her that vampires can’t bite their own family. She tells Jamal that this is the last time Jamal will get in her way.

 Eve is still upset that Caleb is after their child, and Ian reacts to her hysteria. He tells Kevin that he thinks the vampire thing is ridiculous, and informs Lucy that she’s scaring Eve. Lucy apologizes but she won’t drop the matter because Caleb is dangerous. Ian won’t argue that, but being a vampire isn’t one of his problems. They don’t have time for this, Kevin is asking them to trust him and Lucy. Ian repeats that they’re saying that Caleb is a vampire, and he’s after their child. Deciding that he’s finished, Ian tells Kevin and Lucy that they both need to get some rest. As he tries to walk past Kevin, Kevin shoves Ian and gets in his face. Asking if Ian wants to take a swing at him, he says that doesn’t give a damn what Ian believes, Livvie’s life is on the line. And they’re the best chance of finding her. So until they agree to help, they’re not leaving.

 Jack falls to the feet of the corpse and cries for a moment. Finally, he stands and realizes that it’s not Livvie in the casket, but an identical woman. Her eyes are open, and the body is completely preserved. Jack wonders what Caleb has done to her.

 Livvie is begging Caleb to do everything he promised. His fangs in her flesh. To make her his. He bares his fangs, but stops. He has a flashback of holding Olivia in his arms crying. Livvie asks him what’s wrong, but he tells her nothing. She wants to know why he stopped. He wants her so badly, but not like this. They have to wait. Livvie doesn’t want to, but Caleb kisses her neck.

 Ian is furious. Kevin tries to convince him that Caleb has Livvie. They’ve tried to police, but the police couldn’t help them if they wanted to, but Ian and Eve can help. Lucy begs them to help, if not for Livvie, for their child. Eve wants to know why someone would want to hurt their child. Telling Eve not to listen to them, Ian points his finger at Lucy and tell her that she’s losing it. Pointing her finger back at Ian, Lucy screams back at him. This isn’t about her Tarot cards, this is about what Michael told Eve about the necklace to protect her from Caleb. Still screaming, Lucy reminds them of everything that’s happened. Ian raises his voice over hers to ask her if that proves to her that Caleb is a vampire. Yelling over all of them, Kevin only wants to know how to find Michael. If he can lead them to Caleb it’s a start. Eve finally answers that he’s probably at the monastery. Responding to Eve’s calm voice, Kevin asks her how they find it. Now Ian decides that he’ll take them there, he’s like a few words with Michael himself. They all run towards the door. Ian wants to leave Eve, but Eve wants to hear the truth from Michael. Eve puts the crest back on her neck. Ian’s not happy she’s wearing it again, but Eve doesn’t think it can hurt.

 Caleb is standing a way from Livvie, but she’s still begging him to drink her blood. Why isn’t now the right time? She’s afraid he’s having second thoughts. He wants her more and more, but he has to confess to her first. She doesn’t want to hear it, but he refuses to have secrets. About Olivia, she was so much like Livvie, he wanted to make her happy. He remembers brushing Olivia’s hair.

 Jack finds a hairbrush in the trunk, along with a diary. As he begins to read it, we hear Caleb’s voice. He’s trying to describe how he couldn’t wait to make her his bride. The day before the wedding, he went to her and gave her a bracelet. He couldn’t contain his excitement, and he showed her his fangs. She was terrified of him and disgusted by him. He couldn’t convince her that he was still the same man and she threw him out. He had to show her wonderful it could be, so he went back to her. She tried to get away from him, but he held her and lost control. He didn’t mean to, but he killed her. Closing the diary, Jack puts it back in the trunk. Lifting the picture, he promises that he won’t let this happen to Livvie.

 Caleb is still holding Livvie’s hands, and she goes to him. As he puts his arms around her, she closes her eyes.

 Livvie is outside on the balcony as Caleb approaches her. He asks her if she wants to leave, but she wants to thank him for trusting him enough to tell her everything. She’s not afraid. She knows what and who he is, and she doesn’t care. All she knows is that she wants to be with him, and she wants their life to be everything he’s shown her. She can’t imagine her life without him. When he proposes marriage to her, she accepts. Holding her, he promises to give her everything she’s dreamed of having. She promises to be patient. Holding her face, he tells her how much he loves her and how happy he is. Wrapping her arms around him, she promises to not let him down.

 Gabby releases Jamal, who falls to the ground. Alison and Jamal hold each other while Gabby admits that Caleb sent her after Jamal. Jamal was feeding Jack, and Caleb hates Jack. She thinks Caleb loves, her but Jamal doesn’t know about that. He offers to help her. Alison tells her that Jack was bitten, too. They were helping Jack, she asks Gabby to let them help her. Gabby doesn’t need their help, she likes who she is. Alison and Jamal try to remind her how nice she used to be, and the harder Gabby tries to deny that person exists anymore, the harder Jamal tries to get through to her. She cared about her family, her patients, her friends. It’s not too late for them to be brother and sister.

 Jack covers the coffin with an old blanket as Michael approaches him. Thinking Michael is Caleb, Jack grabs Michael. Taking Michael by the shirt, he demands to know what he’s done with Livvie.

 Lucy, Kevin, Ian, and Eve enter monastery. Lucy remarks how beautiful it is, but Ian knows it was a place to house his brother. Eve argues with him that they don’t know that.  Lucy thinks a church for vampire doesn’t make sense. Ian is sarcastic when he reminds Lucy that Caleb may not be a vampire.  They hear screaming and run for the basement. Eve recognizes Michael’s voice.

 Gabby still doesn’t want Alison or Jamal’s help. Alison is convinced that finding about Jamal has to make difference. Jamal reminds her that Caleb ran off with Livvie, and would he do that if he really loved Gabby? Jamal asks Gabby if she’s going to kill two people that only wanted to help her. Backing up, Gabby tells them if they get in her way again, she will kill him. Telling Jamal the he and Jack will never win against Caleb, she leaves. Alison turns to Jamal and they hold each other.

 Livvie is asleep on the balcony. Her dreams are of Caleb being her husband. She approaches him slowly, announcing that she’s his wife, and they don’t have to wait any longer. He blindfolds her with a white scarf, and leans down to kiss her neck before moving to the front of her. His lips brush her neck and throat as she begs him to drink from her. She removes the blindfold to reveal Jack staring at her before they kiss. Not waking, Livvie mumbles Jack’s name.

 Jack is holding Michael by the neck as he tries to tell him that he’s not Caleb. As Eve, Kevin, Ian, and Eve approach Jack, Kevin calls his name. Jack turns to them, baring his fangs.


Jack tells them to go away as Kevin and Lucy continue to try to get through to him.

 Alison and Jamal go towards smoke, Chris is unconscious in his cage and the lab is on fire.