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Port Charles Update Monday 7/23/01

By Dawn

Lucy is trying to calm Kevin, but Kevin is convinced that Jack did something to Livvie. Garcia is there, trying to explain to Kevin that Livvie could have taken off with him of her own free will. Livvie is an adult, and she hasn’t been missing 24 hours yet. There isn’t much the police can do. Kevin tries to tell Garcia how dangerous Jack is, but all Garcia can do is promise to check it out.

Livvie wakes on a sofa is a strange living room. Slowly, she walks around wondering where she is. As she reaches the French doors, she stops and stares outside. Caleb approaches her and she turns to him. He welcomes her to their home.

Jack wakes in a small cage in a makeshift lab with Chris. Chris guesses he had enough sleep from enough tranquilizers to take down an elephant for a week. Jack wants to know where he is, but all Chris will tell him is that it’s not the Ritz. Chris tells Jack that he isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Smiling as Jack gets shocked when he grabs the bars, Chris tells him that the cage is wired with 240 volts.

Touching the bars again, Jack gets shocked. Chris had to keep him contained until he finds out where the superhuman strength is coming from. But he’s getting closer, there were some strange properties in Jack’s blood. Jack is furious and screams at Chris to let him out. Chris goes back to his desk and continues to work. Offering to cut Chris a deal, he tells Chris that he’ll make this whole thing go faster. Chris wants to know what work with him means. Jack agrees to go along with Chris examining him, making sure Chris will go down in history. All Chris has to do is let him out. Chris helps him, he helps Chris. He has to convince Chris.

Jamal and Alison approach Gabi at the hospital and ask about Emilio. She tells them there’s no change, but Alison doesn’t like her tone. Gabi gets more sarcastic and tells them she’s sorry if she’s not a bunch of laughs. Jamal interrupts Alison’s reply and says it’s been a long night. The police think the guy that’s been killing people have something to do with what’s happened to Emilio. She didn’t see anyone. Jamal asks her more questions, but Gabi gets angry and asks him if he’s a cop now. Backing down, Jamal apologizes. Gabi tells them that she and Emilio had a fight, and now she might not get the chance to apologize. Moving to put her head on Jamal’s shoulder, she starts to tell him how hard this is. Alison pulls her away, and asks her if she wants to help catch this guy. To Alison it almost sounds like Gabi’s trying to protect him.

Allowing Caleb to lead her back into the room, Livvie asks him what he means by "our home." Caleb tried to make it the way she’d like it. Livvie insists that he doesn’t know her, but Caleb explains that it’s how it works when two souls are one. Livvie agrees that it’s amazing, and Caleb is pleased. She asks how she got there, and Caleb tells her that she fainted, and he wanted to take her somewhere she would be safe. Livvie tells him that Kevin suspects him of being a serial killer, and Jack thinks he’s a vampire. Caleb pretends to be amused and asks Livvie if he looks like a monster. He asks her if she’d be afraid of him, and she admits she isn’t afraid. Caleb reaches out and touches her cheek while she stares at him.

Gabi is furious. She almost got killed, Emilio is fighting for his life, and Alison thinks she’s the bad guy. Jamal apologizes again, and asks her if there is anyone who would want to hurt her family. All Gabi cares about is her brother, and she wants them to leave her alone. Jamal would if it was just her and Emilio, but this guy is after Livvie, too. The mention of Livvie’s name makes Gabi even angrier. If Livvie’s what they’re worried about, they have their hands full. There’s no telling what he’ll do to her. Alison has heard enough and she takes Jamal with her. Around the corner, Alison is still shocked at Gabi being so mean all of a sudden. Jamal comments about how all of a sudden it was and follows Alison down the hall.

Thanking Victor, Kevin hangs up the phone and tells Lucy that there’s no sign of Livvie. It’s like she vanished. Lucy offers him tea, telling him that he needs something in his stomach. He cuts her off by yelling at her that he doesn’t want it. He can’t shake the feeling that there is a clue, something that they’re missing. Lucy tries to help, and she wants to think together. Sarcastic, he asks her if they’re going to use another bulletin board. She admits that was hokey, but it did help them figure out who Caleb is, and they figured out that Jack’s a vampire. Lucy decides that they should go to the police, but Kevin thinks the police will only think he’s lost his mind. Swearing they won’t, Lucy offers to go with him. Kevin doubts that they will believe her more then him. Her next suggestion is that his believability could be part of the problem. She understands how hard it is for him, but he really needs to try to believe. It might give him a chance at getting Livvie back. The thought of believing in vampires is too much for Kevin. Asking Lucy what she wants from him, he tells her that he can’t just buy into all the supernatural stuff the way she does. He wants a rational explanation, and if she can’t come up with one, she has no reason to be there in the first place. Not ready to give up, Lucy approaches him again. He knows she loves Livvie, too. That’s why she’s willing to try anything. As her father, doesn’t he owe her to try anything, crazy, disgusting, anything to try to help? His reply is only to glare at her, and she gives up. As she takes her purse and heads for the door, he finally calls her name. When she turns around, he asks her what if he can’t do what she’s asking. Going back to him, she tells him that she knows he can, and she’ll help him. Kissing her once and taking her into his arms, he can’t stand to think about it. He can only hope Livvie’s all right.

