PC Update Thursday 7/12/01



Port Charles Update Thursday 7/12/01

By Dawn

Eve and Ian are at the table, drinking hot chocolate. Eve is eating an éclair, declaring how amazing it is. Ian asks about the amazing husband that got up and got the éclair for her. As soon as she finishes the box, she’ll tell him how appreciative she is. Ian wants her to show him how appreciative she is. Staring at her, he asks her if Michael is still sleeping. Eve almost forgot he was there, and Ian wishes he could forget. Eve knows there’s a problem, and Ian finally admits that he doesn’t want Michael staying there.

Kevin and Lucy are at the hospital. Jill tells Lucy that the board meeting has been postponed. But as Kevin and Lucy discuss alternative plans, Jill tells Kevin that a police officer is there and wants to talk to him about a murder. Lucy begs Kevin to let her go with him. When Kevin hesitates, Lucy promises to be quiet, and good.

Frank, Emilio, Alex, and the blonde from the bar, JJ, are in the On Call room when Kevin and Lucy enter. She met Garth, then he takes off with ‘that slut,’ then she finds out he’s….. JJ can’t say it, and goes into the bathroom. Alex tells Kevin and Lucy that Garth turned up dead, just like the other three victims. Zach, a vagrant in the alley, and now Garth. All found with broken necks and bled out, but no blood on the scene. Frank steps in to tell them that they all had ‘that look’ on their faces. Lucy jumps in, she has to know what look. Frank describes it as appearing that the victims had looked into the gates of hell. Alex tells Kevin that they appear to have a serial killer on the loose. Before he can say more, JJ reappears. She’s going home. As she gets to the door, JJ stops and yells that Gabi is the slut at the bar. Kevin tells JJ that Gabi is a nurse, but JJ insists that Gabi is the slut that Garth took off with at the bar.

Chris finds Sam in the hallway at the hospital. He tells her how surprised he wasn’t that she didn’t show up at the Recovery Room. Sam drops it on Chris that Jack tried to kill her. Chris doesn’t believe her, but she’s convinced that Jack isn’t human.

Livvie is asleep on one of the pews in the church. Laying his jacket over her, Jack leans down and kisses her head softly. He begins to look around the church, starting with the basement. Deciding a bench would be better than down there, he turns to leave. He stops and stares as Caleb’s voice carries across the basement that out of all the churches in the world, Jack had to show up in his. Caleb is amused, but he wants to have fun. As Jack tries to run, the door shuts. Rubbing his hands together, Caleb informs Jack that it’s just the two of them.

Eve tells Ian that Michael has been nothing but sweet and kind to her. A little too much of both for Ian’s comfort. Eve asks him if he thinks she has a thing for Michael. When Ian tells her that he doesn’t like the way Michael looks at her, Eve is shocked. Michael’s a priest. Ian reminds her that he’s also a man.

Alex is questioning Gabi, who admits that she met Garth. JJ accuses her of bumping and grinding all over Garth, which infuriates Emilio. Frank and Kevin calm Emilio as Lucy watches. Frank leads Emilio outside as Gabi continues. Gabi’s story is that she met Garth, but he came on to her and she turned him down. He didn’t like it, so she left. JJ calls her a liar, but Gabi asks if it’s a crime to meet a guy in a bar. Alex tells Gabi she can go for now. After Gabi leaves, Alex gets a phone call that he has to leave to answer. JJ tells Kevin and Lucy that Gabi had something to do with what happened to Garth. She was angry, but she calmed down and went back, but Garth was still wound up. When JJ mentions that Garth was talking to that spooky guy, Kevin pounces on it. He questions her about the guy. JJ tells Kevin that he looked like he thought he owned the place. She begins to describe him, and when she says that she’s never seen eyes like his before, Lucy’s face show recognition.

Caleb shocks Jack by being in the church. Caleb admits he can enter holy places, and loves garlic. He burns easy in sunlight, but as far as turning to dust… Santa Clause. Too many late night movies. Jack does know one thing is true. He can’t kill in the presence of someone he loves. That’s why he didn’t kill Jack the last time he saw him. Livvie was there. Caleb admits he loves Olivia, and he can’t kill in the presence of love. But Olivia isn’t there now, Caleb notices as he bares his fangs.

Ian and Eve are still arguing. Eve refuses to believe Ian’s jealous. Ian isn’t jealous, but he’s uncomfortable with a priest having feeling for Eve. Eve sarcastically offers to go tell Michael that he has to leave because Ian thinks he has the hots for her. Ian doesn’t think Michael even knows it himself. Convinced Ian is wrong, Eve pleads her case for him to let this go. Agreeing, Ian tells her that he’ll let it go for now.

