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Port Charles Update Thursday 7/5/01

By Dawn

Lucy is pounding on the door to the lighthouse, and when Kevin opens it, he’s surprised to see her. She asks him if he got her messages, and if he did, why he didn’t call her back. He tries to tell her that he did call her back, but she mumbled at him and hung up. She swears she was awake, but after she thinks about it, she kind of remembers the phone call. But she had this dream, more like this incredible experience. Kevin decides that because he loves her, he has to ask her to share. Lucy goes on a long monologue about the late night psychic and how she connected with Madam Alicia. She’s more excited as she tells him that they both came to the same conclusions at the same time. It has something to do with the Stranger and the Baby Boy. She’s not sure what it means, but she knows its part of the puzzle.

Ian and Eve enter their apartment. He welcomes ‘Lambert’ home, and she asks if he’s going to continue to call her Lambert even thought their married. Dragging her back out the door, he carries her over the threshold, welcoming home “Dr. Lambert” and “Mrs. Thornhart.” She tells him that she couldn’t sleep last night because she was thinking about Michael. Ian decides that they better steer clear of the brothers for a while. Eve maintains that they can’t blame Michael for Caleb’s actions. Ian isn’t blaming Michael, but Caleb is unpredictable and he doesn’t want him near Eve or the baby. 

Gabby remembers her last meeting with Caleb as she’s walking through the halls of GH. The erotic memories of the ice cube, and his words of the good life are running through her mind. Chris interrupts her memories by asking her to work the blood bank. This makes her smile, and she moves to put the files she was carrying on the counter.

Frank and Karen exit the elevator and discuss talking to Gabby. When they call her name, she tells them that she’s not interested in talking about Joe. Frank gets angry at her and reminds her that Joe is his brother, and Gabby messed him up pretty good. Instantly defensive, Gabby says she’s sorry, but he’s better off. Karen tries to smooth things over between Frank and Gabby by telling her that Joe’s just worried about her, and they all are. This thing with this new man was so sudden. Glaring at them, Gabby informs them that she knows what she’s doing. Frank asks her if she cares about Joe, and when she says she does, Frank asks her why she dumped him. Trying to leave, Gabby tells them it’s none of their business, but she runs into Frank, dropping the file in her hand. The top page has ‘Caleb’ written all over it. Staring at her, Frank asks her if this is a little too adolescent.

Jamal dumps a stack of books on Jack’s desk, and says that he’s going to read and try to figure out a way take care of Caleb. Jack has another idea. Holding a stake in his hand, he tells Jamal that he’s going to drive it through that bastard’s heart.

Frank picks up the file with Caleb written all over inside it. Karen comments that at least Gabby knows his name now. This angers Gabby, and she tells them it’s none of their business. Karen wants to know more about him, but Gabby tells her that they don’t go out, they meet at her place. He likes to be alone with her, and she’s all he needs. As Gabby leaves to avoid further questions, Karen decides that Caleb is married. Frank’s confused, so Karen explains that Caleb needs her and he won’t go out in public, so he has to be married. Gabby gave up Joe for a player. Karen’s pager goes off and she returns the page.

Eve answers the phone, and it’s Karen. Eve was the one that paged her, and she wants Karen to come over. Ian begs in the background, the hormonal pregnant woman is too much for him. Karen has plans with Frank, but Eve tells her to get over there and bring him with her. She has news for them. Karen and Frank decide to go see what Eve and Ian want to tell them. They get in the elevator as Sam exits.

Sam sees Chris and goes to him. Chris is sarcastic, asking Sam if Jack is taking on the WWF now. Her voice is frantic when she asks Chris if he’s seen Jack. Serious, Chris asks her if she’s seen Jack. No, but she’s thinking of trying to cut a deal with Jack. Chris advises her not to, but Sam wants to know if the alternative is drawing a target on her back. Chris is trying to figure out what’s wrong with Jack, but his advice to her is to steer clear of him.

Jamal tries to stop Jack, but Jack tells him to back off. Jamal tries to talk some sense into Jack. Caleb’s not going to let Jack drive a stake into his heart. Caleb is a full fledged vampire. Jack is a like a half vampire, he can’t go out there and start doing all those vampire tricks. Jack decides he can if he becomes like Caleb. As the realization crosses Jamal’s face, Jack tells him that he has to go kill someone.

Lucy turns the cards over, showing Kevin that every time she lays the cards out, the Stranger and Baby Boy cards always shows up in the same spots. Kevin understands that Lucy is upset, but he has no idea what the cards mean. The Stranger card is the potential for real evil, and the Baby Boy card is innocence personified. She decides that she wants a reading with Madam Alicia. Kevin sarcastically remarks that he wants to be a fly on the wall for that, but Lucy says he would only disturb the astral balance. Kevin agrees with her. Besides, he has to be there for Livvie anyway, and he tells Lucy that Livvie’s going to stay as long as she needs to stay with him. Lucy asks Kevin if he really thinks Jack could be dangerous to Livvie. That all depends on what kind of danger Lucy’s talking about. As they discuss Livvie, Kevin decides to go check on her. After Kevin goes upstairs, someone knocks on the door. Still holding the Stranger card, Lucy opens the door to reveal Caleb. Her face looks like she’s almost afraid of him.

