PC Update Wednesday 7/11/01



Port Charles Update Wednesday 7/11/01

By Dawn

Lucy is at her house, looking at an easel. A knock on the door makes her cover the easel and run to answer it. When Kevin enters, she tells him that she was worried about him. He admits he’s had a bad day, but after kissing her, he smiles. Happy that she’s waiting for him, he asks her what she’s doing. Asking him if he’s ready for a surprise, she pulls the cover off the easel. She has been working on the puzzle, and she’s excited to show him how she’s putting the pieces together.

Ian has placed the boxes of Chinese food in the shape of a heart. Deciding that it’s either going be really romantic or really stupid, he lights candles. Eve enters, and Ian’s hopes for romance are dashed as she proudly brings Michael behind her. 

Livvie moves to see what Jack is doing, but Jamal throws a blanket over her head and holds her. Jack hides the blood bag and wipes his mouth. Livvie is struggling and begging Jack to do something to stop Jamal. Alison is right behind her and she begins to scream at Jamal. Jamal tells Livvie that he thought there was a spider on her. Both girls scream at him, and so he tries to play the whole thing off as a joke. Still angry, Alison asks Jamal to go downstairs to talk to her. After they leave, Livvie wants to know what’s going on. Jack admits that they’re worried about Caleb. Livvie is not happy to hear that Jamal is aware of Caleb, but Jack insists that they both want to help her. Livvie admits that she knows Caleb is dangerous. Jack tells Livvie that there is a secluded place, a retreat where they’ll be safe. Jack is going with her, and he promises to take care of her. Glad that she’s going with him, she tells him that she trusts him and they kiss. Livvie is ready, and they leave together, Jack still holding his backpack.

Kevin is confused. Lucy tries to explain, and asks him to ‘try to go with her on this.’ They both agree that there are strange things happening. They both sort of agree that nothing happens without a reason. When she mentions the Universe, Kevin begins to get skeptical. Kevin is still trying to follow her until she mentions Madam Alicia. Before he can voice his objections, Lucy manages to get in that Madam Alicia believes she has the gift, and she believes that Lucy can put the pieces together to solve the mystery. Finally, Lucy decides to try to make her point. It all means something; at least she believes it does. She keeps running into Eve and Ian, and they’re having a baby boy. Kevin reminds her that they both work at GH. She tells him to scoff if he wants, but she really believes that the stranger means to harm their baby. 

Michael explains that the monastery is finished. When Ian asks about Caleb, he answers that Caleb will always be a work in progress. Michael tells Ian that Eve invited him to stay with them. Michael senses that Ian isn’t pleased, but Ian tells him that it’s fine with him. After Eve points Michael to his room, she notices Ian's 'decorations' and decides they're romantic. Almost pouting, Ian tells her that having a priest in the house pretty much rules out any romantic ideas they have. Ian asks Eve if Michael mentioned his brother. Eve is certain that if Michael is there, Caleb is taken care of. She’s hungry and wants to eat. Ian sarcastically says that’s shocking. Michael is sneaking around the apartment, holding up a gold chain with a charm on it. Staring at it, he whispers that it’s over for Caleb. This will keep Eve's baby safe from him. Then he kisses the charm. 

Kevin wants to know why Eve and Ian's baby is in danger. Lucy says that it’s the same thing that tells her that the stranger is evil. Reminding him that her intuition is more often right than wrong, she is frustrated by his lack of belief in her. Lucy starts with Abe, who is now catatonic. After something terrified him in the woods. Before catatonia, he became aggressive, physically attacking both of them. She reminds him of everything that they know has happened to Jack. Disappearing after being attacked in the same woods, then reappearing with a story that she doesn’t believe. Kevin is now intrigued, and he tells her to keep going. Her next clue is the day she took Serena to the woods. She asks him if he remembers her telling him about the creepy feeling she got that day, and the stranger card that kept appearing. Getting more caught up in what she's saying, Kevin remembers that she ran into Ian in the woods that day. Excited that Kevin is really paying attention to what she's saying, Lucy brings up Madam Alicia. Madam Alicia actually said it on the television that she was connecting to Lucy about the baby boy. Then at the lighthouse, Caleb was there. The stranger who gave her the strangest vibes she's ever felt from anyone before. Lucy says that even Kevin has to admit something’s going on, and she’s shocked when he agrees with her. Kevin is now believing Lucy is on to something, but he didn’t see it until now. Looking at everything on the easel, Kevin reaches for the picture of Livvie. Placing it in the middle of the easel, he announces that Livvie is right in the middle of all of it. Livvie is right in the middle of it. 

