PC Update Friday 7/13/01



Port Charles Update Friday 7/13/01

By Dawn 

Entering the apartment with groceries, Alison sneaks up behind Jamal to scare him again. Teasing him about being freaked out by the vampire book, she throws him a bag of garlic. She asks him if he knows there is no such thing as vampires. She mentions that it time to reopen the bike shop. Trying to distract her, he wants to see what she has in the bag. They play scuffle over the bag. Letting Alison have the bag Jamal pulls her to him and smiles. They discuss how much he’s looking forward to an uninterrupted evening with her. As they kiss someone knocks on the door. Jamal doesn’t want her to open it, but she knows if he doesn’t, he will be preoccupied all evening. Alison and Jamal are shocked to see Jack and Livvie. Jack tells Jamal that leaving sounded like a good plan, but he’s realized that they’d be better off at home. 

Kevin is carrying the drawing of Caleb around Lucy’s living room, asking her for every thing Caleb said to her. When Lucy says he wanted to come inside to get directions, Kevin wonders why he’d have to come inside to get directions. There had to be another reason Caleb wanted to go inside the lighthouse. Lucy wasn’t about to let him inside. They decide they need to know what was inside that he had to come in for. 

Gabby is waiting for Caleb, and as she says she needs him, he’s standing behind her. Smiling he approaches her, but as he gets closer, he grabs her by the throat. His face turns to an expression of rage as he informs her that Jack is stronger, which means someone is helping him feed. Caleb orders her to tell him it’s not her and to tell him the truth. 

Livvie tells Alison that something is wrong, but Jack won’t tell her what. She wants to know where Caleb is. She felt him nearby. Livvie tells Alison about the dream that Jack and Caleb were there, and she admits that she didn’t know which one to go to. Livvie realizes she’s not making sense, but Alison says nothing is lately. Jamal won’t open the shop, and he’s acting strange. Alison wants everything back the way it was before the day they buried Jack. Livvie adds when they loved each other to Alison’s memory. Alison asks her if she and Jack still love each other. When Livvie answers yes, Alison tells her to not lose faith, she believes with all her heart that everything will be okay. Jack tells Jamal that his love for Livvie gave him the strength to fight Caleb. Jack shocks Jamal by telling him that the church is Caleb’s favorite hangout. Jack is sick again, and he needs more blood. Jamal tells him he’ll get some, but right now he wants to hear about their confrontation. Jack says Jamal was right. He thought of Livvie, stood up to Caleb, and it really freaked Caleb out. It gives Jack hope that he doesn’t have to kill. He just has to think of Livvie, and he’ll keep her safe from Caleb.

Gabby swears that she loves Caleb and she’d never betray him. She doesn’t know how Jack is feeding. Gabby admits that she wanted to tell Caleb how much she loved him in the hallway, but he left. Caleb is confused, and Gabby ‘reminds’ him of the encounter with Michael at GH. When she says a priest collar, Caleb is furious. He can’t believe she’s stupid enough to think he’d be caught dead in a priest costume. Telling her about his twin, he admits he wants to kill Michael. Gabby asks him why he doesn’t. Caleb tells her they can’t feed on their own. But he wants to focus on Jack. What he wanted was for Jack to feel hungry enough to crawl to him. Gabby realizes that Jamal is stealing from the blood bank to feed Jack. Pleased by her revelation, Caleb offers to reward her, but all she wants is to be ‘the one.’ Caleb tells her that she’s his, but his bride is to be another. Gabby begs him but he simply repeats the offer to satisfy her. His teeth sink into her neck, and it’s an erotic experience for her. As she gets into it, he pulls away. He tells her that she has to deal with Jamal first. 

Kevin wants Lucy to figure out what Caleb wanted. She wants him to be quiet while she tries to recreate it in her mind. His eyes distracted her, he looked at her like he owned her, and she hated that. Bright glowing blue, she had to make a choice to stop looking into his eyes. She doesn’t think she’s doing a very good job of describing how evil Caleb is, but Kevin assures her that she is. Kevin asks again if Livvie ever saw him, and Lucy says no. Suddenly, Kevin grabs the picture and says that’s it. There is one person who might have seen Caleb. Confused, Lucy follows him out the door. 

Livvie wants to be the one to take care of Jack. He feels like he has a fever, and she’s worried. But he wants to stare into her eyes and ask her if she knows how much he loves her. It’s the only thing she’s sure of. He wants to keep her close and keep her safe. Livvie wants to forget everything that’s happening outside of the room. Just for a while, it’s only the two of them. They kiss passionately. 

Jamal returns to Alison, and says things are going to be okay for them. Happy, Alison jumps into his arms. Holding her, Jamal promises to make it up to her for everything. After an errand he has to run for Jack. Alison offers to skip dinner and jump right to the finale, if Jamal is willing to put off his errand. He can’t, but he does promise that that as soon as he returns he hers. 

Gabby asks him is she can watch him kill Jamal for educational purposes. It would be fun for Gabby to watch, but Jamal needs to be undead. Jack will squirm watching Jamal cross over. Gabby informs Caleb that there is a sketch of him, and the cops are looking for him. Laughing, Caleb decides that she’ll get to feed instead. Gabby is shocked that he wants her to turn Jamal all by herself. She doesn’t know how. Caleb tells her to mix her blood with his, just as Caleb did with her. She doesn’t know how, but Caleb pulls her to him. kissing and biting her neck. His voice is soft and seductive in her ears as he tells her how beautiful and sexy she is. That’s how she’s going to get Jamal and bring him to Caleb. Satisfied that he’s convinced her, walks away. As Gabby watches, he disappears.

Alison is preparing the apartment for Jamal by dimming the lights and lighting candles. She turns on the stereo and smiles, knowing that he’ll be back soon. Opening the door, she goes outside to watch for him. She reminds herself that it shouldn’t be long. 

Gabby is in the alley, also getting ready for Jamal. Ripping her blouse open, she sits on the ground and screams for help. When Jamal arrives to help her, she pretends that someone was following her and she twisted her ankle. Jamal thinks whoever it was, she scared them off. Pretending to be terrified, she asks him to walk her home. He pulls her to her feet, he hesitates, telling Gabby that Alison is waiting for him. She pretends to fall on her bad ankle, and begs him to help her get home. Unable to say no to her, he agrees to help her. Thanking him, she leads him away from the apartment. Caleb is following them, watching Gabby approvingly. 

Lighting more candles, Alison is more impatient. She sits on the sofa, fidgeting and staring at the door. 

Kevin and Lucy enter Abe’s room and Kevin calls him name softly. Lucy offers to talk to him, but Kevin reminds her what happened last time. Kevin tries to talk to him, and Abe doesn’t respond. Kevin holds up the picture of Caleb and asks him if he’s what Abe saw. Abe begins to scream before he goes into a seizure. Shocking Lucy and Kevin, Abe dies right in front of them Lucy repeatedly asks Kevin if he’s dead, and Kevin keeps trying to revive him.

Jack and Livvie are kissing passionately, they decide that all that matters is how much they love each other. Between kisses, Livvie begs Jack to take her and make love to her. As Jack is kissing her, he spots himself in the mirror over her shoulder. His fangs have appeared, and he stares that them in the mirror.

Livvie wants to talk as Jack gets dressed in a panic 

Gabby wants to reward Jamal for helping her, and she smiles seductively at him.