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Port Charles Update Wednesday 7/18/01

By Dawn

Ian is complaining about how a computer is supposed to make life easier. Eve offers to help, but Ian declines her help. She tries to show him how to open Victor’s attachment, but Ian stops her. He confesses to her that it’s a report on Michael. Eve is upset and asks  him why he’s checking up on Michael. Ian replies that doesn’t trust Michael.  

Livvie is in her room at the hospital with Victor. Livvie remembers Caleb whispering about how he knows what’s inside her, and how he turned her to face him. It’s like she’s known him forever. Her memories are interrupted by Victor offering her tea, and Livvie tells him unless it’s the key to the door, take it away. She asks him why he’s helping Kevin. Victor tells her that Kevin is trying to protect her from Caleb. Livvie insists they’re wrong about Caleb, and she’s going to see him again, no matter what any of them think. Victor tries to explain to her that some people aren’t what they seem. They don’t know who Caleb is. And Kevin is gong to find the answers.

Michael isn’t intimidated; he’s through allowing Caleb to hurt innocent people. Caleb knows that Michael is protecting Eve most of all. Caleb is amused that Michael is so by the book. Michael won’t let Caleb form some twisted family with Eve’s baby and Livvie. Michael informs Caleb that he’s moved in with Eve and Ian in order to protect them . Caleb asks if Ian knows he has the hots for Eve. Michael will do whatever it takes to protect Eve. Caleb accuses him of being in love with her.

Kevin is looking at a picture of Livvie when Lucy enters the office. She wants to talk to him, but he doesn’t want to talk to her. He admits that Livvie hates him. Warily, Lucy asks him what he did. Kevin admits he locked her up, and Lucy freaks on him. Kevin shoots her an angry glare, and Lucy backs down. She know this is hard for him. He convinced that it’s the only way to keep Livvie safe, but Lucy doesn’t think she’s safe. Begging Kevin to be patient with her, she tells him she was in the lobby trying to cool off, and this old movie that was on made sense to her. She brings up Livvie’s descriptions of Caleb. Hypnotic and seductive, and he couldn’t come in the lighthouse when Lucy wouldn’t invite him inside. All murder victims bled to death with no trace of blood near them. Kevin has no idea where she’s going with this, and he begins to get aggravated with her. Taking a deep breath, she gets to the point. She asks him if they’re dealing with a vampire.

Thinking Jack is attacking Alison, Jamal attacks him while Alison screams at him to stop. The guys begin to fight while Alison is still screaming.

Jack and Jamal are still fighting, and Jack pushes Jamal away before he hurts him. Jack is swearing that he wasn’t going to hurt Alison. Alison is screaming and trying to stop them. Jamal says she doesn’t know what she’s dealing with, but Alison tells him she does. Jack told her the whole story, and she was just hugging him. Jamal apologizes, but Jack isn’t angry. He is hungry and he needs blood. Taking the blood from Jamal, Jack runs into the woods. Jamal asks Alison if she’s okay, and Alison tells him how bad she feels for Jack. Returning, Jack decides that he needs to get back to Livvie at his place. Jamal tells him that he went by there, but Livvie isn’t there. They come to the conclusion that Caleb has her.

Kevin thinks Lucy’s off the deep end. He yells at her that it was a movie. She continues to try to convince him. Kevin just locked up his daughter, and she’s babbling about vampires. All he wants is for her to just support him, and all she’s doing is wasting his time. She thinks he’s angry because he knows that there might be a little truth in what she’s saying. Kevin’s angry because there’s a nut after his daughter, and if she cared, she’d drop this. Lucy cares about Livvie, but can’t drop this because she’s convinced Livvie and a lot of others will get hurt if they don’t figure it out.

Eve is furious. Michael took her in, took care of her, and married them, and Ian wants to check up on him. Ian wants to know why Michael followed her. Eve still thinks he finished his work, and was looking for what’s next. Ian doesn’t like being told that his wife and baby are in danger. The family crest wasn’t just a nice gesture, there’s more to it. Eve can’t believe Ian would think this badly of a priest. But Ian still doesn’t trust him, there’s something not right about him. Deciding she’s going to prove a point, Eve is going to open that attachment and find out.

