PC Update Thursday 7/26/01



Port Charles Update Thursday 7/26/01

By Dawn

Lucy and Kevin are begging Jack to let Chris go. But Jack insists that Chris deserves this. Kevin tries to tell him that the police will put Jack back in jail if he hurts Chris. Lifting Chris to slam him against the cage, Jack says there’s no IF about it. As Jack holds Chris up, Lucy and Kevin continue to try to reason with him. Lucy reaches to touch his shoulder, but Jack pushes her away, telling both of them to leave him alone. Finally Kevin mentions Livvie. Lucy jumps on the idea, asking Jack if killing Chris is worth losing Livvie.

Alison and Jamal are outside Gabi’s apartment, and Alison isn’t sure talking to her is a good idea. But the stalker is after Gabi, too, and they might be able to get a clue from her. Gabi is arguing with the adoption agency on the phone when they knock on the door. Yelling at the agency to call her back, she is angry to see Jamal and Alison. Jamal asks her if she has a minute, and she tells them no. Jamal asks her if she’s upset. Alison offers company to help her, and Gabi slams the door in their faces.

Livvie is asking Caleb how he arranged for Rachel to be with her. Caleb merely states that he has ways that most people never understand. So Livvie guesses that she’ll never understand, and Caleb offers to try to explain. Wondering if she’s dreaming, she asks Caleb if he’s real. He assures her that he’s real, and he wants to show her how real. Staring into his eyes, she tells him to show her. Taking her face gently in his hands, he leans to her and kisses her. No longer afraid, Livvie returns his kiss.

Lucy and Kevin are still trying to get Jack to let go of Chris. Lucy reminds him that every second counts towards finding Livvie. That works, and Jack drops Chris. Kevin asks Lucy why she said that vampires couldn’t kill their own blood. Technicality, Lucy explains. They can’t feed on their own family. Kevin thinks not feeding, but breaking necks is a hell of a technicality. As they bicker, Jack realizes they know he’s a vampire, and asks them how they knew. Lucy admits that they figured it out. Kevin asks Jack what was going on, and Jack explains about Chris’s experiments. Chris was trying to save lives and keep the public safe. Jack decides he’s going to show Chris safe, but Lucy gets in front of him. Chris uses the fact that Jack wanted to get to him as proof that Jack is a monster. This time they can’t stop Jack and he throws Chris in the cell. As Chris tries to get out, Jack turns on the electricity. Lucy and Kevin watch as Jack gets sarcastic and offers to bring Chris a cheeseburger. Finally, Jack turns to Kevin and Lucy and tells them that they need to go find Livvie. As they leave, Chris yells at them that they can’t leave him there, but none of them are listening. Chris grabs the bars and the current throws him to the ground.

Livvie decides that she’s not afraid of anything about Caleb. Caleb promises her anything she wants anytime she wants it. All she has to do is ask. Livvie’s grateful for his generosity, but she thinks that his powers should scare her. He’s so magical, but he insists that she’s the magic. She opened his heart again. He was lost and wandering alone without love or light until he saw her, and he had a reason to live again. Livvie asks what happened to close his heart. She begs him to tell her, so he begins to tell the story of Olivia. He loved her, but he was young and impatient. He’s wiser now, and he’s learned how fragile the heart can be. The night before the wedding, he can’t finish the sentence, but Livvie guesses that she died. That night finished Caleb, and he never believed he’d love again until he saw her. Taking her face gently, he tells her that she is the magic for him.

Alison is banging on Gabi’s door until she opens it. When she does, Alison tells her that she’s sick of doors being slammed in her face. Jamal tries to be diplomatic and tells her that the guy that’s been stalking her has Jack and Livvie. Alison reveals that Caleb is in love with Livvie and wants her. Gabi doesn’t give a damn or know anything. And Livvie, Gabi snorts at that. Who would have a thing for that bony brat anyway. Alison is shocked. They’re trying to help her. Gabi is finished with them. She doesn’t care, and she’s waiting for a private important phone call. As Gabi tries to shut the door again, Alison gets in her face and begins to scream at her. Suddenly Gabi grabs Alison by the arms and lifts her to her toes to shove her. Jamal steps in and Gabi takes his arm and shoves it up behind his back to hold him.

