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By Dawn

Lucy and Kevin are staring at Jamal and Alison. Kevin accuses them of knowing Jack was a vampire. He still canít bring himself to say it, and the word has to come from Lucy. Jamal and Alison try to deny it. Jamal says he knew nothing, and when Lucy points out the blood in the fridge, Alison tries to say that she has a blood disease. Lucy tries to diffuse the situation by telling them that theyíre trying to protect Jack, but Livvie is also their friend. Alison wants to know whatís going on with Livvie, and Kevin tells them that Jack has her. Jamal doesnít believe Jack would ever hurt Livvie. Kevinís had it, and he grabs Jamal, gripping him by the shirt. This thing is a vampire, and Jamalís either going to tell him whatís going on, or Kevinís going to beat the answers out of him.

Chris is still feeling for Jackís pulse. As he turns him over, Jackís eyes open and he bares his fangs. Chris screams, but as Jack reaches for him, he hits Jack with the hammer. Jack blocks the door as Chris stares at him. After a moment, Jack attacks Chris, who is screaming.

Caleb is sitting behind Livvie, stroking her hair. He wants 6 days and 7 nights to show her what itís like to be loved. To be so happy sheíll never want to be with anyone else. All she has to do is say yes. Standing, Livvie tells him no, he knows she loves Jack, and she would never leave him. Angry, Caleb grabs her arm. Jack means nothing to her.

Kevin still has Jamal, and Lucy pushes her way between them, prying his hands off Jamal. Kevin canít believe Lucy wants him to take it easy while Livvie is missing. Standing in front of Kevin deliberately, Lucy tries to reason with Jamal. It is time to tell the truth. Jamal admits that Jack is kind of a vampire. But they donít know where Livvie is, they thought she was at the lighthouse. Leaning over Lucyís shoulder, Kevin tells them to tell them everything from the beginning. Jamal begins with when Jack disappeared for a few days. Lucy remembers the story was that heíd left town. Alison tells them that it really began when Jack and Livvie went camping. Lucy tells Kevin that she knew she was right. As Alison begins to tell the story, the picture changes to another shot as Alison is finishing the story with Jack turning up alive without a scratch on him. Kevin repeats that Jack died, they buried him, and he came back to life. He asks them if this seemed weird to them. But Alison admits that they were so happy to see him, they decided that they must have made a mistake. They must have buried him alive. Lucy asks if he had any memory of getting out of the grave. Shaking her head, Alison tells them how weird Jack was acting. His temper, his hunger, Jamal adds the strength Kevin admits heís seen it. But when Jamal brought the blood, and it helped Jack, thatís when they realized thatís what he needed. But Lucy knows that isnít the entire story. Jack was attacked by Caleb, and Jack fought so hard Caleb got hurt. Lucy realizes that Jack and Calebís blood got mixed. Jamal reiterates that itís Calebís fault and until Caleb is stopped, no one is safe.

Caleb screams that he doesnít want to hear anymore about Jack. Pulling away from him, Livvie tells him that heís hurting her. Letting go of her, he apologizes and asks her if she knows what itís like to dream of something for so long that the thought of it not coming true is almost too much to bear. Livvie admits that she does. Caleb asks her to forgive him if his emotions get out of control. But Livvie wants him to understand what heís asking of her. Leaving her family, the people that she loves. The same people that disappoint her time and time again, he reminds her. He knows the decision is difficult, to turn away from what she thought her life would be. But if she takes the step, he promises her that sheíll see that she can fly, and experience the impossible. She doesnít know if she can do it. He wants to know what she wants to make her happy. No matter how unobtainable, heíll get it for her.

