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Port Charles Update Friday 7/20/01

By Dawn 

Gabby is trying to stall Jamal at the door to ER. She asks him to check her ankle for bruises. Wanting no part of her, Jamal tells her thereís nothing there, and tries to get past her. As he walks away, Gabby follows him. Heís in a room on the phone trying to get a hold of Lucy. Entering behind him, Gabby shuts the door and approaches Jamal.

Seeing Michael holding Eve leaves Ian telling them to not let him interrupt, but Eve runs to him and hugs him. Sheís glad heís there. Eve and Michael admit to Ian that Caleb came there to see her. Eve tells Ian that Caleb didnít hurt her, but hurt Michael. And he wouldnít leave the apartment. Ian holds her for a moment, but she decides she needs to throw water on her face. Alone, Michael knows what Ianís thinking. Ian is angry, and Michael has no idea what Ianís thinking.

Kevinís glad to see Livvie, but Livvie insists that sheís only there because of Jack. That she would still be locked up at the hospital if it hadnít been for Jack. Defending himself, Kevin tries to tell her that all he wanted was for her to be safe. But Livvie is tired of him controlling her. Jack and Lucy watch as Livvie and Kevin argue about whether it was a control or safety. Livvie finally tells Kevin that Jack is the one that explained to her about him being worried about her. Sheís only there because Jack thinks sheís safe there. Jack wants to talk to her alone, but he doesnít want to leave her alone. Finally stepping in, Lucy talks him into leaving them alone. After Kevin and Lucy leave the room, Jack tells Livvie that there are things she needs to know about Caleb and him.

Livvie begs Jack to tell her whatís going on. Holding her, he tells her that he wants to stay, but he has to go after Caleb. Livvie doesnít want to hear that Caleb is some sort of serial killer. Jack tries to find the words to tell her that Caleb is worse and heís the only one that can protect her from him or anyone like him. Livvie isnít safe without Jack, when sheís alone things start to happen. Taking her face in his hands, he begs her to believe that he loves her. She does believe him, but she still doesnít understand. Jack asks her to promise that she wonít leave the lighthouse, and sheíll stay inside. Livvie wonít promise anything until Jack tells her why. Caleb canít come inside the lighthouse because itís one of the rules. Livvie is more confused, and she demands to know what the rules are all about. Jack finally states that Caleb is a vampire.

Frank approaches Emilio at the hospital and asks how things went with Gabby. Emilio is furious. Gabby has blown him off for the last time, and heís sick of it. He tells Frank that heís going to do whatever it takes to make her go to the family.

Jamal sees Gabby and jumps. Heís getting weird vibe from her, and itís making him nervous. Sheís a nice girl, but heís with Alison, and if thatís not whatís going on, he wants to know what is. Smiling, she apologizes to him for making him uncomfortable. The phone rings and Jamal talks to Lucy. Heís relieved that Livvie and Jack are okay, and heís going to make them pay for making him crazy. Thanking Lucy for calling, he hangs up and tries to get away from Gabby again. But she stops him again, telling him heís a really great guy, and sheís trying to figure out what makes him so different. Having no idea what sheís really talking about, Jamal tells her that heís not different, heís just a normal guy. She said thank you, he said youíre welcome, and heís out of there. After he leaves, Emilio enters and tries to take Gabby home. As he tries to pull her, she shoves him across the room. She tells him to not touch her again, he has no idea who heís dealing with.

Ian admits to Michael that he had him checked out. Michael confirms that he went to the monastery on his own for a place to hide Caleb. He apologizes to Ian, for better or worse, heís always protected Caleb from the world, and heís protected the world from Caleb. Michael tries to tell Ian that he never intended for Eve to in danger and heíd give his life to protect her. Ian is angry, and insists that itís not Michaelís place to protect her, itís his. Ian appreciates all the things Michael has done, and heís a man of the cloth, and itís not his fault, but he brought his troubles to Ianís door, and he canít have that. He tells Michael that he wants him out of their lives, starting right now.

