PC Update Monday 7/16/01



Port Charles Update Monday 7/16/01

By Dawn

Kevin is attempting CPR on Abe, while Lucy repeats that all they did was show Abe the picture. Chris enters with a crash cart, but the can't revive him. As Kevin and Lucy look on, Chris pronounces Abe dead. Chris asks Kevin what happened, but Lucy jumps in and answers that they have no idea. She hides the picture of Caleb behind her.

Gabby limps into her apartment with Jamal, telling him how helpless she felt, and thanks him for helping her. He offers to check the rest of her apartment before he leaves, and she pretends to be grateful. When Jamal leaves the room, Gabby walks around the apartment and sits down, saying that it’s Jamal's lucky night. Smiling she bares her fangs. Jack spots his fangs in the mirror and panics. As he pulls away from Livvie and insists he has to leave, Livvie begins to cry. As he’s putting on his shirt, she begs him to talk to her, but he refuses. She holds him and tries to stop him, but he shoves her down on the bed and runs. Left alone, Livvie sobs. 

Chris doesn’t understand what happened. Abe was on a psych hold, and now he's dead. Lucy tries to cover, but Kevin tells her she doesn’t have to cover for him. Kevin admits he showed Abe the picture, and Chris is appalled. He demands to know what Kevin was thinking when he decided to do this. Sarcastically, Chris asks Kevin if this is some new shock therapy, and wonders where Kevin went to school. Lucy's voice rises as she defends Kevin, informing Chris that Kevin was trying to help. For a moment while Chris and Lucy bicker, Kevin stares at the ground, finally Kevin stops Lucy and admits he’s guilty. Abe is dead because of him. 

Jack is pounding on Jamal’s window at the fire escape, and is shocked to see Alison. He wants Jamal, insisting Alison goes and gets him now. Ali explains that Jamal is still out running Jack's errand, but he should be right back. She begins to tell him that Jamal should have been back a while ago, but she notices how agitated Jack is. She asks Jack to come in and wait, but Jack tells her he can’t. Alison begins to panic, thinking that it has something to do with Livvie. As she tries to question Jack, he runs away. Jamal tells Gabby that everything is okay, but Gabby wants him to feel how badly she’s shaking. She asks him to stay a few more minutes. Jamal suggests she call her brother, but Gabby tells him that she doesn’t want to worry her family. Gabby pretends to be upset at how upset she is. She tells Jamal that someone was following her, and she ran, but he ran faster and chased her. Then Gabby slips and tells Jamal that he had these incredible eyes. Jamal doesn’t understand why she was looking in his eyes as she was running, but Gabby retracts and says they were chilling and she did want to look at them. Jamal asks her if anything else hurts, and Gabby grabs her neck, suggesting that she pulled a muscle when she fell. Scared, Jamal wants to look at her neck, but is relieved to find nothing. She asks him to massage her neck, and after a few moments, she turns to him and tells him she wants to ‘reward’ him for being so nice to her. 

As Kevin, Lucy, and Chris descend the stairs to at the hospital, Lucy and Chris are still arguing. Lucy accuses Chris of being happy to finally have something to pin on Kevin. Lucy and Chris bicker as Kevin watches. Chris is going to tell Alan, but Lucy insists there’s nothing to report. Chris tells Lucy that Kevin is her boyfriend and Chris isn’t the one with the dead patient. The battle deteriorates until Lucy threatens to make trouble for Chris by being a board member. Kevin nearly shouts at Lucy she doesn’t have to fight his battles, and Chris doesn’t have to threaten to tell Alan, because he is gong to. Finally Chris asks Kevin what he was doing. Kevin hoped seeing the picture would snap Abe out of his catatonia. Lucy tells Chris about suspecting Caleb attacked Abe and Jack, and he murdered three people. Chris’s tone changes as he asks if this could be connected to what happened to Jack. Kevin realizes they’ll never know now that Abe’s dead, but Lucy still thinks there were too many similarities. Lucy explains how Abe and Jack had changed, bizarre behavior, the strength, the violence, all after being attacked in the woods. When Chris hears that Jack might be involved, he apologizes and promises to drop the whole thing. Lucy doesn’t buy Chris letting this go for no reason. She wants to know what's in it for him. But Kevin doesn’t care what Chris does. Abe is dead, and it’s Kevin's fault. Lucy tries to convince Kevin that it’s Caleb’s fault, not his. Showing him the picture again, Lucy reiterates that they need to know where he is and what he wants before he kills again. 