Michael believes you can love someone without lusting after or owning them. Caleb thinks he’s hopeless, and he knows more about love than Michael will ever know. He loves Olivia, and she’ll make a beautiful bride. Michael believes that if Caleb really loved her, he wouldn’t do this to Olivia. Caleb tells Michael that he’s doing it for both of them. Olivia wants him just as much as he wants her. Michael asks if Olivia would want Eve’s baby, but Caleb reminds him that they can’t have their own child. They can’t create life. Michael says he can only destroy it, but Caleb tells Michael to save his lecture. He can’t beat him, but he can join him. He wants Eve, Caleb wants the baby. Maybe they can work together.

Jack, Alison, and Jamal are at hospital, trying to find Livvie, and they go to Kevin’s office. Kevin wants to know why none of them bothered to mention Livvie was being stalked. At first, he refuses to tell them where Livvie is, but finally admits to them that he locked her up. Lucy knew telling them was a mistake, and, sure enough, the kids freak out. They try to convince them that Livvie isn’t safe there. Jack knows that Caleb can get to her. Kevin’s doesn’t believe him. In a panic, Jack says that all Caleb needs is to be invited inside the hospital. Lucy’s is shocked, and whispers that Caleb is a vampire. Jack admits it’s true, but Kevin won’t believe him. Telling Kevin that what Lucy said is true, he says that Caleb is a vampire.

Eve and Ian read Victor’s file. Michael really is a priest. Ian admits he doubted him, and Eve tells Ian that it right there. Now that Michael has checked out, will Ian please drop it. Michael told Eve he was assigned, but the report says he found the monastery and renovated it on his own. Eve thinks it was a misunderstanding. But it all makes sense to her. Michael became a priest to make up for Caleb, so it would make sense he would renovate a monastery to bring something good into the world. But Ian wants to know why he’s telling a different story. Eve tries to come up with an excuse. But Ian thinks maybe Michael needed a place to house his psycho brother. Eve asks if Ian’s going to accuse Michael of having some big master plan, and she angry about it. Caleb isn’t Michael’s fault. Ian is going to talk to Michael, and ask him why he lied, why he’s there, and what is his interest in Eve. Eve tries to stop him, but he leaves the room. She tells they baby she loves his father, but he can be difficult. Ian returns to tell her that Michael is gone.

Caleb asks Michael to join him again, but Michael wants no part of child stealing. Knowing how Michael’s going to react, Caleb asks him if he would if it meant he’d get Eve to satisfy his carnal desire. This infuriates Michael, and he attacks Caleb. The screen goes black as a man screams.

Victor tries to talk to Livvie, but she’s not interested. Caleb is still running through her mind. Memories of the cavern where he talked about not forcing her, wanting her to come willingly to him, and that he wants nothing less than all of her. She remembers him telling her that he’s willing to wait for that perfect moment because it will come.

A quick shot of Michael lying unconscious on the ground. 

Kevin accuses Lucy of calling them again. Jack tells Kevin that Lucy is right, Caleb is a vampire. Kevin still refuses to let them see Livvie. Jack wants to take her to the lighthouse, and Lucy agrees that it’s a good idea. They all try to convince Kevin that the lighthouse is safe because Caleb can’t enter it. Lucy refused to invite him. But Kevin doesn’t want to hear it from any of them. Approaching Jack, Kevin states that he is Livvie’s father, and he’ll protect her. Jack turns to go get Livvie himself, but Kevin grabs him. Meaning to just shove him away, Jack throws Kevin across the room to the ground. Lucy runs to Kevin, while Jamal runs to Jack, whose fangs are showing

Eve blames Ian for Michael leaving. Michael may have heard what Ian was saying. Ian and Eve are still arguing about Michael when the phone rings. It’s the hospital, they want Ian to cover a shift, but he says no. Eve takes the phone and tells them Ian’s coming. Shocked, Ian stares at her as she tells him she wants him out of the house. She’s too angry she’s afraid she’ll say something she’ll have to apologize for later. Ian realizes that she’s angry because he doesn’t think the priest is as innocent as she thinks he is. After Ian leaves, Eve tells the baby it’s okay. They argued, but they love each other, and he’ll be back. Someone knocks on the door, and Eve answers it to reveal Caleb. She knows who he is, and she’s nervous. As Caleb smiles and asks if she’s going to invite him in, the shot ends abruptly.


Caleb is as curious about Eve as she is about him. She denies being afraid.

Jack tells Kevin that he’s going to take Livvie. Kevin tells him over his dead body while Lucy watches.