PC Update Tuesday 7/17/01



Port Charles Update Tuesday 7/17/01

By Dawn

Livvie asks Kevin and Lucy why they have a picture of Caleb. Kevin and Lucy are shocked, and finally Lucy asks if he’s Livvie’s mystery date. Livvie tells them that the drawing is of the guy she was just telling them about. Kevin informs her that her friend has been busy around town murdering people.

Jack knows Alison has questions. The first one is the obvious. She asks if he’s a vampire, and he says that he isn’t yet. Alison is convinced that it’s a mistake. Vampires don’t exist. But Jack had been forced to believe that kind of evil is very much alive in Port Charles. 

Jamal is almost done with Gabi's arm, and she leans closer. As she gets close to his neck, she stops, and Jamal looks up at her and asks her what’s up. For a minute, he thought she was going to kiss him. Gabi tells him that he’d better leave. As she closes the door behind Jamal, Gabi can’t believe that she couldn't do it and doesn’t understand. She asks herself why, and Caleb answers. He’s very disappointed. This was her first big test, and she blew it. He asks her what he’s going to do with her now.

Livvie’s convinced that it’s a mistake, and Caleb isn’t a murderer. Kevin tells her that Caleb was last seen with one of the victims, but Livvie isn’t convinced. Hearing Lucy say that Caleb came to the lighthouse and gave her the creeps doesn’t convince her either. Livvie’s voice grows louder as she points out that if he was some crazed killer, he would have just let himself in. Caleb is very sweet and has always been a gentleman with her. Lucy reminds her that ‘gentleman’ is always the word they use to describe killers. They’re always sweet and caring while their digging graves in their backyards. Kevin wants Livvie to understand how serious this is. He questions her about how she met him. Livvie tells them about meeting Caleb at the river, how nice he was, how much better he made her feel, and how Caleb told her they have a future together. Lucy wants to know how Livvie knows he’s so harmless. Still not believing them, Livvie tells them that if Caleb wanted to kill her, he’s had plenty of chances. Caleb is really very sweet. As if realizing something, Lucy asks her if she’s falling in love with Caleb. Kevin stares at Lucy as if she’s lost her mind as Livvie answers that she still loves Jack. She admits that she can’t get Caleb off her mind, and that scares her. Kevin’s heard enough. He’s going to call the police and tell them there’s a killer after his daughter. Livvie is furious, and she feels that Kevin is overreacting. Lucy tries to smooth things over with Livvie. Livvie just admitted that she has strange feelings about him, and after everything they’ve told her, Livvie is still protecting him. Lucy asks Livvie what kind of hold Caleb has over her, and Livvie can’t answer.

Caleb reminds Gabi that Jamal supplied Jack with blood from the hospital, and that’s wrong. He gave her instructions to turn him on, what didn’t she understand. Gabi is frustrated with herself, and she tells Caleb that she was looking forward to turning him into one of them. Caleb accuses her of snacking between meals, and she denies it. Swearing she’ll do better next time, she’s frightened when Caleb talks about how much potential she had. He has to decide what to do with her.

Alison realizes that this is how Jack came back from the dead, but she can’t believe she’s saying this. It explains everything. Jack is in pain, and he tells her that whatever she’s thinking, he’s thought it and worse. But the only person who can’t know is Livvie. The pieces come together in Alison’s mind. When Livvie couldn’t find him in the woods. Jack admits that’s when he was attacked. Now she knows why he is sick all the time, and why Jamal is reading all these vampire books. As she begins to get angry at Jamal for not telling her, Jack tells her he was freaked out, he was ashamed, and he begged Jamal to not tell anyone. Alison is offended. She’s not an airhead whose only concern is where to get a manicure. Not anymore. She’s learned how to fight for her friends and the people that she loves. And she considers Jack to be one of those people. Jack can’t explain how much that means to him. She asks him if there’s still hope, and Jack tells her that he doesn’t get his ‘vampire badge’ until he ‘feeds.’ Until he… Jack can’t finish the sentence, but a stunned Alison finishes for him. “Kills someone.” Staring at him, Alison asks him if he was going to bite her.

Gabi pleads with Caleb to let her make it up to him. She’ll do anything he wants her to do. Looking her over, he remains silent as she begins to take off her clothes. Caleb accuses her of backing off Jamal because it would bring Caleb closer to Olivia. Admitting she wants to be the only one, Gabi knows why Olivia is so important to him and the family he wants to start. Olivia is the one, but Gabi will always be important to him. As he reaches for her neck, she promises to help him, and begs him to forgive her. Caleb’s always been a sucker for a pretty throat, and he gives her one more chance. She wants him to show her that he forgives her. Moving closer, Caleb kisses her neck for a moment before he steps away, taking her hand and kissing it. Taking her hand, he digs a gash in his wrist, which Gabi can’t wait to take into her mouth.