Livvie is remembering Jack, how much she loved him from the moment she met him. But in her mind, she has a vision of Caleb telling her how beautiful she is. Wiping her eyes, Livvie leaves Jack’s room.

Jack is at the river, crying. Alison appears behind him, and he struggles to get himself under control. He tells her to leave, but she won't leave a friend in trouble. She argues with him, but he begins to scream at her. Go back to her life where nothing bad happens and leave him alone. Alison asks if she’s talking to his evil twin, she knows something is really wrong since the accident. He tells her that if she cares, she’ll leave him alone. Still pressing, Alison asks him if it’s about Livvie. Not answering her, Jack begs her to leave. She knows the real him, but she’s in for a surprise. Jack has kept his back to her, and she wants him to look at her. Jack doesn’t want her to see what he is. But she sees her friend, and Jamal's. Jack tells her she needs a new friend. Alison always counted on him, and she wants to return the favor. He asks her once more if she really wants to know, and when she nods, he bares his fangs to her. He asks her if she thinks she knows him now.

Jamal wants to leave, and tell her that Alison is waiting for him. Gabby tells him that she felt the same way about Joe that he feels about Alison. but then she met Caleb. Sometimes it takes someone who excites you to show you what you really want. Jamal really wants Alison. As he is getting his stuff together, Gabby starts to take off her shirt. As Jamal gets more nervous, she explains that she’s just getting out of the ripped shirt. Jamal runs to get her a towel, she remembers Caleb telling her to mix her blood with Jamal's so Jamal will be Caleb’s to control. Smiling, Gabby digs her own nails into her arm, leaving a deep bloody trail. Crying out, she tells Jamal that the she must have scraped her arm when she fell. Playing on Jamal’s caring nature, she pretends to freak out over the fact that she could have died. 

Chris is still thinking about Jack running from the hospital. A vision of Jack throwing the fire extinguisher flashes in his mind. Making a decision, he picks up the phone and calls the morgue. He wants the results of post mortem Pacing in his office, Kevin can’t shake the thought the just the picture of Caleb scared Abe to death. Lucy wonders what Caleb could have done that terrified the judge so much. Livvie comes in crying, and Kevin hugs her. She tells Kevin and Lucy that Jack just walked out on her, and she’s convinced that he doesn’t want her anymore. Lucy reminds her that Jack walked through hell, high water, and Kevin, to be with her. 

Livvie admits that she’s met another man, but swears that it’s no big deal. Livvie rambles that maybe she’s going crazy. Lucy wants to discuss this other man. Livvie states that she loves Jack, but she admits that she’s having thought of another man that she hardly knows. But Jack walked out on her, and she was so hurt that she almost ran to the other man. He makes her feel special, and she doesn’t understand. Kevin asks her to start at the beginning. But Livvie doesn’t know where the beginning is. She manages to tell Lucy and Kevin that she loves Jack, but she can't stop thinking about Caleb before she notices Kevin's drawing. Kevin and Lucy are shocked when she tells them that the man in the drawing is Caleb. 

Alison is scared but she wants to know what the fangs are. Jack admits to being a monster, and Alison takes a few steps away from him. At first, she's going to leave. But she looks back in time to see Jack fall to the ground crying. Alison leans to him, taking him by the chin and tells him all she sees is her friend, and she’s not leaving him. Still crying, Jack pulls her to him and hugs him. 

Gabby is wiping her blood, while Jamal gets the first aid kit. But she can’t really see it because of where it is on her arm and asks him to help. He agrees to help her, but states that as soon as he’s done, he has to go. As Jamal’s back is to her, she bares her fangs again and moves towards him. 


Kevin tells Livvie that Caleb is a murderer

Jack tells Alison that he needs to eat; Alison asks if he’s going to bite her