PC Update Monday 7/9/01



Port Charles Update Monday 7/9/01

By Dawn

Gabi is in some dive bar, and she wanders to the bar. The bartender asks her what her pleasure is. Red wine. He notices that she looks like trouble. Smiling, she tells him that he has no idea.

Jamal and Jack are back at the bike shop, and Jamal is telling Jack that he can’t kill him. Jack knows that it’s too late for him, the change is already coming, and once Caleb is dead, Jamal has to kill him. Jamal refuses to drive a stake through Jack’s heart. There has to be another way. But Jack is more afraid of what he’ll become. Killing Jack is the only way to keep Livvie safe.

Livvie wants to know how Caleb expected her. Caleb says he knows her. Every beat of her heart. Livvie admits she couldn’t stop thinking about him, and she doesn’t know why she’s there. Everyone told her to stay away from him. But, Caleb is happy to say, there she is. She doesn’t know why, but Caleb can sense her heart racing for one undeniable reason. She wants him as much as he wants her.

Gabi plays a song on the jukebox, and a guy offers to buy her a drink. She isn’t interested in him, and she tells him she already has one. He tells her his name is Dave, and hers is… History is what she says as she walks away. She sees a man with a blonde at a table. As she approaches, the blonde tells her to go away. Gabi wants to dance with that guy, and if the  blonde knows what’s good for her, she’ll leave. At first, the blonde stands like she’s going to fight, but something about Gabi makes her change her mind, and she leaves. He’s just passing through town, and Gabi is glad, she wants to be the only one in town he knows. The guy is impressed that Gabi goes right after what she wants. Smiling, she warns him that he hasn’t seen anything yet. She knows exactly what she wants. She tells him she needs air, and invites him to go with her.

Jack admits that he almost hurt Sam. She was afraid, and he could taste it like blood. And he craves it so badly it hurts. A guy walks into the building and asks if he can get some help. Rudely, Jamal throws the customer out. Jack begins to apologize to him for everything. Jamal had a good business, was a good friend, had a good life, and Jack is destroying it. Jamal doesn’t blame him. But Jack thinks about it every minute. How to stop it.  How to avoid the ‘liquid diet’ and killing people. Sam, Chris, who’s next? Jamal gets sarcastic. It’s hard, so just quit? How long will he be able to fight the urge to feed on Jamal. This shocks Jamal, and he stares at Jack.

Livvie tells Caleb that she isn’t there because she wants him. She loves Jack, and they’re happy together. She’s there because Gabi told her about this man, and it sounded like she was in love with him. Caleb asks her who can explain the chemistry of love. Livvie repeats the description Gabi gave. Handsome, exciting, irresistible. Caleb is pleased to hear that this description reminded Livvie of him. She asks him if he‘s been seducing women all over Port Charles. He accuses her of being jealous. There have been many women, but none like her. Livvie tells him that he doesn't know her. He can see inside her, who she really is, and she can see him. He asks her to have a look. What’s stopping her? He doesn’t bite. Reluctantly, she allows him to turn her to face him. She’s breathless. The way he talks to her, the way he knows her. It’s like he’s known her forever. He promises her the world, all she has to do is give him the word. But Livvie remembers that she’s involved with someone wonderful. Caleb reminds her that she’s there, and that‘s the way to hurt a guy. He knows that it’s his face in her dreams, his name on her lips.  He also knows that she love Jack, but she loves him like a schoolgirl, a crush. But she loves Caleb with the passion of a woman. Taking her face, he pulls her closer to him.

Gabi is in the alley with the strange man she picked up. As they kiss, she bites his lip. He is happy that she likes it rough, and they kiss. But she bites his neck and he pulls away from her, asking her what she did to him. The blood has satisfied her, and she’s done. He’s not done, but she pulls away from him and walks away.

Jack tells him how easy it would be to take a big bite out of Jamal. Pulling his sweater down, Jamal tells him to take a bite. He was afraid before he knew what was he was dealing with, but he’s not anymore. He’s not leaving. Jack wants to believe there’s a way out of this, but he can’t make himself believe. Jamal still thinks if they get Caleb’s talisman, he’ll be mortal and they can kill him. The question they are trying to solve is how do they find out what it is and how to get it away from him. Caleb is strong as hell, but Jamal reminds Jack that he has something stronger. Love. Jack’s love for Livvie is powerful. Trying not to cry, Jack admits that all this time, he’s been trying to save her. He loves her. He needs Jamal to get more blood, that’s the only way he can be strong. As Jamal leaves, Jack calls him back to thank him. Jamal knows Jack would do the same for him. Jamal decides they are going to drive a stake through Caleb's’ heart.

Caleb kisses Livvie’s neck as she closes her eyes and thinks about how good it feels. Caleb’s voice is soft and low in her ear as he instructs her to forget about everyone and what they’ve said. When he tells her to forget about Jack, she seems to remember where she is. Saying no, she pulls away from him and tells him how much she loves Jack. Caleb won’t force her. He wants her to come to him willingly, with no other man in her mind. He will accept nothing less than all of her, body and soul. Livvie tells him that he’s asking too much of her, but Caleb know that when the time is right, she’ll be ready. The time will come, as surely as she came there tonight. Livvie decides she needs to go home. She’s surprised when Caleb agrees with her. But he knows it’s not yet time. Backing away from him, she finally turns and walks away. She stops and looks at him, whispering that she’ll do as he says.

He whispers to her back that she’s so close to happiness. So close to being his. Lying back down, he stretches his arms out and smiles.

Jamal is outside the blood bank at GH, watching for anyone that could see him. Saying that it’s an all you can eat buffet, he fills his backpack with blood. Turning, he sees Gabi, who reminds him that it’s a felony to rob a blood bank.

The man Gabi bit earlier is back inside the bar complaining about the crazy broad he met. As he sits, he’s complaining to Caleb. He offers to take the man to a place where the women are a lot more friendly. Paying the tab, Caleb follows him out, saying that his night is about to get a whole lot worse.

Livvie enters Jack’s apartment and sits on the bed. As Jack enters, Livvie calls him Caleb before she turns. Jack wants to know why she would think he was Caleb, and whether Caleb has done anything to her.


Livvie tells Jack that Caleb didn’t kidnap her

Michael didn’t ask for the war, but he’s going to fight it

Jamal tells Gabi that he’s there to donate blood