PC Update Wednesday 7/25/01



Port Charles Update Wednesday 7/25/01

By Dawn

Gabi is giving Emilio another pint of blood, still trying to figure out how she could feed on her brother. Karen sees her and asks why Gabi is giving him more blood that she didnít order. Gabi says she misread the chart, and offers to go take a break. In the hallway, Gabi runs into Eve and Ian, who express their sympathy. Joining them, Karen tells Gabi to take a break. They enter Emilioís room and discuss Gabiís story of finding him on the floor. Karenís run all the tests, and other then half of his blood being missing, thereís nothing. Suddenly, Emilioís eyes open and he jumps off the bed to attack Ian.

Kevin approaches Lucy and tells her that Caleb has Livvie. Kevin figures that Jack must be looking for her, but Lucy found out that Chris Ďchecked out a six pack of bloodí and left the hospital. They both agree that Chris has Jack, but where.

Jack is drinking the small bottle of blood Chris gave him. Chris offers to trade it for a full one, but Jack throws it. Jack wants to know why Chris is doing this, is it revenge? Nothing that petty. Chris is simply turning a lab rat into a cash cow. Itís his duty as a physician to save lives. Chris says heíd never hurt a living, or semi living soul. Jack insists that heís killing Livvie, but Chris isnít going to do anything about that.

Livvie is shocked at the sight of Rachel. Finally she runs to her, hugging her and crying.

Ian and Emilio are fighting, Ian finally getting the upper hand. Eve prepares the sedative, but Karen tells her to double it. That works, and Emilio slowly loses consciousness. Lifting him, Ian puts him back in bed. Eve begins to restrain him as Ian checks his vital signs. The orderly arrives and takes over so Karen, Ian and Eve can go to the hallway to talk. Karen tells them that this has happened a couple of times over the last few weeks. Gabi arrives and asks whatís going on. She answers their questions that heís not on medication, and he probably just woke up like that because heíd been under for so long. Thanking them for taking an interest, Gabi goes back to them. Karen tells Ian and Eve about Gabi giving Emilio more blood that wasnít ordered. Gabiís been strange ever since she dumped Joe. And Karen goes on to mention Jack Ramsey and Abe. Eve suggests keeping Emilio sedated until they figure it out, and Karen adds lock down supervision.

Livvie is still holding Rachel and crying. Caleb brought Rachel to her, and Rachel tries to convince her that this is a dreamland for Livvie, Caleb, and Rachel. Livvie is worried about how many people want to punish Rachel, but as long as they are with Caleb, nothing can touch her. Rachel tells her that sheís cured and everything can go back to the way it was, which is what Livvie wanted. Hugging her again, Livvie decides that Caleb knows exactly what she wants.

Chris has to go check results on the computer. He taunts Jack, asking if he wants Chris to bring him a cheeseburger with a little O negative on the side. Jack falls to the floor, shaking. Leaving him, Chris shuts the door behind him. Jack is so hungry he canít stand it. HE has to eat and he has to get to Livvie. He loves her so much, she has to give him strength. Still shaking, he reaches for the bars of the cage.

Livvie turns from Rachel and admits that sheís afraid Rachel is not really cured. But Rachel assures her that she is and the one thing that she was afraid of will never happen. What happened to Estelle, Grace, and Rachel will never happen to Livvie. Rachel tells her that sheíll always have the balance, and Livvie is desperate to believe her. Livvie is dying to tell her everything. They both share a laugh at Estelle having a boyfriend. And Rachel tells her that when she gets back, theyíll be together forever thanks to Caleb. Livvie doesnít want her to go, but Rachel advises her that her dreams are right around the corner.

Kevin tells Lucy that he called Victor, not to tell him about vampires, but to ask him to help look for Jack. Finding Livvie means finding Jack, so thatís where they start. Kevin has never felt so helpless in his life, and itís partly his fault because he kept blowing off her instincts. Now all he wants to do is crawl into her head and figure out whatís going on. As heís talking, Lucy closes her eyes and begins to breath quickly. She turns to Kevin, close to panicking. Sheís seeing Rachelís lab when he was tied to the chair right before Lucy was given the disease. Kevin goes to her, worried. Every time she closes her eyes, or her attention drifts a little, she sees it and feels it like itís happening all over again. Kevin decides that itís enough for him. Dragging her to the elevator, he informs her that theyíre going to the lab. Heís not going to fight her universe anymore- itís all they have to go on.

Chris is back, and still being sarcastic until he realizes the cage is empty. The sight of Jack standing behind him smiling terrifies Chris. Continuing the sarcasm, Jack hopes he didnít mind if Jack ate, and not the tables are turned and the fun is about to begin. No longer smiling Jack advances on Chris.

Karen takes Gabi off of Emilioís case as Eve and Ian approach her to tell her that Emilio is still resting comfortably. They are going to run more blood and compare it to Jack and Abe. Eve wants to talk to Kevin since Abe was his patient. While Eve and Ian are doing that, Karenís going to compare the charts.

Gabi orders Emilio to wake. Heís confused, but Gabi asks him repeatedly if sheís really his sister. Finally he admits that they wanted a baby sister, and they adopted her. But they still love her, sheís their baby sister. It all makes sense to Gabi. Emilio is not her real blood, so she can feed on him, but that leaves the question of who she really is.

Chris tries to reason with Jack, but itís too late. Itís wasting time, and Jack has already lost a day because of him. That could mean Livvie is dead, so Chris is done, and Jack is done listening. Heís had it with Chrisís brotherly love, itís time for Chris to see Jackís. As Chris tries to go past him, Jack grabs him by the throat and holds him down on his knees. Heís not going to feed on him, but he might snap his neck. As Chris struggles to break free the door opens to reveal Lucy and Kevin who begin to yell at Jack to stop.

Livvie begs Rachel not to leave, but Rachel promises sheíll be back. The next time for good. Livvie loves her and Rachel loves her precious little girl. Livvie promises to wait there with Caleb for her. They hug once more and Rachel goes away. Caleb asks her if itís better. Livvie realized that Caleb gave her the one thing sheís always wanted. Now sheíll give him what he wants. Sheíll stay for a week. She trusts him with all her heart. Touching her neck, Caleb leans close to her, promising that heís going to share something that sheís never felt before, and will never feel again.

A nurse is wiping Rachelís face as Rachel lies still in a hospital bed. The nurse is talking about how horrible it is that Rachelís never moved out of the room, or out of that bed.


 Gabi is throwing Alison and Jamal out of her apartment. Shoving Alison, she takes Jamalís arm and twists it up behind his back.

 Livvie asks Caleb who he is, and how she knows that heís real. Caleb assures her that heís real.

 Lucy and Kevin are screaming at Jack to not kill his brother as Jack holds Chris in the air by his throat.