PC Update Tuesday 7/10/01



Port Charles Update Tuesday 7/10/01

By Dawn

Gabby informs Jamal that only hospital personnel are allowed in the blood bank. Acting offended, Jamal says that he was going to donate blood. Asking him why he didn't say so, Gabby smiles.

Michael asks Caleb what he’s done to Livvie. But Caleb isn’t about to let Michael ruin the mood with his pious lectures. Livvie was there. Michael insists that she didn’t come willingly. He knows that Caleb is manipulating her. To Caleb, it's the same game everybody plays when they're falling in love. He’ll have Livvie, shortly after that Eve’s baby will be born. He’ll have everything. Michael believes that Caleb is destined to be alone.

Jack insists that Livvie tell him about Caleb. Livvie admits to Jack that she went to Caleb on her own. He didn’t kidnap her or threaten her. She willingly went to him.

Lucy is on the phone with Madam Alicia, aggravated that the psychic didn’t know that she meant the Recovery Room restaurant across the street, and not the Recovery Room in the hospital. Apparently, Lucy offends Madam Alicia, because she apologizes and tells her that her friends are having a baby boy, and she’s concerned. Lucy enters the Recovery Room and sees Ian and Eve. Ian gladly tells her that they’re having a boy. Lucy congratulates them, then asks them a question that she says is hypothetical. What A knows, what B can do, what C thinks, and pretty soon neither of them, including Lucy, are sure what she's talking about. Ian calls it alphabet talk, and Lucy gets offended. But before they can get a straight answer out of her, she gets up and runs to Madam Alicia as she comes in the door. Practically accosting the poor psychic, Lucy rambles about the friends she discussed with her are over there. Madam Alicia begins to turn towards them; Lucy grabs her and tells her not to look.

Alison enters the blood bank and is shocked to find Jamal there. Gabby tells her that she’s not supposed to be there, but before Alison can leave, she notices that Gabby's black bra is showing. Making no move to cover herself, Gabby thanks her for mentioning it. Jamal asks Gabby to take the needle out and leave some blood for the next time. Almost reluctantly, she does. As Jamal and Alison leave, Gabby holds the bag containing Jamal’s blood and stares at it.

As soon as they are in the hallway, Alison begins to ask Jamal a million questions. What’s up with Gabby, she used to be so nice. But the real reason she’s there is to look for Livvie.

Livvie is trying to explain, but Jack is furious. She loves Jack, but there is something about Caleb. She’s drawn to him. Jack tries to convince her he’s not angry, but he wants to know everything about Caleb. Livvie thinks Jack is sick, and she wants to take care of him. But to him, all that matters is her. They talked, and he tried to convince her that he would be better then Jack. But she came to him because she’s afraid of what she’s feeling. Jack tells her that Caleb is evil, and dangerous. Jack promises to get her out of Port Charles to protect her.

Lucy asks Madam Alicia if she senses how happy Eve and Ian are about the baby. She asks if she should tell them about the ominous messages from the Tarot cards. Madam Alicia is good. She tells Lucy that her powers are strong, and she can trust them, but she can’t act impulsively. She has to get the pieces of the puzzle before she acts. Lucy calls it more yen, less yang, but patience not one of her virtues.

Eve is paranoid about the fact that Lucy is still staring. Eve attributes it to the fact that Lucy lost her little girl. Ian agrees, commenting that Lucy’s probably doesn’t want to hear about other’s babies. Eve understands, losing a baby is the worst thing that can happen to anyone. Ian asks Eve about the little boy she lost, and she admits that a day doesn’t go by she doesn’t think about him, but it’s made her more grateful for the baby she’s having now. Ian promises her she’s going to be a wonderful mother. Eve vows to do everything right this time and protect her baby.

Caleb wants Michael to be happy for him, but Michael calls it a nightmare. Turning a woman into a monster, stealing a newborn. Caleb thinks the commandments were more than they were cracked up to be, and if Michael keeps up with this attitude, he won't be invited at the head table. Michael reminds him of his last wedding. Caleb admits he was impulsive, and he acted quickly. But he won’t this time. Michael wants him to be happy with the other girl. But Caleb maintains that she’s not Livvie. Michael tries to convince him that he’s meant to be alone. Thanks to Michael's vow of celibacy, Caleb is the last of their bloodline. And the bloodline has to stay alive. Caleb will have Livvie and the baby. Michael won’t let him have them. Caleb realizes Michael is ‘jonesing’ for Eve. Denying it fiercely, he tells Caleb that he’s a priest.  Smiling, Caleb reminds him that he's also a man. Michael doesn't want a war. He didn't ask for it, but he will fight it. Caleb tells him he’ll lose.

Jack is going to get the money and get Livvie out of Port Charles. Jamal and Alison enter, and Alison is glad to see them. Jack tells Alison to take Livvie outside. They guys have things to do. But Alison’s tired of all the secrets. Whatever the guys have to do, they better start talking.

Michael sees Gabby, who is turned on by the collar. She thinks Michael is Caleb, and when he asks for Eve, Gabby is furious. She tells Michael that he’s wasting his time with her, and asks him if he’s hungry. Gabby’s seductive nature puzzles Michael, but he has to find Eve. Gabby is furious that he’d go after Eve when he has her.

Eve stares at Ian and asks him what’s for dinner. Ian knows that only a brave man gets between a pregnant woman and her food. She decides that she wants Chinese, and he offers to go get it.

Lucy is grateful to Madam Alicia, and thanks her for the advice. Lucy agrees to not tell Eve and Ian about the danger to the baby until she’s sure of exactly what the danger is. Madam Alicia tells her to trust her instincts. Before Madam Alicia can leave, Lucy has to tell her how hot her dress is. Only half joking, she asks Madam Alicia if she can borrow her clothes. As Madam Alicia leaves, Lucy goes in the back to talk to Victor.

Michael enters, just missing Lucy, but Eve is shocked to see him. She asks if Caleb is out of trouble, but all Michael can tell her that his brother is always a handful. He tells Eve that he needed some R&R. She tells him that her baby is a boy. He’s happy for both of them. She asks him where he’s staying, and when he doesn’t have an answer, she invites him to stay with them. He tries to refuse her, but she won’t take now for an answer. He follows her out, promising to keep her and her baby safe.

Jamal and Jack tells Alison to trust them and Jack tells Livvie to go say goodbye to Alison. Confused by what goodbye means, Alison follows Livvie out. Handing Jack more blood, Jamal asks him what the plan is now. Jack informs Jamal of Caleb’s hold over Livvie, and he’s getting her out of town to protect her. But he’s not sure he can protect her from him. Jamal hands Jack the bag, which has enough blood in it to keep Jack going for a while.

Alison is shocked that Livvie is going with him, knowing something is wrong with him. She has to get away from Caleb. Alison is freaked out by this entire thing with Caleb. Is Livvie into tall, dark, and spooky? Livvie admits Caleb is in her thoughts, dreams, and heart; she can’t get away from him. 

Jack tells Jamal that they’re going to be gone as long as it takes. Jamal tells him about a place he came across. It is the church in the woods, and Jack says it sounds perfect. Jack has to keep his strength up, and Jamal tells him to drink up. As Jack holds the bag of blood, Livvie enters. Jack’s back is to her, but he’s holding the now empty bag of blood in front of him.


Jack heard about a remote secluded place

Lucy tells Kevin that stranger wants to harm Eve and Ian’s child

Michael holds up a charm and tells Caleb it’s over