PC Update Wednesday 7/4/01



Port Charles Update Wednesday 7/4/01

By Dawn

Lucy is changing the TV channels and eating popcorn alone in her living room. She has a mudpack on her face. Opening the window for a moment, something spooks her and she shuts it again. She calls Kevin, and leaves a message on his machine and asks him to call her as soon as he gets home. She feels like something’s ‘kinds funky’ about tonight.

Caleb goes into the cellar, smiling about Jack when he told him he was becoming a vampire. Something’s wrong, and Caleb finds the trunk the wedding dress was in. Discovering it missing, Caleb begins to scream and tear things apart in the cellar. Michael enters and asks him what he’s doing. Caleb accuses him of letting that whore wear Olivia’s wedding dress.

Eve doesn’t want to give the dress back, and Ian suggests she puts it back on. Then Ian pulls her into his lap, wanting to get naked and celebrate their wedding again. Shocked that Ian would speak that way ‘in front of the baby,’ she returns his kiss. Then she jumps, scaring Ian. She felt the baby kick.

Jamal asks Jack how he is. Jack wants to know how Jamal thinks he is--he just drank blood. Jamal means the pain, and Jack is forced to admit it’s true. Jamal decides that now they know, they have to figure out what to do to help him. Jack tells Jamal they have to keep Caleb away from Livvie. Livvie’s voice startles him, asking if he just said Caleb, and asks Jack how he knows Caleb.

Caleb is furious that another woman wore Olivia’s dress. Precious Eve doesn’t have her own clothes? Michael loaned the dress for a sacred event, and he’ll get it back. But the dress meant everything to Caleb, and now it’s ruined. Caleb is going to go ‘kiss the bride,’ and Michael threatens to stop him. Caleb reminds Michael that destroying his twin is like destroying part of himself. But Michael will do anything to protect Eve, and Caleb understands that. Caleb offers Michael a couple hours if the dress isn’t back, all hell is going to break loose.

Jack hides the blood bag as Livvie begins to question him. Jamal ‘admits’ that he told Jack about Caleb because Jack had a right to know if someone was moving in on Livvie. Livvie is angry, and it was her place to tell Jack. She wants to see Jack alone, but Jamal doesn’t want to leave. Jack convinces him to take Alison and go. Livvie tells him that she talked to Kevin, and Jack thinks the worst. But Kevin understands that Livvie feels that they can overcome anything together. She wants to know what’s going on. He doesn’t want to talk about that. He wants to talk about Caleb. He was just a guy that was interested in her, she told him to take a hike and he’s gone. That’s all there is to it. He asks her if Caleb has hurt her. She’s still convinced that Caleb won’t hurt her, but Jack thinks differently. She thinks Caleb said something to Jack. Jack wants her to be safe. Livvie tells him that Kevin offered for her to move in with him. Jack agrees it’s a good idea, but Livvie wants to live with Jack. She meant every word she said about staying together. Jack is amazed, and has no idea how to show her how much it means. She suggests making love, but Jack pulls away from her.

Livvie thinks Jack is angry about Caleb, but he swears he’s not. It’s him. She’s okay with that, maybe they need to do something normal. It’s the 4th of July, and there are fireworks outside. But Jack is afraid to get close to her. Why after they have been so close is he afraid now? She begs him to answer her, and he finally tells her that something’s happening that he doesn’t understand, and until he does, he’s afraid he’ll hurt her. Livvie tells him he won’t. She can see who he is in his eyes, and he’s never hurt her. Jack wants to believe her, but there’s so much he doesn’t know. Livvie wants to know he’s not confused about her. Taking her into his arms, he tells her he loves her. Relived, Livvie tells him the only way he could hurt her is if he rejected her. He couldn’t do that. Livvie tells him to show her how much he loves her and she kissed him.

Lucy is watching a psychic connection show, and she’s complaining about the cost of the scam. She’s also commenting on the calls on the TV, listening to a girl that wants to know if her boyfriend is cheating. Lucy says to dump the cheating jerk before the TV psychic says the same thing. Impressed with herself, she turns over the Tarot cards. The stranger and the baby boy cards keep coming up together, and it confuses her.

Ian feels the baby moving, and he’s impressed. Eve calls him on the fact that he keeps calling the baby a he. Busted, he tries to convince her that he wants a healthy baby, boy or girl. As they are kissing and discussing holding their baby, Michael knocks on the door. He’s obviously frazzled, and they want to know what’s wrong. Michael admits to them that they’ve made Caleb very angry.

Lucy is still trying to figure out what the cards mean. Wiping the mudpack off her face, she decides to distract herself by turning the TV up. She listens to the next call, it’s a woman that wants to know where her earrings are. Lucy says out loud that they’re on the shelf above the kitchen sink. As Madame Alicia says the same thing three seconds later on the TV, Lucy laughs, deciding that was easy. Then it begins to dawn on her that she’s connecting with the psychic. As she’s shocking herself with this revelation, Madame Alicia says that she has no idea who she’s connecting with, but it has something to do with a stranger and a baby boy. Lucy is stunned to realize it’s her that’s connecting with the psychic.

Ian wants to know what they did to Caleb.  Michael tells them that it’s the dress. It belonged to someone Caleb loved, that left him the day before the wedding. But Eve was so beautiful, he couldn’t interrupt the ceremony. Eve gives him the dress, and Ian asks if Caleb hurt Michael. Michael tells them that the dress is all Caleb has. Eve asks if the woman leaving Caleb was the beginning of Caleb going down hill. She’s firing questions at Michael even as Ian is trying to stop her. Finally, Michael stops her by leaving.

Outside, Michael speaks to the woods. He knows Caleb is there, and it’s done. He has the dress.

Eve wonders if the fact that she wore the dress could upset Caleb that much. He must have some serious anger management problems. Ian says that they’re leaving in the morning. Just in case.

Alison reminds Jamal how much money they’ve lost by keeping the shop closed, and they should reopen it. But Jamal thinks it’s a bad idea for anyone to come in, but Alison asks if that kind of defeats the purpose of having a shop. Trying to not frighten her, Jamal tells her he’s been stressed, and he just wants to be with her. It’s been a while since they’ve spent time alone together. Alison thinks it’s a shame what’s going on with Jack and Livvie. She asks Jamal if Jack is having an identity crisis. Jamal thinks she could say it that way.

Livvie and Jack are in bed together, and Livvie is telling him that everything will be okay. He’ll see. As she gets up, he stares at the wall, his eyes dark and hard.


Ian doesn’t like the idea of Caleb being anywhere near Eve or the baby

Jack has a stake in his hand, and he’s going to run it through the bastard’s heart

Caleb tells Gabby that he wants Olivia, and he’s going to tell Gabby how she can help him