Gabi is still holding Jamal who promises to back off if she lets him go. But Alison is not convinced. All they’re trying to do is help Gabi. Caleb is a killer. Gabi asks them what makes them think Caleb has hurt anyone. Alison accuses her of protecting Caleb calls her a nutcase. The phone rings, and Gabi tells her to walk away while she still can. Jamal gets it, and he drags Alison away. In the hallway, Alison argues with Jamal. There are things that she’s dying to say to Gabi. Jamal says dying is just the point, Gabi is a vampire. She’s protecting Caleb because she’s one of them.

Livvie thinks the story is so beautiful and sad. But Caleb wants to make their story the happy one with the good ending. Her family is worried, but if they could see what she sees, and know what she knows. He’s gentle and giving, he’s been hurt and he’s afraid to be hurt again. Caleb tells her to call and tell them what she knows. That she’s not being held against her will. Make them understand how much he loves her.

Jack asks Lucy and Kevin where to start. He’s been stuck in a cage; he has no idea where to start. They agree that Caleb has Livvie, but Jack has never gone looking for Caleb before, Caleb always comes looking for him. They realize that Jack has always had Livvie. Kevin is furious that Caleb wants to make Livvie his bride, but he still hedges around the word. Jack tells him that he knows what he is and Kevin can say it. The disgust at himself is obvious as he talks about ‘his kind’. He’ll do whatever he can to stop Caleb. He has an idea where to look, but they can’t go with him. Kevin refuses to even consider Jack doing this on his own. But Jack is convinced that Caleb would only kill Kevin and Lucy. Jack is willing to trade himself for Livvie, and Caleb will bargain with him. Caleb will either turn Jack or destroy him, and at least Jack can put up a fight. Lucy agrees that Jack is right. They need to stay away from Caleb. Jack swears on his life that he will bring Livvie back to them. Kevin is still determined to be there when Jack finds Livvie. Kevin’s cell ringing distracts him and Jack runs away. Kevin answers the phone and is shocked to hear Livvie’s voice.

Chris is still locked in the cage. Dialing his cell, he tries to convince the 911 operator that he’s not kidding, and it’s a real emergency. As he tries to get a good signal, he bumps into the bars. The shock makes him drop the phone, shattering it. Wandering in a small circle, Chris wonders what he did to deserve this.

Jamal and Alison are still in the hallway discussing Gabi. She knew more about Caleb then she ever let on. Gabi was acting crazy, but not for a vampire. Jamal decides that Gabi bit Emilio, but Alison remembers that she can’t feed on her own family. Jamal doubts the rules anymore, but Gabi can lead them to Caleb and Livvie.

Gabi is on the phone, asking if they’re sure they have the adoption papers. Promising to be right over she leaves.

As Gabi exits the apartment, Jamal and Alison follow her.

Kevin offers to come and get Livvie, but she’s having a wonderful time. Hopefully, Kevin asks her if she’s alone. Livvie tells him she’s not alone, but she’s there because she wants to be. When Kevin tries to convince her that Caleb is dangerous, Livvie argues with him. When she asks to talk to Jack, Caleb takes the phone from her. Promising Kevin that he’ll take good care of Livvie, Caleb hangs up on him.

Jack is running through the woods screaming Livvie’s name. He begs her to believe in their love and not let Caleb get to her.

Caleb hangs up the phone, but Livvie wasn’t finished. Her father knows she’s safe and happy, that’s what she wanted, right? Livvie agrees with him, and Caleb reminds her that she promised. The best is yet to come. Livvie promises to stay with him again, and takes his hand when he offers it to her. He slowly leads her out of the house.


 Eve, Ian, Kevin, and Lucy are in Lucy’s living room. Eve asks them about the pictures on Lucy’s bulletin board and wants to know how they know Caleb.

 Caleb is holding Livvie’s face. This is it, the perfect moment he’s been telling her about. When the two of them become one.