PC Update Friday 7/6/01



Port Charles Update Friday 7/6/01

By Dawn 

Karen, Eve, and Ian are pushing the sonogram equipment through the hallway. When Colleen sees them, they all try to act innocent. Colleen isn't buying the act, especially since Ian’s involved. Colleen tells them she wants to know if it’s a boy or girl. Smiling, they agree to tell her. Colleen sends them to an empty room.

Gabi and Lucy are alone in the living room. Lucy tells her that Livvie will be down in a minute. Lucy offers Gabi a drink, but Gabi tells her the only thing she wants is for Lucy to accept her apology. Lucy calls her behavior inappropriate, and Gabi tells Lucy that it had to have been the tequila shots she did for courage. They saw a lot of that on her, and a lot of other things NOT on her. Lucy comments sarcastically. Admitting that she’s done a few things she’d just as soon forget, Lucy tells her she can’t be angry with anyone at this point. They raised more money than ever. Gabi appreciates the fact that Lucy’s willing to forget the whole thing. Lucy’s cell phone rings, interrupting them. It’s Madam Alicia. Lucy takes the phone with her outside, and she tells the psychic that she’s the one that was connected with her about the stranger. She tells the psychic that she doesn’t care that it’s $1.99 a minute; she wants help understanding the stranger. She explains that she sounds anxious because she has a feeling that this is urgent.

Livvie joins Gabi in the living room, and Gabi hands her a scarf. Livvie says it isn’t hers, and Gabi pretends that’s why she came over. Gabi tells Livvie that she was sure it was hers, and she must be losing it. Her mind is so occupied with the new guy, she can’t think straight. Livvie is surprised that Gabi broke up with Joe, but Gabi begins to tell her about Caleb. When she tells Livvie how incredible the new guy is, Livvie comments that she thought Joe was pretty incredible, but Gabi tells her that Joe was in a ‘sweet boy next door way.’ Gabi is careful to not say Caleb’s name, but she tells Livvie how wonderful he is. Beyond handsome, beyond sexy, and his blue eyes…. Gabi falters for a moment, saying that she shouldn’t be talking about someone that way so soon after Joe, but Livvie tells her to continue.  

Sam is terrified of Jack, and she offers him money, or whatever he wants. Jack tells her that he doesn’t want her money. She asks him what he wants, and he says someone that doesn’t deserve to live.

Jamal regains consciousness and heads for the door to find Jack just as he hears a scream. Screaming Jack’s name, Jamal runs towards the door.

Jamal comes out into the alley, and Jack is standing there. He couldn’t do it. He tried to find someone that no one would miss. Jamal asks her what he did to her, and Jack admits that he couldn’t do it. Sam was there, and he was hungry for blood; he wanted to kill, but he couldn’t do it. Jamal tells him that he didn’t want to kill, he thought he had to. Jack insists he has to kill someone in order to save Livvie. Crossing over and being like Caleb is the only way. Jamal is relieved that Jack couldn’t do it. He doesn’t like Sam, but killing her isn’t the answer. Jack wants to know what is. How do they stop Caleb from taking Livvie and making her like him? Jamal reminds Jack what she’s gone through thinking she’s lost him before. How can he put her through that again? Besides, Livvie’s at Kevin’s house, and she’s safe there. That will give them time to figure out what to do about Caleb.

Gabi asks Livvie if she’s ever met someone that filled her with the most exquisite longing she’s ever known.  A powerful connection, the most intense feelings she's ever experienced a sense that nothing matters but their connection. Livvie tells Gabi that she feels that with Jack. But Gabi insists that this is more than an ordinary man. This guy can see right to her soul. When he touches her, it’s electric, and all she wants is to be his. Totally and completely his. As Gabi is talking, Livvie remembers Caleb, and how she felt when Caleb touched her. Livvie admits that she knows exactly how Gabi feels.

Michael is in the cavern with Caleb, who isn’t surprised to see him. Michael tells him that he knows what Caleb is doing, and it won’t work. But Caleb is proud to tell Michael that it already is, and soon he’ll have Olivia and the family he’s always wanted.