Eve returns and offers tea. But Michael tells her that heís leaving. He tries to cover for Ian, but Ian stops him and admits to Eve that he asks him to leave. As Eve begins to argue, Michael stops her and apologizes for bringing Caleb into their lives. As he walks out the door, Eve follows him. She doesnít want him to go, but he convinces her that itís best for her if he leaves. They both wish things were different, but they arenít. He asks her to promise that sheíll wear the family crest always. Before he can get away from Eve, she kisses him on the cheek and thanks him.†

Gabby tells Emilio to leave her alone and throws him across the room again. Emilio is convinced sheís crazy, but she wants him to listen. He gives up, and he tells her to run off to her mystery boyfriend, calling her a whore. Stopping, Gabby turns and faces him, asking him what he said. The girl from the bar was right about Gabby, and he tries to walk out, still calling her names. Furious, Gabby grabs him and pulls him down in front of her to bite his neck.

Kevin is pacing behind Lucy as she works on a laptop. He decides heís going upstairs, but Lucy stops him. Kevin doesnít trust Jack, and it infuriates him that Jack is trying to convince Livvie to not be mad at him for looking out for her. Lucy knows what that means to him, but sheís preoccupied by whatís on the website. As he starts to rant again, she tells him that there are two kinds of vampires. Good and bad, the only difference being how they use their powers. Kevin canít believe what sheís saying. There is no such thing as vampires. Lucy asks him if heís absolutely sure. The crazy part for Kevin is that heís not sure of anything anymore, except that heís worried about Livvie. Lucy wonders how Jack knows Caleb is a vampire. And how did Jack pull the door open, and throw Kevin. Aggravated with her, Kevin tells her to just spit it out. Lucy asks him if they have a bigger problem that just Caleb.

Livvie doesnít believe Jack. There is no such thing as vampires. Jack tries to convince her that itís real; heís seen it himself. The whole thing, the fangs, the strength, the blood drinking, it exists, and she has to listen to him.Livvie doesnít want to hear that Caleb drinks blood, but Jack tries to talk to her. Livvie is disgusted by the thought of drinking human blood is sick, and she doesnít want to hear anymore. Jack tells her that he has to kill Caleb so sheíll be safe, but Livvie is furious with him. Heís crazy, and she wants him to go. He tries again, but she tells him to get out.

Jamal is on the phone with Alison, telling her to not let anyone in except him, and to tell Victor heíll be there soon. Telling her he loves her, he hangs up as Frank asks if heís seen Emilio. As Gabby is feeding on Emilio, she hears them talking about him being in there. Wiping her mouth, she calls for help. Jamal and Frank enter and they panic at the sight of Emilio on the ground unconscious. Gabby asks them to help her, and tells them that she found Emilio.

Eve understands Ian wants to protect her, but he canít blame Michael. Ian doesnít blame anyone, but he wants both brothers to stay away from her. As much as Eve likes Michael, she canít argue with him. She wishes there was another way. Ian explains to Eve that a family crest is given to the woman a man wants to marry. Eve insists that he gave it to her to keep her safe. Not caring, Ian pulls the crest from her neck and throws it in the trash, promising her that heíll keep her safe.

Kevin asks Lucy if she thinks Jack is some sort ofÖ. He canít say it, and Lucy tells him to just say it. Heís still angry, and he wants to know if everyone is going crazy around him. Lucy thinks the problem is that something is staring them in the face and theyíre not seeing it. Jack wants to protect Livvie from Caleb, but heís afraid to be alone with her. Jackís in the woods, heís hit by a bullet, but nothing happens to him, because what really happened to Jack was Caleb. Speaking faster as it comes together in her mind, Lucy wonders if Jack knows so much about vampires because he is one. As Kevin thinks about what sheís saying, it begins to make sense. Before he can say anything, they hear a door slam. Yelling Livvieís name, they run up the stairs together.

Livvie is at the top of the lighthouse alone, and Jack sees her from the ground. Before Jack can scream at her, he grabs his neck and falls. Chris comes out of the trees smiling.

Livvie turns to find Caleb standing behind her. He says good evening and remarks that itís a nice night.

Chris approaches him as he holds his neck and asks Chris what he did to him. Chris admits that he shot Jack with enough tranquilizer to drop an elephant. When Chris gets close enough, Jack grabs him by the throat. Choking, Chris canít believe this is happening. Before Chris can pass out, Jack does. Pulling away from Jack, Chris wonders what happened to him.

Kevin and Lucy enter Livvieís room to find it empty. Turning to Lucy, Kevin tells her that Livvieís gone.


Jack is in a small cage in a small lab with Chris. Chris tells him that itís wired with 240 volts to keep him from going anywhere.

Livvie is in a living room with Caleb and Caleb welcomes her to their new home.