Chris overpowers Jack and gets out of the cage. The fact that Jack was dead with no pulse, and now has fangs is making Chris scream. Itís like heís not human. Realization crosses Chrisís face, but it canít be. Itís crazy. Thereís no such thing as vampires, but he is one. He tells Jack to back up as he turns the power back on the cage. Jack tries again to convince Chris how much trouble Livvie is in, but Chris is too busy being fascinated by him. The possibilities of immortality if Chris can figure it out. And he never thought Jack would amount to anything. Jack finally tells Chris that Caleb is the one that did this to him, and he has to kill him to protect Livvie. Chris doesnít think Jack stands a chance against a housefly, but Jack begs Chris to get him some blood.

Chris is behind the counter signing himself out. He just spoke to Alan, and heís taking some time off. Telling the nurse not to miss him, he gets in the elevator.

Kevin canít believe the kids didnít tell them about all of this sooner. Jamal tries to explain that Jack isnít a full-fledged vampire. Alison explains that he hasnít killed yet. Lucy realizes that could change. But it still doesnít make sense. Jack and Livvie did decide to leave town, but then they came back, and they wouldnít just take off again without a word to Jamal or Alison. Jamal checks the fridge and the fact that the blood is still there means that Jack wouldnít have left his stash behind. Kevin asks if that means that they were taken against their will. Jamal knows somethingís wrong, Jack has to be really sick by now. Kevin asks if Jack would get sick enough to feed on Livvie, but neither of the kids believe he would. Jamal believes that the person to worry about is Caleb. Alison reveals Calebís plan to make Livvie his bride. Hearing Jamal say that Caleb wants to turn Livvie into what he is makes Kevin decide they have to get going. He sends Lucy to the blood banks and tells the kids to show him where they saw Caleb.

Jack is suffering and begging Chris to help him. He has a vision of finding Caleb feeding on Livvie in the woods. After seeing himself drive a stake through Calebís heart to save Livvie, he wakes. Shivering, he lays back down.

Caleb wants Livvie to tell him what she wants. She believes that if she told him, he couldnít make her dreams come true. He asks her to trust him to be able to do anything. She wants a normal family that sticks together and takes care of each other. Caleb understands, heís always wanted the same thing, and together they can have it. Neither of them has to feel lonely again. Again he asks her for a week. Lives can be changed in a moment, in the span of one kiss. Moving closer, he kisses her, and she returns his kiss. As his lips moved to her shoulder, he whispers to her to let go of everything and tell him what she wants.

Lucy approaches the nurse on duty and asks for Jack. The nurse hasnít seen Jack, but sheís seen Chris. Suggesting Chris might be able to help her, Lucy asks where he is. The nurse says that Chris took some time off. Didnít even work his shift. Just saw Alan, stopped at the blood bank, and left. When she says blood bank, Lucy pounces on it. Thinking about it, Lucy realizes it must be Jack that Chris is taking care of.

Chris hands Jack a small vial of blood, which Jack drinks hungrily. But it isnít enough. Chris decides that if Jack gets too much he wonít be able to handle him. Heíll give Jack just enough to keep him going. Shaking, Jack calls Chris a monster and swears heís going to pay.

In the cavern with Alison and Jamal, Kevin finds it hard to believe Livvie would follow Caleb to a place like this. Alison knows that Livvie tried to fight it, but Jamal knows that Livvie would have followed him anywhere. If Livvie is there, Jamal knows that Caleb canít hurt them. He canít kill in the presence of someone he loves. Kevin is disgusted by Calebís version of love. Turning them into a version of what he is. They wander around for a moment until Kevin sees Livvieís clothes on the ground. All three of them know what it means. Caleb has her, and none of them have any idea where she could be.

Caleb and Livvie enter the house, and Livvie tells him that the grounds were beautiful. She tells him that heís not the first man to make promises to her, but he assures her that he will be the first to not break them. She believed in Jack, but he can bring her dreams to life. Telling her to close her eyes, he tells her to think of her dream and open them. When she does, Rachel is standing in front of her, smiling.


Lucy tells Kevin that Chris has Jack somewhere, the question is where.

Livvie is crying and telling her mother that sheís really there as Caleb watches them.