Lucy asks Caleb is she can help him. He asks her if he can come inside the lighthouse and look at a map. Lucy refuses, telling him that there is a filling station down the road. Next he wants to use the phone, and she tells him no, shutting the door in his face. Kevin comes down as she’s walking away from the door. He asks her who it was, and she tells him is some guy that was lost. Kevin is surprised she didn’t invite him in for tea and offer to give him a ride. Lucy stares at him, and says that there was something strange about him. Kevin seems to notice how much this guy affected Lucy. 

Frank, Ian, Karen and Eve are discussing the fact that Ian wants a boy. Denying it, Ian informs them that he wants a girl. But that only confirms Eve and Karen’s suspicions that he wants a boy. Neither of them really want to know the sex of the baby until it’s born, but eventually Ian and Eve talk themselves into having a sonogram. Karen knows they didn’t call her to tell her the baby kicked, and she wants to know what the big news is. Ian and Eve exchange smiles, and Eve flashes her ring at Karen. Frank and Karen are thrilled, and Frank asks them how it feels to be an old married couple. Eve says that Ian’s the one that’s old, and Ian says Eve looks old. Stills smiling, Ian wants to be the one to tell Joe.  Frank has to tell them about Joe. Ian asks what it is about Joe that they need to know.

Caleb grabs Gabby’s arm, waking her from her nap on the sofa. His grip is painful, and he accuses her of telling others about them. She tells him that she only told Frank and Karen how special he makes her feel. He tells her that she is special, and she’s going to help him. He kisses her fingers and as she leans over to kiss him with her lips, he reminds her there is someone else. With a look of pure hatred, Gabby says the name Livvie. Olivia, Caleb corrects her, but Livvie is in a house, and that witch is standing guard. Without being invited, he can’t go inside. But Gabby can go anywhere, and she’s going to help him. Caleb is kissing her and she can’t refuse him anything. He wants her help to have Olivia.

Jamal tells Jack that he can’t just go kill somebody. Jack will do anything he has to do in order to protect Livvie. Jamal asks him what good will it do if Jack kills somebody and turns into one of those things. Jack’s reply is fight fire with fire. Still at a complete loss, Jamal offers to get Jack more blood. But they both know that all the blood in the world might not be enough. Jamal continues to explain to Jack why he can’t go kill Caleb. He’s been reading in one of the books that a vampire can't kill in the presence of someone he loves. Caleb was going to kill Jack when Livvie came back. Livvie is the answer for Jack. As long as he’s with Livvie, he can’t kill, and Caleb can’t kill him. Jack refuses to use Livvie as bait. Still trying to talk some sense into Jack, Jamal asks him who he’s going to kill. Jack admits that he hasn’t thought much about that yet. But it will be someone who has it coming to them.

Sam finally admits the reason she’s there. She’s thinking of leaving town. Chris asks Sam why he would care if Sam’s leaving town. She tells him she’s broke, and she needs money from him. He wants to know why he’d give her money to leave town. Her answer is that he thinks Jack might hurt her, or maybe because he hasn’t taken his eyes of her body since she got there. Smiling, Chris tells her that they’re going for a walk.

Frank finishes telling Ian that Joe left alone. Eve is as puzzled as they are about Gabby’s behavior. Karen tells her that Gabby said her mystery man makes her feel special, and only meets her at her place. Eve comes to the same conclusion, and announces that this guy must be married. The women have to explain their reasoning to the men, who can’t believe they came to this conclusion so quickly. Frank decides that Gabby’s been bitten by the love bug. Karen mutters that she’s been bitten by something.  

Lucy is cutting an apple as Kevin is on the phone. He has to leave; a man is holding his baby and wife hostage. Lucy’s doubtful that Kevin can help on three hours sleep, but Kevin shrugs and says, “Life with a nutcracker.” The phrase confuses Lucy, and he explains that “shrink” is passé. He knows she wanted to go meet with Madam Alicia, but he’d appreciate it if she’d wait for Livvie to wake. They agree that Livvie shouldn’t wake up alone. 

As Kevin kisses Lucy goodbye, the doorbell rings. Gabby tells Kevin that she heard that Livvie is there, and she needs to talk to her. Kevin lets Gabby in, telling her that Lucy’s there, but he doesn’t want her to wake Livvie.

As Gabby goes inside the lighthouse, Caleb is standing outside smiling.

Chris is shocked to discover that Sam is willing to sleep with him for money to leave town. She’s tells him that she’s never done it before, but she’s desperate. Jack is crazy. Chris tells her that he wants to know what happened to Jack. He orders her to meet him at the Recovery Room, where he’ll give her some money, and walks away from her.

Jamal is still arguing with Jack. If Jack crosses over, he can’t ever be with Livvie. If that’s what it takes to keep Caleb away from her, that’s what he has to do. Jamal still refuses to let Jack leave, and finally Jack slams Jamal into the wall, leaving him unconscious. As he goes out the backdoor into the alley, he comes face to face with Sam. She tries to make small talk, and asks him what he’s up to. He tells her that he was just talking about her, and moves towards her.


Gabby tells Livvie how incredible Caleb is

Caleb tells Michael that Livvie will be his, and he will have the family he’s always wanted

Sam asks Jack what he wants, his answer is someone who doesn’t deserve to live