PC Update Thursday 7/19/01



Port Charles Update Thursday 7/19/01

By Dawn

Jamal steps in front of Jack while Lucy helps Kevin to his feet. Lucy demands to know what Jack was doing, and Jamal explains that Jack is stressing over Livvie. Kevin is furious and Jack apologizes. Lucy steps closer to them and tries to calm Kevin. Jack tells Kevin that he doesn’t want to mess with him. Jamal and Alison try to help. All any of them wants is to keep Livvie safe. Kevin still believes Livvie’s safe, and Jack tries to contradict him. Kevin still won’t consider the fact that Caleb is a vampire. Lucy agrees with them, but Kevin tells her to not encourage them. Jamal tells them that the lighthouse is safe, the hospital isn’t. Jack is going to take Livvie himself and protect her. Kevin steps closer and says over my dead body. 

Chris is shocked to hear Kevin locked Livvie in a room but he figures thinks Jack is the reason. The lab technician calls his name, and Chris takes him to a room where they can talk about the lab results. Jack and Abe both had an unidentified element in their blood samples. The lab technician agrees that the mystery element could be reason for strength, but he needs more blood to do more tests. Chris knows this is a problem, but he will solve it. If they can identify this element and bottle it, they stand to make millions.

Karen is surprised to see Ian. Ian comments that she shouldn’t be surprised to see him at the hospital. She wouldn’t have been surprised before, but now that he has a bride, she’s shocked to see him there on his day off. Ian admits that his new bride wanted him gone. Karen decides that it was a lovers’ spat. Difference of opinion. Ian corrects her.  Karen is shocked when Ian tells her that it was over a guy that’s taken a liking to Eve, moved into their home, and has a mad man for twin.

Eve asks Caleb what he wants. He’s looking for Michael. Eve lies to him that Michael isn’t there, but Ian is. But Caleb lets her know that he saw Ian leaving. Eve says he’s coming right back. Watching her carefully, Caleb decides that he makes her nervous. Eve denies it. Caleb wants to be friends with her, he’s heard a lot about her. Caleb stares at baby, and Eve wraps her arm around the baby. He comments that she must be thrilled to be expecting a baby. Caleb stops her when she tries to shut door, and tells her that it was nice to meet her and he’ll see her again. Eve shuts the door in his face, then wanders around the room, admitting he got to her, and wondering what it was about him. After a moment, she goes back out to see if he’s gone. When she turns to go back inside, he’s at the door, now blocking her from entering the apartment.

Amused, Caleb decides that Eve is as curious about him as he is about her. Looking up and down the hallway, Eve says that she was just making sure he was gone. She’s not happy he’s still there. He tells her that a lot of what she’s heard about him is not true. He’s not the total monster. Just a regular guy with a lot of great qualities. And he loves children. Eve knows he desecrated the monastery and what he’s done to Michael. Getting right in his face, she lets him know that she’s not afraid of him. As she goes back inside, he grabs her arm. When she turns to him, he sees the crest and stops. Eve asks what is wrong with him. He knows Michael gave it to her. Telling her to say hi to his brother, Caleb leaves. Eve holds the crest and realizes it affected Caleb.

Caleb knows Michael gave Eve the crest to protect her. It was smart, but he’ll find a way to get past it.

Gabby remembers not being able to bite Jamal and she’s still confused. She’s determined to succeed next time. Calling Jamal, she leaves a message to apologize for snapping at him. She’ll explain why when they can get together. Emilio enters ER, telling Gabby that they missed her last night. He knows it’s the new guy, but she tells him it’s none of his business. He wants to know what’s going on, it’s like he doesn’t know her anymore. They’re still her family, and they care about her. He asks her if she’s found out about something, which gets her attention and she wants to know what he’s talking about.

Karen wants rest of story about guy. Karen is surprised that this is over the priest Ian thinks something’s off, but having him checked out is what started this. Karen thinks Ian is jealous, and Eve has a right to be upset. But Ian tells Karen that Michael gave Eve his family crest. Karen thinks a priest having the hots for a pregnant newlywed is ridiculous. Go home, make up with Eve, and put it behind him is her advice. He’s working, but Karen agrees to cover.

Chris is calling Jack, but not getting an answer. Hanging up, he wonders where Jack is.