Lucy asks Livvie if Gabi left. When Livvie tells her that Gabi went to GH, Lucy says she’s headed there herself. She has a meeting, and another appointment after that. Concerned, Lucy asks Livvie if she’s okay, but Livvie tells her to go do whatever it is she has to do. Lucy’s not sure about leaving her alone, but Livvie convinces her that she’ll be fine. She doesn’t want to impose on anyone. Making Livvie promise to call her if she needs her, Lucy leaves the lighthouse. After Lucy leaves, Livvie admits to herself that Gabi’s description made her think of Caleb. Smacking herself in the head, she asks herself why can’t she stop thinking about him.

Eve is in a hospital bed, giving Ian an order for a big hot fudge sundae. Ian tells her that wasn’t what he was talking about when he asked if he could get her anything. Ian is a nervous wreck, and no one believes him when he adamantly states that he’s relaxed. Eve comments that if he‘s this nervous about the ultrasound, what’s he going to be like when she’s in labor. Ian says, over Karen and Eve’s laughter, that he’s a doctor, and he can handle it. Karen begins the ultrasound, and the first thing is the sound of the baby’s heartbeat. Hearing it, Eve and Ian smile at each other. 

Jamal and Jack are back at the head shop, and Jamal is hoping that they're missing something. Jamal wants to find another way besides Jack killing someone to become like Caleb. But Jack is convinced that he knows the only way to stop Caleb. The guy has powers that Jamal has never heard of.

Livvie is still alone, pacing in the lighthouse. She thinks about Caleb, and remembers Gabi’s words. Suddenly, she decides that she has to see him, and leaves the lighthouse.

Michael begs Caleb to not do this again. But Caleb is convinced that Livvie will come to him when she realizes what she feels for him. He knows that Livvie will want to join him and be his forever. Michael accuses him of wanting to turn Livvie into what he is. Caleb is amused that he can’t say Vampire. It’s not bad, Caleb rubs it in to Michael. Everlasting life, unlimited power, it rocks. Michael reminds him that vampires can’t reproduce, and he wants to know why Caleb keeps mentioning a family. All Caleb wants is what Michael wants. And Michael’s ‘good book’ preaches. To go forth and multiply, which he will do with Livvie and the ‘special child.’ Eve’s child.

Ian points to the screen and says how perfect she is. Eve laughs at the fact that Ian thinks he’s sure it’s a girl. Determined, Ian states that he’s always known it was a girl. Eve decides to ask Karen. Karen tells them that if they’ve already bought pink paint for the nursery, they need to return it for blue. The baby is a boy. After noticing the looks on Eve and Ian’s faces, Karen decides they need to be alone, and she goes to check on a patient. Ian keeps saying that they’re having a baby boy as he climbs on the bed and they both stare at the screen.

Michael is outraged that Caleb is planning a family with a child that isn’t his own. But Caleb tells Michael that Eve and Livvie will give them what he wants of their own free will. Michael tells Caleb that he delusional. But Caleb retorts that he’s the brother with all the charisma. Michael is convinced that his faith is stronger then Caleb’s evil.

Still reading, Jamal figures out that Caleb wants to build a coven. It all comes together in Jamal’s mind. Jack and Livvie are only the beginning. If they don’t stop Caleb, the whole town is in trouble.

Lucy sees Colleen and asks if anyone found her keys. She’s searching her purse when Gabi goes by her pushing a cart with boxes of whole blood from the blood bank. She drops everything out of her purse, and the baby boy card falls out face up. She murmurs aloud about why it keeps happening, Ian and Eve pass by her, discussing baby boy names. Lucy stands up and watches them walk away. She realizes that Ian and Eve are having a baby boy.  

Jamal and Jack are getting frustrated. Every book says something different. The one Jamal has now says the vampires can’t go into daylight. Jamal gestures to another that says they can. Jamal and Jack realize that there is one thing the books agree on. Talismans. Every vampire has one that keeps them safe. Jamal wants Caleb’s. Without his talisman, they should be able to kill him. If they manage to get Caleb, everyone’s safe. But Jack realizes that he will still be there. Jack wants Jamal to swear that once they destroy Caleb, Jamal will destroy him.

Livvie enters the cavern, searching for Caleb. Not surprised to see her, Caleb calls her name. Sitting up on the bed, he tells her he’s been waiting for her.


Gabi is in the alley with a stranger, he says he’s never been with someone like her before- she says he doesn’t know how right he is

Jack tells Jamal that killing him is the only way to keep Livvie safe

Caleb tells Livvie that she wants him as badly as he wants her