Livvie and Jack are talking about getting away. Jack asks her to trust him, and Livvie assures him she does. They kiss, and Jack swears to protect her. Livvie climbs on the bike behind him and they drive away. Alison is still lecturing Jamal on his joke. He’s still sorry. Alison told him it was a freaky thing to do. But they’re both glad Livvie and Jack are going to leave until the ‘stalker’ goes away. Jamal thinks Jack and Livvie getting away together will be good for them. Alison reminds him that he was going to close the bike shop so they could spend some time together, but he’s been spending all the extra time with Jack. Kissing her, Jamal promises that’s about to change. They agree that they’re going to spend the evening together, eating dinner, watching TV, and doing all "those" things that they haven’t had time to do lately. Excited, Alison goes to check what they have for dinner. As soon as she’s gone, Jamal retrieves the Vampire book from where he hid it. He’s reading off a list of things: Garlic, crosses, holy water, and an amulet that will protect them from a vampire. Wondering where he can get one, he stares at the picture of the amulet.

The same amulet is shown around Eve’s neck, and she’s thanking Michael for it. Telling her it's his family crest; he calls it a small token of his appreciation. It will protect Eve and the baby. Now Ian demands to know what Michael wants to protect them from.

Jamal is still reading when Alison sneaks up behind him. Poor guy almost has a heart attack when she grabs him. Alison wants to know what the book is about. But Jamal blows her off by telling her that a customer left it, and it’s stupid. Making a comment about vampires, Alison pretends to bite his neck. Jumping, he orders her to stop that. Alison is sorry she freaked him out, she was only going to ask him if he wanted something from the market. Forcing himself to smile, he pulls her to him and tells her that she is all he needs.

Ian still wants to know if Eve is in danger because of Caleb. Michael tries to convince him that Caleb is under control. He apologizes for alarming Ian, and tells them that charm is for good luck. Eve tries to make peace, telling him that it’s okay. When Michael leaves the room for his evening prayers, Ian finally lets Eve know that he's not happy. But Eve owes Michael. He took her in when she was lost, and she owes him the same. Ian’s not thrilled, but he agrees.

Lucy is relieved that she and Kevin are finally on the same wavelength. Kevin calls Livvie, but he gets a message that Livvie is at the movies with Jamal, Jack, and Alison. Lucy thinks it’s okay, it’s obvious that the kids care about each other. Kevin decides that for one night, he’s going to force himself to not worry. Lucy has been thinking about this so long, it's making her crazy. She needs a break, and Kevin couldn't agree more. Smiling, they move into each other's arms and kiss softly. Kevin asks Lucy what Madam Alicia would say about the two of them. Shaking her head, she tells him that she can’t tell him. Tilting her head away from him, she smiles at him, finishing with ‘it would be x rated.’ 

Jack and Livvie are at the church, and Livvie is impressed with how beautiful it is. The thing Jack loves about it is that no one but Jamal know they’re there. 

Lucy is lying under Kevin on the sofa. As he kisses her, the picture of Livvie on Lucy’s easel falls to the ground, but neither of them notices. They are too intent on each other. The same picture is in a man's hand and he is caressing it. The camera only shows his hand, wearing the ring as it circles over Livvie’s face on the photo. 

Scenes: Chris tells Gabby that blood is missing, and she was in charge of the blood bank. He wants to know who took it. Ian doesn't like the way Michael is looking at Eve. Eve’s shocked. Michael is a priest. Ian reminds her that Michael's still a man. Jack’s face looks tense as we hear ‘of all the churches in all the world, you happen to stumble into mine’ Caleb is looking at him.