Kevin and Jack are still facing off, Kevin tells him to stay away from Livvie. He agrees, if Kevin will take Livvie home and tell her about Caleb. In a sarcastic tone, Kevin says he’s going to go tell Livvie all about the vampires. Lucy tries to tell him she believes, but he screams her name to stop her mid sentence. Jack wants to talk to Livvie, to convince her to go with them. Lucy thinks that’s good idea. Jack talks to her, Kevin takes her home. What does he have to lose? Kevin has his daughter to lose. To a serial killer, not Count Dracula. Telling Kevin he’s making a big mistake, Jack walks out the door. Alone in the hallway, Jack barricades the door behind him. Lucy wants Kevin to let it go, but Kevin wants to go to Livvie. He begins to scream for help when he realizes the door is barricaded. Jack says he’s going to Livvie

Livvie still won’t talk.Victor remembers Kevin was the same way and it’s genetic. But it’s for her own good. Livvie admits she’s hungry, and she wants pizza from pizza shack. She asks him to go pick it up, but he hesitates. Livvie wants him to believe that there’ s no where for her to go with a guard outside, and she needs some time alone. Victor agrees to send someone, but she’s not happy. She hears Caleb’s voice in her head saying that he’s coming. Almost shaking, she demands he stop talking to her. Confused, Victor says he isn’t talking to her but he wants to help her. Livvie insists that Jack is the only one who can help her and she begs Jack to come to her.

Kevin is still trying to get out the door while Lucy is on the phone getting help. She takes Kevin by the shoulders and turns him away from the door. Alison and Jamal try to tell Kevin how much Jack loves Livvie, and all Jack wants is for her to be safe. Jack would never hurt Livvie. Kevin reminds them Jack threw him across the room, and you never know what someone’s capable of.

Livvie still hears Caleb’s voice telling her not to fight it, and she begins to panic. Victor becomes more worried about her, but Livvie doesn’t answer. All she hears is Caleb telling her that she craves his touch. Outside the room, Jack throws the guard across the hall and looks through the window in the door. Livvie begs him to help her. He literally pulls the door out of it’s frame and opens it to pull Livvie into his arms. The strength Jack needed to rip the door off it’s hinges shocks Victor. Victor begs him to leave Livvie alone, but Jack tells him that Livvie’s not safe there. As Victor watches, Jack jams the door shut and takes Livvie.

Chris lets Kevin out of the office, and Kevin tells him Jack locked them inside. Kevin informs Chris that his brother needs help. Lucy, Alison, Jamal, and Chris follow Kevin to Livvie’s room.

Ian is signing out, and tells Karen that he’s going to go home and make it up to Eve. If they get busy again, don’t call him. He sees flowers and decides to buy them for her.

Karen calls Frank and tells him that she’s thinking about him, she’ll see him soon, and she loves him.

Eve is telling the baby it’s okay, because Caleb is gone. A knock on the door scares her again. She doesn’t want to believe it’s him again. Slowly, she goes to the door, opening it to reveal Michael, who is hurt. Dragging him inside, Eve promises to help him.

Victor is telling Kevin about the strength Jack used to tear the door from a steel frame as they all make their way into ER. Lucy takes his face in her hands and tells him they’ll find Livvie. Taking Lucy with him, Kevin leaves ER. Jamal wants to find Jack, but he wants Alison to stay with Victor for protection. She argues, but eventually agrees to stay with Victor. Gabby finds Jamal right before he gets out the door and wants to talk to him.

Eve admits to Michael that Caleb was there. Michael asks if she invited him inside, but she says of course not. Michael asks if Caleb hurt Eve, and she says not, but she does admit that the way he looked at her and the baby scared her. She apologizes for being hypersensitive, but Caleb really scared her. Michael pulls Eve to him and holds her. He won’t let Caleb hurt her. While Michael is still holding Eve, Ian enters with a full bouquet of flowers.

Lucy and Kevin are at the lighthouse, and Kevin is furious with Jack. They’ve been looking all over for Jack and Livvie. Jack turned her against Kevin, and he knew Jack was trouble. Lucy is beginning to argue with him on the point when they open the door to reveal Livvie and Jack on the sofa. Holding Livvie, Jack tells Kevin that all he wanted to do was bring her home.



Ian tells Michael that he wants him to leave

Jack tells Livvie that he has to tell her something about Caleb and himself.

Gabby throws Emilio across the room, saying that he has no idea who he’s dealing with