Livvie continues to try to tell Lucy that Caleb is harmless, not a bad person, and not a murderer. Kevin wants her to run screaming down the street the next time she sees him, and Livvie refuses. Lowering his voice, Kevin tells her that he understands that Caleb is hypnotic, but that’s what serial killers are like. They lure their victims in with their personality. Before Kevin can finish, Livvie is insulted that Kevin thinks she’s that stupid. Once again, Lucy tries to diffuse the situation. She asks Livvie if she can just avoid the guy until she and Kevin can check him out. Just to be fair. Livvie isn’t sure she can. Kevin tried reasoning, now he forbids Livvie from seeing Caleb. He threatens to handcuff her to his side to keep her away from Caleb. This completely infuriates Livvie, and she reminds him that she’s an adult, and she can do whatever she wants to do. Lucy knows this is a wrong move, and she tries to stop Kevin by dragging him out of the room. Kevin wants to know what’s wrong with Livvie, but Lucy wants to know what’s wrong with him. Psychology 101 should tell him that the more he tries to keep her away from Caleb, the more he’s going to push her towards him. And the more he will scare her away from him. Now Kevin is angry at Lucy, and he sarcastically asks her if he asks for her opinion. Livvie is his daughter, and he’ll handle it. This makes her angry, and she grabs his arm and pulls him around to face her again, accusing him of being a big, fat, jerk about it. She tries to make him realize that he’s going to destroy the relationship that he’s worked to build with her. Kevin doesn’t care as long as she’s safe. Glaring at him, Lucy reminds him that Livvie is right about the fact that she’s an adult, and he can’t lock her away in a room. Telling Lucy that desperate times call for desperate measures and he’s going to take them, he walks back towards the door.

Standing, Jack tells Alison that he hasn’t taken blood from anybody. Alison knows that he’s been drinking blood, and Jack admits that Jamal has been getting it from the blood bank. Suddenly Alison realizes what Jack has been going through. The pain and the fear are making him lose it. Jack thought he had it under control, but tonight, with Livvie, his fangs came out. Alison agrees that it would ruin the moment. It’s breaking Jack’s heart to push her away, and he’s convinced that she hates him. Alison tells Jack that Livvie has been tearing herself apart thinking that the problem is her. He has to tell her. But Jack believes that telling her will only put her in more danger from Caleb. Alison wants to know what Caleb has to do with this, and Jack admits that he’s the guy that bit him in the woods. Now Alison is mad. Jack has known the entire time that the guy that’s been following Livvie around is a vampire and didn’t say anything to her. Alison asks him if becoming a vampire has made him stupid.

Jamal is back at the apartment looking for Alison. He samples dinner out of the pot, and finds a note she left for him about going to find Jack. Knowing that Jack’s hungry and with Alison scares Jamal, and he breaks a wooden stood, holding up the leg like a stake.

Caleb is in the alley, and is not happy to find Michael. Telling Michael that he’s cramping his style, he wants to know how Michael found him. Michael keeps tabs on him, whether he likes it or not. Caleb likes an audience, but shouldn’t Michael be on his knees somewhere? Even if it means following Caleb around for the rest of his life, Michael won’t let him hurt anyone else. But Caleb is finally stronger than Michael, and the days of being controlled by him are over. If Michael challenges him, Michael will regret it.

Lucy is muttering to herself in the hospital lobby about Caleb, whether he’s a serial killer or a Don Juan. She hears a voice on the TV saying that the mark of a true vampire is hypnotic and seductive. Before she can hear the rest of it, the kid sitting on the sofa changes the channel. After a small scuffle, Lucy takes the remote and chases him away to find his mother. The voice on the TV continues to remind the audience that Vampires cannot enter a home without being invited. Staring at the screen, Lucy asks herself if Caleb could be a vampire.

Kevin shuts the door to his office behind him and Livvie apologizes to Kevin. She knows he’s only trying to look out for her. Kevin apologizes as well, but tries to tell her that he’s had personal experience with this kind of thing. If he’s right, Livvie can’t be gallivanting around with the neighborhood stalker. Livvie is furious again. Who she sees is her business, and Kevin can’t run her life. Going out the door, Livvie announces that she’s leaving. Victor is at the door, and Livvie’s glad, but Victor isn’t alone. There is an orderly behind Victor, who is not there to help Livvie. Kevin basically pleads with Livvie that she is his whole life, and he has to protect her. Victor explains to Livvie that Caleb attacked a good friend of his who went into cardiac arrest and died after seeing a picture of Caleb. Livvie tells Kevin this isn’t fair, but Kevin tries to convince her that part of being a father is protecting their child, even when they don’t want to be protected. With a look of almost hatred, Livvie tells him that she’s leaving, and he can’t stop her. Kevin tells her that she’s going with Victor. Livvie asks Kevin if he thinks she’s lost her mind and she can’t believe Kevin has this little faith in her. Not giving up, Kevin tells her that the only place she’ll always be safe is with her family. Livvie begs Kevin not to do this, but Kevin tells her that even though he loves her with all his heart, he has to do this. Telling Kevin she hates him, Livvie leaves with Victor.

Alison tries to convince Jack that Caleb is pulling Livvie’s strings, and she needs to know what she’s up against. Fangs and all. Jack’s afraid the truth will scare Livvie away, and he’s not losing her. He believes he and Jamal will find a way to get rid of Caleb before Caleb gets to Livvie. Alison wants to know if Jack’s worried about Livvie being scared of Caleb or him. Jack saw the look on Jamal’s and Alison’s faces when they saw him, and he couldn’t bear to see it on Livvie’s. And if Livvie finds out, he could lose her forever. Alison tells him how much Livvie loves him, and tries to convince him that it will not change. Caleb is getting to Livvie, and the only reason Livvie isn’t with Caleb is her love for Jack. Jack hopes Alison’s right about Livvie’s love for him being strong and real. Alison knows she’s right. She would bet on love any day. Moving closer, Alison hugs Jack. As Jack hugs her, Jamal sneaks up on them with a rock and his stake.