Caleb brings a tray of Livvie’s favorite food, right down to the anchovies. Livvie asks him why he’s gone to so much trouble for her. He already told her the night they met. Livvie remembers he said that she was his future. Smiling, Caleb adds that she’s the one he’s been looking for. Once he found her, he couldn’t get her out of his mind, and he dreamt of her. The smell of her hair, the touch of her skin, his every thought has been filled with her. Livvie admits that she can’t stop thinking about him, either, but she loves Jack. She has to get back to him, and her family in Port Charles. He reminds her that Kevin had her locked up. And that she wasn’t very happy with Jack last night, either. Livvie tries to defend both of them. Kevin was worried about her, and Jack has been through a lot. But Caleb reminds her that Jack kept things from her. He’d never do that. But Livvie thinks there are things Caleb is keeping from her now. Caleb tells her that everything about him can be unlocked for her if she has the key. But she has to want the key. Telling him she does want the key, allows him to take her hand and lead her to the sofa. He wants her to let go of the past and the future to live in the now. Running his fingers down her body, he tells her to let herself experience everything. Taking a piece of cheese, he brings it to her mouth and feeds her. He follows the cheese with his finger, which she sucks on before he takes it out of her mouth and places it in his own.

Jack was scared to let Chris help him before, but now he needs him. Chris asks him if stupid is written all over his face. When Jack tells Chris that some guy is after her, Chris tries to tell him that Livvie is a flake. One day she’s all over him, the next she’s over him, and she’s moving on to the next guy. Jack orders Chris to shut up before he rips his throat out. Laughing, Chris asks him where this throat fetish came from. Jack knows that Chris used to care about Livvie, and she’s in trouble. Looking at Jack, Chris asks Jack if he’ll promise to come back if he lets him out. Taking the keys, Chris approaches the cage and stops. Laughing, Chris tells Jack that he just remembered that he’s not that nice of a guy. In a rage, Jack threatens to kill Chris and grabs the bars of the cage. The electricity makes Jack’s entire body shake while Chris watches. Jack screams.

Gabi stands over Emilio, remembering how she fed off of him. It doesn’t make sense. Caleb told her that they couldn’t feed on their own blood. Emilio doesn’t regain consciousness as Gabi asks him what’s going on.

Kevin finds a picture of Livvie and Jack on Jack’s desk. When Lucy reaches him, Kevin comments on how happy Livvie was in the picture. He turns to stare at Lucy, telling her that after everything Livvie went through with Rachel, he swore he wouldn’t let her get hurt. Lucy reaches for his arm, and begins to tell him that maybe her wires are crossed. Maybe they did run off together for some romantic getaway. Mention the idea that they might have eloped doesn’t make Kevin feel any better. They begin to look for a confirmation number, receipt, anything that might give them a clue. But when Lucy reaches into the trashcan, she finds an empty blood bag. As she holds it up, Kevin sees it and joins her as she opens a small fridge next to the bed. It’s full of the blood that Jamal stole from the blood bank for Jack. Lucy realizes that it’s true. Jack is some kind of vampire. Before Kevin can respond, Jamal and Alison enter the room. They stop and stare at Kevin and Lucy. Kevin accuses them of knowing about Jack all along.

Livvie takes Caleb’s hand, telling him that it’s been wonderful, but she needs to get back to reality. And Jack. Caleb asks if he’s made her uncomfortable, but she tells him this place is amazing, and so is he. She touches his face. But she’s still not sure, and Caleb knows it. He understands. Her heart is a precious thing, and it shouldn’t be given away freely. But he wants her to take the time to get to know him the way he knows her. She hesitates, thinking of Jack and her family. Kissing her hand, he tells her that they need to learn they can’t control her. She needs to prove it to them and herself. He asks her to give him one week to show her all the possibilities. She has everything to gain, and nothing to lose.

 Jack falls to the ground as Chris calls his name. Taking a hammer with him, Chris enters the cage to kick Jack gently. Getting no response, Chris leans down and checks Jack’s pulse. He doesn’t feel any, and he says that it didn’t have to be this way. As Chris ponders Jack’s death, Jack opens his eyes.


 Kevin tells Jamal that if he doesn’t tell him where Jack is, he’s going to beat it out of him

 Jack holds Chris by the throat in the cell

 Caleb whispers in Livvie’s ear as he nuzzles her neck. All she has to do is say yes.