Chris gives Sam money, telling her that if she really believes Jack is this dangerous, she’d better stay gone. Telling him that it won’t be a problem, Sam leaves. Jill passes Chris and tells him there’s a problem in the blood bank. Puzzled, Chris reads the file Jill handed him.

Frank wants to know why Emilio cares if a biker chick runs her mouth about Gabi. But Emilio confesses that it isn’t JJ. It’s Gabi. She won’t talk, and it’s making her mother crazy. Frank tells Emilio that Joe was worried about her, and asked him to watch out for her. She fell for some guy in record time. Emilio he exists, but Gabi won’t even tell anyone in their family his name. Emilio is worried about the fact that Gabi changed overnight, and he doesn’t know who she is anymore.

Chris calls Gabi over and asks her what’s going on at the blood bank. There’s blood missing, and she was in charge. Gabi doesn’t understand.

Kevin is sketching as JJ talks. JJ says his hair is longer, and suddenly Lucy jumps in. He eyes…. JJ finishes for her bigger and blue. Lucy says the eyes looked like they could look right through her. JJ and Lucy are on to the fact that they are describing the same man, but it’s not until Lucy tells him that the man is the same one she saw that Kevin realizes it. He wants to know where Lucy saw him, and she tells him that the guy was the one at the lighthouse that day. The stranger that came to his door.

Livvie is dreaming of walking in the church. Jack calls her voice, but she can’t find him. The Caleb’s voice calls her to come to him. Livvie wakes as the scene changes to Jack and Caleb.

Caleb tells Jack that the offer to join him is still on the table, and he should cross over. Jack refuses to be one of the walking dead. Moving towards him, Caleb says then he’ll be the dead. Jack tries to shove Caleb, but Caleb throws him to the ground. Baring his fangs, Caleb approaches Jack.

Gabi insists that missing blood doesn’t make sense. Chris asks her if anyone has come in that wasn’t on the manifest. Gabi doesn’t know, but Chris tells her to find out. As Chris walks away, Gabi remembers catching Jamal in the blood bank. Knowing it was Jamal; Gabi whispers that she’ll take care of it.

Eve kisses Ian goodbye and leaves. Picking up the phone, Ian goes into the hallway to call Victor and ask him to investigate Michael.

Kevin describes Caleb as a stranger, a possible suspect in three serial killings. He asks Lucy if she’s saying that he’s been at the lighthouse, knocked on the door, and she spoke to him. Jumping to her feet, Lucy is as nervous to talk about Caleb as she was afraid when she met him. She didn’t want to talk to Caleb, she had a horrible feeling, and she just wanted to shut the door. Responding to her, Kevin tells her to calm down and just tell him what she was thinking. She just knew that she had to get away, something was very wrong. Kevin admits she was right about that. Lucy wants to know why this man would be at his door. Not knowing, Kevin decides they better find out soon.

Caleb picks Jack up and Jack moves away. Caleb smiles at Jack’s strategy of keeping his distance. Jack asks if Caleb thinks he’s afraid. Caleb swings his hand at Jack’s chest, and Jack literally flies up and crashes into the wall. After Jack falls to the ground, Caleb tells him that nothing is as it seems. Vampires are real, and they have tricks that the guys that make the movies haven’t thought of yet. And Caleb knows Olivia loves him. Jack calls it brainwashing. Caleb doesn’t care what Jack calls it; Olivia came to him on her own. And she wanted him. But Caleb sent her home because he’s in no rush. Once Jack is gone, she’ll be his for eternity. Jack tells Caleb that he has no soul. What Jack and Livvie have is real. Caleb moves closer, but this time it’s Jack who takes the swing. After Caleb flies across the room, Jack informs him that he has a few surprises of his own. Unfazed, Caleb crosses back to Jack and takes him by the throat. He asks Jack how his last breath tastes. They literally growl at each other. Jack thinks of Livvie and knows he has to survive for her. Jack’s hands have Caleb’s throat, and Caleb is surprised. Not letting go of Jack, Caleb realizes that Jack has been feeding somehow. As their anger grows, both of their eyes turn blood red. Breaking Jack’s grip, Caleb tells Jack that he’ll rip him open and drink him dry. This time Jack will stay dead. Before Caleb can strike, Livvie’s voice rings through the basement, calling Jack’s name. Caleb disappears, leaving Jack to jump to his feet before Livvie sees him. Livvie woke up and couldn’t find him. Now she’s scared and she wants to go home. Jack tells her that he thinks he knows how to keep this under control, and going home sounds good. They go up the stairs and Jack closes the door behind them.

Caleb is alone, floating in the upper corner of the basement. His eyes are blue again, but he’s glaring at the door.


Lucy and Kevin are in her living room staring at her easel, which now holds a picture of Caleb. Kevin says that they know what he looks like, now they need to know what he’s looking for

Caleb is at Gabi’s. He has her by the throat, telling her that Jack is stronger and someone has been helping him feed.